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Epilogue (7 years later)

"Congrats to the new Fuhrer!" Hughes grinned popping open a bottle of wine, managing to spray every one with it in the process.

"Thank you Hughes, but really it's not that big a-"

"OH yes it is Roy! This is your DREAM pal! And you've got little Ed here backing you all the way what more can you possibly need!"

"Ack." Roy choked, "Perhaps air circulation Maes...You're hugging me too ...tight.."

"He's right Mustang-san! Everything is the way it should be!" Winry smiled holding her tea carefully.

"Yeah you'll be saying that when you're screaming in pain when that watermelon sized baby comes out of you." Ed chuckled, poking her playfully.

"Watch it Ed! I may not be able to chase you down, I'm sure I could hit you with anything I throw!"

"Nii-san, don't torment her! Winry, please relax!" Al said being the reasonable one as usual.

"Heh, I never thought I'd be an uncle though!" Ed grinned.

"I bet one of you could could temporarily transmute themself into a girl, then you could have a kid too." Winry joked.

"You look at me with that thought Ed and I'll divorce you."

"You wouldn't!"

"No, you're right I wouldn't, but there's no freaking way I'M turning into a damned girl. That wouldn't make me look ...uh..Fuhrerly!"

"Fuhrerly?" Riza blinked at Mustang.

"Yes, don't ask questions! And quit giving me that look! Or your outfit is going to be skirt!" He paused and looked at her. "I'm sorry I didn't mean it forgive me master don't shoot at me!"

"That's right, be afraid." Riza rolled her eyes, then turned around instinctively and plucked the cigarette out of Havoc's mouth. "How many times must I tell you? I'm going to start shooting you!"

"Neh! You do anyways..." Havoc moped.

"No pouting! We're all supposed to be happy here!"

"Hughes, you are entirely too happy all the time!...what are you on? And can I have some too?" Ed chuckled leaning against Roy and wrapping an arm around the older man's waist.

"I'm high on life baby!" He grinned whipping out his trusty camera. "Now get in the picture everyone! This one will be a picture to remember!"

"Eee eee! Daddy let me take it! Let me take it! Go get in the picture!" Elysia, now 12, bounced over to Maes.

"Of course you can cutie pie!" Hughes handed the camera to his daughter and stood next to his wife.

Roy nuzzled face into Ed neck and smiled. Ed was now almost as tall as he was. And his blonde hair was long enough to touch the small of his back when braided. But despite the physcial changes, Ed was still Ed! Ed growled back playfully and rested his head on the new Fuhrer's shoulder.

"I love you Roy..." He whispered, smiling.

"I know...I love you too.. Ed..."

"You're still a bastard though."

"Yeah, I know, and you're still a whiney little brat..."

"I suppose that's just how it is hmm?"

"Things like that just don't change Fullmetal."

"Say cheese everyone!" Elysia called.


"Why cheese?"


"Sorry sorry!"

The camera flashed and Elysia bounced happily to her father to give him the camera.

"Thank you darling!" He said giving her a big hug.

Ed turned to Roy. "You know, sometimes I'm glad things don't change too much...If things don't change, we'll all be happy...And even if things do change, it's for the better..."

"Well we've come along way, you know. But it's made us all better people in the end."

"You got that right..."

"Now what do you say we go celebrate my becoming the head of a country!"

"As scary as that idea is," Ed chuckled, "I'm all for it!"

The two rejoined the others, walking side by side, arms wrapped around each other.


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