Brown eyes flecked with amber blinked lazily at the person yelling at them. "Martin, you need to get off your damn lazy butt and work!" Diana ranted at her step-brother. "You do your homework during breakfast, when you do it, your room is always dirty, unless of course a girl is-" She paused in her rant to cough into her hand before continuing. "Coming over, then it's absolutely spotless!" She yelled, raising her voice to a pitch normally heard on rollercoasters.

Beginning to speak again, she started coughing into her hand again. She coughed and hacked for a minute before the boy in front of her got worried. "Di, you alright?"

"Yes, just-" hack, cough, "need a drink." Cough, cough, hack. The young man stood and let her sit where he had been.

"Be right back, Di!" He ran off, returning momentarily with a cup of water. He sat down beside her and lifted the cup to her lips gently, letting her drink. His arm went around her shoulders, holding her still so that she could drink. Her coughing slowed and then stopped. "That any better?" He asked softly.

"Yeah. Thanks." She smiled at him and he smiled back before realizing his arm was still around her shoulders. He snatched it away and scooted farther away from her.

She stood hesitantly. "I'm tired, need to go home." She informed him, walking away briskly. In the middle of a stride, she wavered and fell. Strong arms caught her.

"You sure you're alright? People that are alright don't fall like that when they're walking." The tall boy inquired, brow furrowing.

"Pretty sure." Diana replied, closing her eyes. His arms were so soft and strong...

"Well, you don't look alright to me." He said. "Therefore I am taking you home." Declared the boy, gathering her into his arms. She sighed, not protesting his decision, and snuggled into him.

He started walking towards their house. Well, not their house, just the house they shared with their parents. His mind wandered to other things while his feet carried he and his cargo towards their destination. 'She's soft. Kind of...fluffy. She smells like that flower patch she was reading in earlier. I wonder...' His thoughts were interrupted when Diana snuggled into his chest and murmured, "You smell nice."

A red flush suffused his cheeks. That was one of the few compliments he had ever gotten from her. Usually their talk included numerous insults flung back and forth. As he strode towards the house, he passed the elementary playground close by.

He jumped when the bell that signified getting let out and in rang. 'That's strange, it shouldn't be ringing this late...' Ah well. He turned into their driveway and hopped over the flower bed beside it, humming.

playground school bell rings again


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