Title: The Colour Black

Summary: Horatio thinks about the colour black. Has some happy moments and some sad moments.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything at all of CSI:Miami. The show belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer and the characters belong to the show and the actors, well belong to themselves.

I watch her as she gives evidence in a black suit. The suit is lightly finished off with a red blouse and red shoes. I've seen her wear black for many occasions, some sad and some happy but she always looks beautiful and elegant.

The first time i saw her wear black was when i interviewed her but she was only wearing black pants and black shoes but they were the first things i saw of her when she entered the room. I looked her from the feet up. I've always remembered the first time i met her.
Not only because she was honest, funny, smart and incredibly beautiful but because her black loose pants clung to her hips and her shoes clicked on the floor. It's odd but i remember every single detail about those pants.

After that time i had seen her in black many times but none of them gripped me until she joined swat for a couple of hours. We had a sniper case, that case was special because i worked very closely with her and spent hours each day with her. After we had caught the sniper, she walked out of the building and my heart went into overdrive. She was in all black and her hair was put up. She reckoned that she didn't look good in black but like i said, 'i beg to differ.'

The next time she was in black, she wore a black sparkly dress to have dinner with me. It had spaghetti straps and was just about the knee. She accompanied it with a lace shawl and a very small clutch bag. She opened the door and there she was smiling her megawatt smile. We stood there for a couple of minutes just looking at each other, it seemed like time stood still in those very few moments.
That was our first date as a couple.

She wore a black satin nightie that morning i proposed to her. It was my birthday and i wanted to give myself the present of a beautiful woman who would later become my fiancee. The nightie didn't stay on for long but it was soft and floaty.

The next occasion she wore black was not such a happy occasion. It was her fathers funeral, just 7 weeks before our wedding. He had been knocked over whilst coming from an AA meeting, he promised Calleigh that he would stay sober to make his daughter proud on her wedding day and he stuck to that promise only some underage joy rider took the chance of walking his only daughter up the aisle away from him.
She wore a simple black court dress and black court shoes to go with it.

Our wedding went without a hitch and there was no black in sight. Me and Calleigh came to a compromise, Speed would be my best man and Eric would walk her down the aisle.

Black is in a persons everyday life. For court, for parties, for meetings, for romance and for sad occasions such as funerals but there is a fact that no one can look as good as her in black.

But then again in my eyes no one can look as good as Calleigh Duquesne.