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The girl's eyes widened in fear as the faint outline of a great mob appeared on the horizon, their freshly sharpened pitchforks gleaming in the sunset. They had come for her. She had waited too long and the natives were restless, tired of her lies and lack of productivity. Now they thirsted for only one thing: blood…

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Chapter 8-

In which Beastboy receives a grievous injury from a beauty product and has a heart to heart talk with Cyborg.

A little brown bird twittered happily as it flew through the air. It was a small speck against the blue sky that attracted no attention from the people walking below. Then with its tiny eye, the bird caught the glint of metal and upon further inspection found it to belong to a railing of a large ship. The bird gave a small chirp and fluttered into a downward spiral where it landed gracefully on its newly found perch. Ruffling its feathers, the small thing decided this to be a very good resting spot and began to relax. As it sat there peacefully, it became aware that a conversation was going on just inside the window that he was perched next to.

"Raven are you ready yet!" Yelled Beastboy at the closed bathroom door for the 12th time. He was sitting on the floor in the hallway, his back resting against the maroon colored wall and his attention focused on the unmoving door in front of him. She had been in there for at least 20 minutes and his non-existent patience was wearing very thin.

"NO!" Came the reply, somewhat muffled by the door. He sighed. It had been the same answer for the other 11 times he had asked.

"Well hurry up will you! It's going to be over by the time we get there." He whined.

"Just go without me." Said the door. Beastboy heard the sound of bare feet scuffling against a tile floor. Beastboy banged his head backwards onto the wall in frustration. Surely the bathing suit couldn't look that bad. After all he knew she had a lovely figure, one that he had always longed to see in a string bikini but of course admitting that to her would mean pain beyond comprehension and possibly the removal of vital organs.

Still he had to figure out some way to convince her to come along. He glanced around the room, feeling quite bored and quite hopeless until his eyes caught sight of something that brought a devilish grin to his face. The door to Raven's room (located next to the bathroom) had been left slightly ajar and from Beastboy's point of view he could see a small clothes hamper located inside next to a closet. And there lying in the hamper was Raven's usual one piece leotard.

No doubt while he had been out changing into his swim trunks, she had removed it before going into the bathroom with her new bathing suit which meant when she came out she would have to leave the bathroom wearing only her bikini. Beastboy's grin widened as he saw her cape was lying on the bed, meaning she would have no chance to use that as a cover up. Now all he had to do was get her to come out of the bathroom. With a flash of unusual brilliance, an idea popped into his mind. Beastboy let out an exaggerated sigh of defeat.

"Fine…I'll just go without you." He said barely able to keep himself from laughing.

"Good. If you run into the others tell them I'm back at the room." Raven said and Beastboy noticed she sounded extremely relieved. He got up and walked to the door just like he had planned and opened it and shut it like he had left. Then he tiptoed back to the hallway where the bathroom door was and waited for Raven to emerge. He held his breath as the door knob suddenly began to turn and the door swung open to reveal…


Without warning there came a shriek of surprise from the window right across from the railing and suddenly the bird who had been contently perched outside, exploded in a cloud of feathers, ending the poor animal's already short life span in a matter of milliseconds.

A few minutes later, back inside the room….


"Don't touch it."

"Does it look that bad?"

"I could've done worse damage. Now take this pill."

"What will it do?"

"It's an Advil."

"It's not poison right…?"

"I wish… now swallow the damn thing." Beastboy complied quickly, shoving the small tablet in his mouth and washing it down with a glass of water that was handed to him. He set down the glass and looked back at Raven who was still held a look of utter annoyance. Raising his hand, Beastboy touched the side of his forehead and winced as he fingers came in contact with an egg sized lump.

"I have to say you've got a pretty good arm there." He said smiling weakly at Raven who was currently searching the fridge. She merely grunted tossed him an ice pack.

"So how long was I out?" He asked placing the cold pack on his head. The relief was instant and Beastboy let out a sigh of contentment.

"About 3 days." She said.


"I'm joking. A little less than an hour." Raven walked over and sat next to him on the sofa. She was wearing her normal attire of cape and leotard right now. The bikini had long been put away after 'the incident'.

"So anything new happen?"

"The boat left."

"WHAT!" Yelled Beastboy again. He jumped up from the sofa and immediately began to sway as a wave of dizziness overcame him. Raven stood up and placed her hand on his shoulder to steady him before he fell, and Beastboy responded by wrapping an arm around her to further support himself. Caught off guard by his action, Raven jumped and let go off him, sending them both tumbling back onto the sofa.

Beastboy blinked and shook his head as he opened his eyes. He was lying on something lumpy, soft, and warm. Raising himself up he looked behind him to see Raven fumbling to lift up her hood which had fallen over her face. His eyes widened as she succeeded and the hood lifted to reveal a flushed faced and mortified expression.

"BEASTBOY! OFF!" She yelled using her hands to shove him onto the floor. He landed on his stomach, knocking the air out his lungs, and leaving him only to watch helplessly as Raven fled the room and slammed her door shut behind her. Beastboy sighed in frustration and lifted himself from the floor, slowly so as to avoid becoming dizzy again. He ran a hand through his hair then stared at his palm with a saddened expression, feeling a mix of emotions for what had just happened.

She had slipped out of his grasp again, leaving him behind in a state of confusion and hurt. He turned his gaze to the glass door that lead to the balcony and started when he saw nothing but ocean outside. He had forgotten that the ship had already left harbor. Walking towards the balcony he slid open the door and stepped outside and was immediately greeted with a cool breeze that settled his somewhat troubled mind. There was a small brown feather on the ground and Beastboy leaned over to pick it up. He leaned against the railing twirling the feather between his fingers pensively.

'Dude your hopeless when it comes to girls…' he thought feeling disgusted with himself. 'You've already put Raven through 3 embarrassing moments and we haven't even been on the ship for more than a day.' He shook his head and closed his eyes. 'I just wish there was some way to show her I care…" He stood there for a few more moments then jumped as he heard the door behind him slide open. Beastboy turned around with a grin on his face, but it faded as he saw who it was.

"Hey Cy." He said half-heartedly and turned around to face the ocean again.

"Hey man, how long have you been in the room?" Asked Cyborg joining Beastboy by the railing.

"Ever since we left the buffet. Me and Raven came back to change for the party but we never ended up going."

"Why?" Asked Cyborg.

"I did something stupid and well…" He pointed to the lump visible on his forehead.

"Holy crap, how'd she do that!" Exclaimed Cyborg examining the damage to his friend's cranium.

"Rouge hairdryer…" Said Beastboy wincing and Cyborg gave a small laugh.

"And might I ask what you did to upset her?"

"Well I sort of tricked her into coming out of the bathroom in her bikini."

"Dude you should know better than that, I mean after that incident at the Christmas party-"

"Please, don't remind me." Beastboy muttered with a pained expression. Cyborg shrugged and crossed his arms as he leaned onto the railing. Beastboy continued to stare at the white-tipped waves while twirling the little brown feather between his gloved fingers.

"Do you think she hates me?" Asked Beastboy suddenly. Cyborg looked over at his friend with a small smile.

"Naw, she's just a little worked up right now but everything will be fine by dinner. You've done things like that before and she'll get over it just like she did all those other times."

"Do I really give her hard time?" Beastboy asked his brow furrowed in worry and thought.

"Well out of all of us, you pay the most attention to her, and unfortunately its attention that Raven doesn't want. She likes her space you know? More than most people."

"Then how is anybody suppose to get close to her!" Exclaimed Beastboy angrily, crushing the feather in his fist.

"We are close to her man, as close as she wants us to be."

"But what if I'm not satisfied with that? What if I want to know her better? What if I want to know her as more…more than a friend?" He opened his hand to stare down at the crumpled feather with a sad expression. He couldn't bear to meet Cyborg's eyes because of what he had just said. Holding his breath, he waited for the laughter, but was surprised when none came. Glancing up at his metal companion, he saw that Cyborg bore sympathetic expression.

"It's up to Raven what happens between you. You've done your part and the best thing you can do is keep doing what you're doing. I can't guarantee that she feels the same way, but I can say that she's closer to you than to any other person on the team. You're a good guy BB, and she sees that." Cyborg gave him a reassuring smile and the corner of Beastboy's mouth twitched in response.

"Thanks man, I needed that."

"Hey I'm just telling you the truth." Beastboy nodded, the familiar spark returning to his eyes.

"Sooo…you're not going to take that information and hold it over my head as blackmail for the rest of my life?"

"Fat chance." Snorted Cyborg, waving a small tape recorder under Beastboy's nose.

"Just hoping."

"Well we already got seats for dinner and right now I think we're going to go down and check out what else this ship's got to offer. I heard there's an arcade…" He said tauntingly and Beastboy turned glare at him with a hungry intensity (A/N- like the glare BB did in Employee of the Month when Bob asked if he liked mopeds).

"That's what I thought." Chuckled Cyborg turning around to go back inside. The door slid shut and Beastboy took once last glance at the feather in his palm, before allowing it to be carried away by the wind. Then slowly he stood up and followed his friend back inside the ship.

Meanwhile in Nevermore:

"GOD DAMNIT I'LL STRANGLE THAT-" A hand was suddenly clamped over her mouth, cutting off the last word of Raven's threat.

"Now now Raven, let's keep this PG-13." Teased Happy as she pulled her hand back and spun away from the fuming girl. Raven snarled and muttered more profanity under breath, unheard by the extremely cheerful emotion dancing in front of her.

"This is my mind and I'll say what ever I please!" Growled Raven but Happy merely smiled at her pleasantly.

"I don't see why you're so upset. I mean Beastboy looks so cute when he's passed out on the floor!" Squealed the pink emotion.

"We'll see how cute you look when you've been knocked out too." Replied Raven giving Happy one of her signature glares.

"You can't hurt me silly, I'm an emotion!" She sang, stopping to pose with her hands curved up in the air like a ballerina. Suddenly with a shriek she was blasted off the cliff by a beam of black energy. Out of the dust that had kicked up Raven looked to see a dark green cloaked emotion emerge.

"Haha, always wanted to do that." Snickered Bravery placing her hands on her hips in a very matter of fact way.

"I suppose you're here to bother me too?" Asked Raven with a bored expression.

"Naw, just thought I'd come along to see the action."


"Ya you know, the big fight that's going to happen when you talk to Love. She's got a strong right hook so look out for that."

"You've visited her?" Asked Raven giving Bravery a disapproving look.

"Well no offense but it can get pretty boring around here so I decided to do a bit of exploring." Shrugged the emotion.

"So you went into the forbidden part of my mind."

"Pretty much. It's not that interesting to be truthful. I mean when you hear the word forbidden you think 'oooh dark secrets, dangerous creatures'. Instead it's just a girl who's afraid of her own shadow, an emotion whose life is dedicated to Beastboy, and a psychotic chick who's nothing but hot air and empty insults. Pretty boring if you ask me. No where near worthy of the word forbidden."

"Might I remind you that the psychotic chick you're talking about could bring about the end of the universe as we know it." Said Raven grinding her teeth. Whether it was from the degradation of Rage's evil intentions and abilities or the mention of Beastboy, Raven wasn't sure.

"Please," snorted Bravery, "By the time she finishes her monologue about world domination everyone would be dead anyway." The emotion sat down on a small boulder casually, watching Raven with sharp eyes.

"Hey guys!" Bravery screamed and jumped as Happy emerged from behind the boulder. "That was awesome Bravery! I never knew falling off a cliff would be so fun! DO IT AGaIN!" Squealed Happy running forward to embrace the severely peeved emotion.

"Don't mind if I do!" Snarled Bravery, shooting off another beam of black energy and sending Happy flying into the distance. There was a scream of glee, then a thud as the emotion hit the ground, and a cloud of dust billowed into air. Raven watched the whole spectacle with an expression of indifference.

"Well I'll leave you two to your fun." Said Raven giving her green cloaked emotion another glare before stalking off towards the forbidden part of her mind once more.


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