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Back once again to present the third movie fic! This one features Burizalor's blood father, Mutalior; not only is he just as heartless as his son but seeks revenge for the supposed 'defeat' of Burizalor at the hands of the 'legendary warrior'. My original version was written back three and half years ago. My, how times have changed? ;) This is a MAJOR rewrite of the original. Here, there will be more action and new scenes. Consider it a special edition in a way.

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Let the movie fic begin:D

Kanius Productions Presents…

Many Digital Cycles Ago/Outer Space View of N-Digital World

Space. All there was throughout the outside of a planet was empty space with an array of stars and other planets that make up a solar system. In this case, it was a digital solar system with many digital worlds. This was merely one sector of the vast universe, there were three others. However, there was a massive flow of activity taking place in the Northern sector.

Floating in the middle of this vast universe was the so-called 'earth' planet of the northern digital sector. This was the northern digital world and much like it's counterparts, it was teeming with life forms known as digimon. All was well, until now…

A circular, massive UFO-shaped spaceship was seen floating above this Digital World. A sinister being confined to a small hovercraft looked down at the very planet and faced off what looked like an army of digimon wearing body armor. Suddenly, an incredible blur came blitzing through the digimon army with sheer ferocity. The blur stopped and a figure was facing off against the creature in the hovercraft.

The figure turned out to be a teenage boy. His hair was sticking up much like the legendary Taichi Kamiya's but he wasn't wearing a pair of goggles over his hair. His eyes are chocolate brown and his skin was tanned. His clothing consisted of sleeveless body armor, black spandex pants, fingerless gloves, and a pair of combat boots. He wore a red headband and there was scar visible over his left eye.

"Your destiny will change," the teen spoke out against the figure inside the hovercraft carrier.

This is Taito Yagami, the appointed leader of the first Chosen Children. He and four other children were chosen to aid the Digital Knight Order led by Gennai himself. They helped lead the resistance against Burizalor's empire for eons within the Northern side of the galaxy. It has been a never-ending cycle of warfare and military campaign. It would seem the Digital Knights would claim victory, but in the end it was the tyrant himself who finished off whatever remained of Gennai's Order. The Northern Digital World was on the countdown to destruction. So says the tyrant…

The teen sported a confident smirk on his face and chuckled under his breath. A light saber materializes in his right hand as he prepared to do battle with the sinister creature.


The shadowy figure within the hovercraft points his a finger in front of his face and faced the teen with lustful crimson eyes.

Once realizing that Cyrus has murdered his friends, Taito defeated his former ally and rushed back to the Digital Knight Headquarters. It was then reported by a captain's log that Burizalor was planning to destroy the planet in a few moments. The teen was left all alone to face off against the massive empire. Gennai was nowhere to be found and neither were the eight Digi-eggs. The teen took matters to his own hands and confronted the tyrant himself in space. He vowed to vanquish the monster and protect the Digital World with his life. And so…

"It's over you murderous monster! You're spree of terror ends here! You're army killed my friends and the nearly the entire Digital Knights! As their last defense, I won't allow you to destroy the Northern Section and by pass through other dimensions to destroy the other sectors! Got it? Because I'm going to make you pay for you're sins. I'll die trying!"

In that moment, when Gennai traveled in a Mekanorimon space capsule, he carried with him the eight Digi-Eggs. The crests were already captured by Piedmon and given to Burizalor. Gennai set his destination for the Digital World in the Eastern Digital Galaxy, which was under the jurisdiction of Azulongmon. From there, he would land on File Island, lay the eight Digi-eggs with the digivices and thus a new adventure would soon take place.

The teen's hands tightened around his laser sword. He pressed them so hard that a trickle of blood started spewing from his right hand. He ignores the pain and gathers energy from the sword. Within a matter of moments, he forms a ki ball in his right left hand and tosses it towards the sinister being.


The energy blast came hurtling towards the hovercraft and was close to incinerating the being. However, the creature laughs maniacally as a massive sphere forms at the tip of his finger. The sphere grew with gigantic proportions and easily engulfed the teen's ki blast.

"No! It can't be!"

The being known as Burizalor tosses the apocalyptic sphere towards not just the boy but towards the digimon army themselves. The teen screamed out in horror as his life started to replay through his mind.

"I've failed… I've let down the Digital Knights… However, I died with honor… I never turned my back on my friends just to serve this self-centered ego maniac… The Northern sector is gone… My spirit will live on, Burizalor… I swear someone will overthrow you and humiliate you… Please, let there be a hero out there within the three sectors… Burizalor must die… My time has passed…"

With that said, the teen flew in defeat and was engulfed by the blast. His body broke down into fragments of data and the sphere quickly slams into the Digital World. The planet started cracking and transformed into a massive ball of magma. Then…

Switch to an opposite angle and far off from where the Northern Digital World was being destroyed. Another circular UFO-shaped spaceship looked similar to Burizalor's. In fact, it was designed by the same empire and coasting across space. The passengers inside were getting a good glimpse of the planet being decimated by Burizalor's awesome Genocide Armageddon death sphere. Who could be presently on board the ship? Perhaps another one of Burizalor's scouts and mercenaries?

Inside, there was a group of mercenaries watching the whole planetary destruction on a large screen monitor. The other monitors switched out to images of Taito dying within the explosion and a view of the abandoned Digital Knight base being decimated. They were three viral-type digimon banded together as one of the many joints that bond to serve the Buriza Empire. They each wore military armored suits to represent the empire and sported scouter-devices on their faces to track down power readings.

These three mercenaries included a large scorpion whose body was entirely skeletal. A pair of glowing red eyes dimmed from out of the skull. He was clearly bipedal and wore a dark blue armored suit with pointed edges at the shoulder tips. This particular oddity is named Skull Scorpiomon, code name: Skull Scorpio. He was sitting at a chair while reading calculations in his station.

Standing away from him was a Blue Meramon and a Black Rapidmon, or Black Rapid as his designated code name. The Blue Meramon, Code Name: Blue Mera, looked exactly like Meramon but his body was entirely made out of blue flames. His armor was black with gray trimmings and shoulder edges. Meanwhile, the Black Rapidmon was the viral counterpart of the green-armored vaccine. His body armor was entirely black and he did not ear body armor like any ordinary soldier. Rather, an insignia, shaped like a pentagon with a dragon's skull protruding out the center, was plastered on his chest.

"At last, the Digital Knight Empire has been extinguished!" Blue Mera declared. "Look at that fool, Taito! Watch him burn! Oh, boy, I'm enjoying this like no other! Gennai's forces have finally been crushed!"

"Yes, after many cycles of constant warfare, I can finally say that the empire has declared victory," Black Rapid chuckled under his breath. "Lord Burizalor is a genius! Surely, I never would think he'd plunge the Digital World to the depths of hell like this! I'm rather enjoying the fireworks. Hum?"

Just then, Black Rapid caught a glimpse of an unidentified object soaring across space and away from the planetary explosion. His eyes grew wary of the object with major suspicion.

"Say, what is that space object on the second screen?" Black Rapid wondered as he turned to face Skull Scorpio. "Zoom in on that object, Skull Scorpio! I want to observe it clearly!"

"Will do!" Skull Scorpio answered while he typed in a code and zoomed in on the monitor screen. "Ok, I've increased the size of the image!"

Finally, a perfect view of the Mekanorimon hijacked by Gennai was fully displayed. The interior of the machine was observed and it showed Gennai clearly. Then another angle displayed the outside once again. Eight Digi-eggs were displayed on the monitor screen. The trio watched with keen interest since they were informed beforehand about Gennai securing eight Digi-eggs reserved for eight 'chosen ones'.

"It's Gennai!" Skull Scorpio hissed out with venom in his tone.

"Where does that fool think he's going with those Digi-eggs?" Black Rapid wondered.

"According to calculations I received from radio transmission inside the Mekanorimon, he seems to be setting a course for a distant Digital World… The Digital World within the Eastern galaxy region to be precise!" Skull Scorpio answered the captain. "What should we tell the boss, captain?"

"I say we derive him!" Blue Mera smashed his fists together. "All three of us can tear Gennai to shreds!"

"Let's move out, men!" Black Rapid declared.

However, before any of the three mercenaries even dared to move, a low, authoritative voice calls out to stop them. The trio stood frozen for a minute at the sound of this particular chilling voice.

"Pay Gennai and those Digi-eggs no mind! I declare you to delay the order!" the dark, cold voice called out.

The mercenaries turned around to find a hovercraft unit descending from the ceiling. They kneeled down while bowing their heads to pay respect to the authoritative figure. Once the hovercraft lowered further down, a long purple tail was sticking out of the left side.

"That was an error made by my son. Burizalor should have cleaned up this mess by himself. That is not our problem!"

Skull Scorpio and Blue Mera lifted their heads up. A pair of crimson eyes dimmed out of the hovercraft. They were frightening enough to send chills down any seasoned warrior, including a Digital Knight.

"We need to conquer at least seven planets today," the voice declared as his primary objective. "Although…"

The seated figure stared directly towards the large monitor screen. The images of Gennai and the eight Digi-eggs caught his attention. He was visibly upset over how foolish Burizalor allowed the last Digital Knight to escape his grasp. From the figure's point of view, the deluded son was too caught up with becoming the Digital Universe's greatest threat.

"…I can't believe Gennai has escaped with the eight Digi-eggs. However, I am satisfied to hear that the crests have been captured. Without the crests, the digimon in those eggs will never reach their greatest potentials. Not even some retched humans will make a difference in the end. Our empire has now gained a strong foothold in the Northern sector…"

A large image of a laughing Burizalor appeared across. The seated figure couldn't help but feel proud for his son's efforts. At the same time, he couldn't stand seeing Burizalor letting arrogance feed his over inflated ego.

"I know those are only Digi-eggs, but nonetheless, by Burizalor's ambition the other projects were completed. That included the total annihilation of the Digital Knight Order and the Northern galaxy's Digital World. That was an enormous responsibility, which my son successfully carried out!"

The hovercraft unit turned face around and there sat a creature much similar to Burizalor in appearance. Nevertheless, this one was much a little more built in his size. His head was covered by a white helmet-armor with a dark purple orb embedded at the center. The body of the creature was purple with an upper body covered in white chest armor. The creature's face was purple with light red side cheek colorations along with his lips being a black color. His eyes were slanted in a sinister manner. His pupils/irises were dimming a crimson glow. His voice was dark, yet authoritative in manner much like his son. He was indeed related to the tyrant in many ways.

"Burizalor's arrogance is going to be his only downfall and its just a shame how he is conducting this sort of business. But I guess that's just him. He will never learn," the sinister creature muttered harshly about his son. "Well, Burizalor. I, Lord Mutalior, say that father only knows best. Skull Scorpio, set a course out of here and back home."

"Yes, sir, Lord Mutalior!" Skull Scorpio answered in reply to the dark lord.

With that said, the spaceship was set course towards another destination across the vast regions of digital space. Meanwhile, far across from the background, the Northern Digital World detonated and blew apart in grand fashion. The area where the planet once floated was nothing more than a massive sun-like sphere that expanded out across space. Heavy debris scattered across and covered everything around its path. The Northern galaxy had become one under the jurisdiction of the Buriza/Corrupt Empire. The Digital Knights were nothing more than an illusion from the past, but a new generation of heroes would be the last hope the Digital Universe will need to combat this powerful force.

The ones to answer the call are the eight Digi-Destined of Odaiba.

(Play Digimon Adventure opening theme Butterfly)

(End theme)

Mutalior's Vengeance!

Tokyo, Japan/Odaiba District/Time: 2:25 P.M.

March 25, 2000

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon across the district of Odaiba. Many families, friends and acquaintances had left their homes to go out to the park, go the local malls, cruise around the city and go to whatever recreational event was taking place. For others, it was another trip to the office and work indoors without enjoying the warm weather.

It was just about eight months ago where many parts of the city was covered by the mysterious fog, which many reporters dubbed as the Odaiba Fog Incident; People won't even forget the images of the Digital World appearing above the skies. These incidents have led to many speculators that there was 'another world' out in the universe. Others claims as another government conspiracy to scare the people. However, nobody ever took into account that monsters would have invaded the city. If that wasn't proof enough that the events were not a hoax, then some people obviously do not want to admit the fact these events occurred.

That was eight months. Tensions have eased down quite a bit and there were no more monsters reentering the real world. All gateways to the Digital World were closed by the freed Holy Beasts. It's also been eight months since a much bigger battle took place in the Digital World. The tyrant, Burizalor, was at last defeated by the legendary fused warrior. Taichi and Agumon merged to become the warrior of legend, Omega X. Using their combined strength, Burizalor was laid to rest and thus saved the Digital World. However, since then, Tai and Agumon disappeared in an exploding dimension. It was though that they had died, but in truth, they survived thanks to Azulongmon. Currently, they have trained under the watchful eye of the Holy Beast. The other seven Digi-Destined were informed of this matter and relieved to know that their loved one was indeed alive.

With the tyrant vanquished, it was reported that the Buriza/Corrupt Empire was undergoing changes in the rankings. Reorganizations and dissensions mounted since their leader met his demise. Mutalior sought to restore order and vowed to avenge the loss of his son. However, the problem was, he had no information on the whereabouts on Taichi. So, he waited for the right opportunity to present itself. Until now…

There was a rumor going around that the Digi-Destined of Courage would appear in the Digital World. Have Tai and Agumon finally completed their training? Gennai was fortunate to e-mail to first person he knew he would get into contact with…

Odaiba Mansfield Apartment Complex/Izumi Residence/2:45 P.M.

Lounging on his chair and staring into his computer screen, Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi was surfing the Internet as usual. His attire consisted of a striped t-shirt with a green shirt over it. He was wearing a pair of brown shorts and white socks. He caught glimpse of his e-mail box on the far left hand corner of the screen.

"Huh? An e-mail message? I wonder who it could be from?" Izzy wondered as he clicked on the box.

"What's going on, Izzy?" the insect voice belonging to Tentomon asked his partner.

"Don't know until I read it," Izzy replied. "…HOLY CRUD!"

The boy nearly jumped right out of his seat and bumped his head against the back of his seat. He viewed the email message from the screen and realized it had come from Azulongmon. Taking a glimpse of the opened e-mail, Izzy read it carefully.

"Let me see, Izzy," Tentomon flew by the boy's side to read the screen. "What… You mean HE'S coming back!"

"That's right! Man, wait until I tell the others about this!" Izzy nodded in agreement.

This is what the message stated across the screen:


Tai and Agumon are returning for a whole day in the Digital World but will have to return back into digital fusion training. This your chance to greet your old friend and make sure you tell the other Digi-Destined this wonderful news.


P.S., Please recycle!

"Wow, this is great, Izzy! We have to be sure to tell everyone!" Tentomon told the boy.

"I know Kari will be delighted to hear about this," Izzy stated as he reached to pick up his cell phone. "After I call her, I'll contact Sora and everyone else."

"Wait, Izzy. Isn't Mimi and her family vacationing out?" Tentomon reminded her. "And I heard Joe was taking an exam for summer classes."

"What? How shoot! How could have I forgotten?" Izzy gasped. "What about Matt and TK?"

"Well, Matt has been pretty distant from our group ever since Azulongmon told us Tai would stay training. Haven't you come into contact with him?"

"Unfortunately, I haven't. I was hoping he would actually join us, but what can I do? Well, at least, I can convince TK to come."

"That would be best, Izzy," Tentomon agreed.

"Better yet! I'll just print this message out and go tell them in person," Izzy stated once he started his printer. "They won't believe me until I give them this message on paper."

"Must you always rely on that printer? It works too slow," the insect digimon sighed.

"Hey, I fixed it for the past few days," Izzy snorted. "Besides, I've had too much time on my hands to even bother with it."

After a few seconds of processing and printing, Izzy took the paper with the e-mail message on it. He folded it neatly and placed it in his back pocket. Izzy grabbed his yellow laptop. Rushing out the door, he picked up a backpack to lace his laptop inside and nearly tripped over a shoe. Tentomon came flying out of the room and followed Izzy behind.

"Hey! Hey! Wait for me!" Tentomon screeched out.

"Hold on! You can't go out like that! People will get too suspicious, especially after what happened eight months ago," Izzy stepped inside a closet behind him. "Remember to always wear these. I can't forget the time you nearly raided that sushi bar without your disguise! I had to convince them that you were merely a life-sized Muppet!"

"These Muppets you speak of… Are they digimon, too?" Tentomon asked curiously.

"Oh boy…" Izzy sighed as he pulled out a green jacket and a yellow cap.

Tentomon wore this same disguise during the search for the eighth child. Once the boy handed his digimon the clothes, the digimon placed the jacket over him. Izzy put the cap over Tentomon and examined his disguise carefully.

"Ok, that looks good."

"Couldn't I just pretend to be a toy?"

"No, because I don't want to have to carry you around. Now, let's get going," Izzy headed directly towards the front door.

"Oh, Izzy!" a young woman's voice calls out.

The red-haired boy stopped for a minute and turned to face his adoptive mother. She was a beautiful young female with light brown hair that reached past her shoulders. Her eyes are chocolate brown. She was wearing a light green dress with a white shirt underneath. Her face radiated with a fresh, young smile. She appeared to be at least in her late-twenties/early-thirties. Her name is Yoshie Izumi and she along with her husband has raised Izzy since he was little. He had grown to become a son they never had and promised to look after him since the death of Izzy's real parents.

"Mother?" Izzy turned to face the woman.

"Are you going to be stepping out?" she asked the boy.

"Um, yes. I'm going to be seeing Tai's sister and Sora. There was something I needed to give to them," Izzy replied to her question.

"Oh, well… If you don't mind, could you pick up a few items for today from the grocery store? I'm going to be making Cambodian noodles."

"Yum, sounds good," Izzy smiled. "Could you give me the list you managed to write down?"

"Here you go," Mrs. Izumi handed the list to the boy. "Make sure you don't stay out too late. Tentomon, take good care of him."

"You can count on me, Mrs. Izumi," the insect digimon bowed to the female.

"All right, we're going to be leaving now. Let's go, Tentomon!" Izzy called out to his partner once putting on his red Nikes and headed out the door.

"Ack! Wait for me, Izzy!" the digimon gave chase to the boy.

Yoshie Izumi watched the duo running down the stairs and smiled. She was proud of her son having a friend like Tentomon socialize with him since Izzy himself has very few friends besides the other Digi-Destined. She realized that the boy was still sad over Tai being gone but she watched him developing into a mature young boy.

"Izzy… I'm so happy for you. Here I thought you'd never make friends, but Tentomon has truly made you happy. One day, you're going to grow up to be an independent young man with a brilliant mind. Your parents would be so proud."

As she walked back inside, little did she realize that Izzy went off to inform the remaining Digi-Destined the news about Tai's one-day return. The boy was more than just happy, but excited to see the leader once again.

Odaiba Notama Apartment Complex/Kamiya Residence/2:57 P.M.

A door opened up leading inside a room decorated with stuffed animals scattered across the floor, a large bed, several girly posters on the walls and a large mirror hanging over the center of a desk. Stepping inside the room was a small, cute girl with short, brown hair. She was wearing a pink dress, white socks and brown shoes. This was Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya, the younger sister of Taichi.

The child had just returned from attending a birthday party for her friend and she climbed up to lay back on her bed. Letting out a deep sigh, Kari felt relaxed and nearly wanted to fall asleep.

"Awww, what a party. I knew she'd like that pink Power Ranger," the girl smiled as she looked down the bed. "And how was your day, Gatomon?"

"Just fine… I just took myself a long catnap while waiting for you," a white cat with large gloves yawned. "How was the party?"

"Great. I was apart of a magician act," Kari sat up while brushing her hair. "I got to be sawed in half…"

"Really? Is that even possible?" Gatomon wondered. "Nah…"

"Looked real to me," the girl jumped off her bed. "I'm going to see if anyone sent me e-mails on daddy's computer."

As Kari walked out, she stepped inside her father's workroom and hopped on the chair. She immediately clicked on the 'Internet' icon to gain access and entered her e-mail password screen.

"It's a good thing my dad installed the faster service rather than just dial-up," Kari typed in her password.

"You've been checking to see whether Azulongmon can provide you updates on Tai, huh?" Gatomon asked her partner curiously.

"Yeah… I really do miss, my brother. I just wish he would at least see us for even a day," Kari read her e-mails until she stumbled upon her latest unread message. "OH WOW! YOU'RE KIDDING!"

"What is it? What happened? Kari?" Gatomon hopped onto the child's lap to read the message. "Kari! This is great news!"

A wide smile formed across Kari's face once she realized that her brother was indeed returning to see her and the other Digi-Destined. She logged out of her e-mail screen, jumped off the chair and hurried back into her room. Gatomon quickly scurried off after the child.

"You sure get motivated quick when it comes to your friends and family, Kari," Gatomon giggled.

"Well, this is my brother, Gatomon. I haven't seen him in eight months. I sure would like to know how far into training he and Agumon have gone through. I bet they've gotten stronger. He was simply awesome when they became Omega X," Kari looked back to that historic moment.

"He sure clean Burizalor's clock and wasted that creep for good!" Gatomon nodded in agreement.

Kari stepped inside her closet and pulled out a new pair of clothes. She grabbed her clothes and closed the door behind her inside the closet. Removing her pink dress, Kari put on a yellow shirt, pink shorts and wrapped a light pink bandana around her neck. She removed her brown shoes and put on tennis shoes instead. Opening the closet door, Kari stepped out and looked herself in the mirror. Gatomon gave her a thumb up for her little 'fashion show'.

"Looking good there, Kari," Gatomon winked to her partner.

"Well, it's just the usual clothes I wear," Kari shrugged. "Besides, these were the same clothes I wore in the Digital World. Tai would definitely remember me wearing these."

As a final touch to her outfit, Kari grabbed her whistle-necklace and placed it around her neck.

"One question. How are we going to be able to get to the Digital World with the doorways all closed?" Kari wondered. "Do you know, Gatomon?"

"Unfortunately, I don't. My guess is to wait for one of our friends," the feline suggested.

As if right on cue, the doorbell rang. Kari rushes out of her room and heads over towards the front door. She opened the door with a key and opened up to find Izzy standing on her doorstep with a disguised Tentomon by his side. Kari smiled and bowed a friendly gesture.

"Hello there, Izzy. Guess what?"

"Read this," Izzy handed Kari the e-mail he had printed out.

"Oh yeah. I got an e-mail from Azulongmon after checking my e-mail a while ago," Kari nodded her head.

"Oh, shucks. Here I wasted precious paper for nothing," the boy sighed. "But anyway, I'm glad you know about the news."

"Izzy… There's something I've been meaning to ask you."

"What is it, Kari?" Izzy noticed her feeling a little down. "Are you okay?"

"There's just one problem I have. How are we going to enter the Digital World with all the gateways closed?"

"Oh, that's easy. I've just recently learned that Gennai and Azulongmon can allow us to access to the Digital World for emergencies. In this case, this isn't a real emergency. It's Tai coming back for one day to see us and put the training aside," Izzy explained to the younger Kamiya child. "Gennai told me that we can use our digivices to enter and he would allow at least one gateway to open."

"Really? I didn't know that. Well, what are waiting for? I'm anxious to go see my brother. We can use my dad's computer to open the gateway," Kari pointed inside the house. "My parents aren't home right now."

"Ok, but let me first call up the other Digi-Destined. We can't call Joe since he's in an exam right now. We'll contact him while we're in the Digital World. Mimi is out of the country with her family…"

"Yeah, I got his post card from Mimi," Kari sweat dropped and smiled.

Reaching over to where the mail was piled up, Kari pulled out a postcard that came from Hawaii. She opened it up to show 'Mimi Tachikawa' signed at the bottom.

Hello Kari

How are you doing? Have you heard from your brother, Tai, yet? I hope he's doing all right, but listen I'm writing this to you from Hawaii! Palmon and I are having a blast! It is really paradise and I wish you'd all be here! Ha! Ha! Wait, did somebody spike my drink? If I'm drunk, then ignore this postcard, but hopefully I'll get to see you again soon!

Mimi Tachikawa

P.S., Palmon says hi!

"Yeah, that's Mimi all right," Izzy sighed. "This will take me a few. TK and Sora should be in town. I'll contact them either by their home or cell phone. For Sora, I know she carries her cell phone."

"Ok, why don't you come in and make yourself at home, Izzy?" Kari opened the door for the boy. "I can tell you and Tentomon don't want to stand outside all day. By the way, your outfit is pretty cute, Tentomon."

"Uh, thank you, Kari. It's something I threw together," Tentomon blushed.

"Actually, it was me that pulled it out for you. You wouldn't believe what happened with Tentomon several weeks ago," Izzy sighed as he dialed up Sora's number on his cell phone.

"What happened?" Gatomon asked the computer whiz.

"Wait until I give you the full detail. You two are going to flip," Izzy continued while dialing the number to the Takenouchi residence. "Sora, please be home…"

Odaiba Kazuya Apartment Complex/Takenouchi Residence/3:02 P.M.

As the house phone rang, Mrs. Toshiko Takenouchi walked out of the kitchen. Her attire included a purple kimono with a brown belt wrapped around her waist. Her brown hair was tied up into a traditional Japanese bun. She picked the phone up and immediately answered.

"Hello, Takenouchi residence. This Mrs. Takenouchi," the woman answered the phone and recognized the boy's voice. "Oh, Izzy! What a pleasant surprise!"

"Good day, Mrs. Takenouchi. I need to ask you if Sora is home," Izzy's voice was heard.

"I'm sorry, but she stepped out for a while. I'll be sure to tell her you…"

Before she could finish her sentence, the woman turned around to find an orange red-haired girl stepping through the front door. Her attire included a striped purple-pink shirt, blue jeans, purple shoes and her blue helmet. Her red eyes were fixated on her mother with the telephone.

"Mom, who is that?" the girl asked curiously.

"It's for you Sora. It's Izzy and he sounds like he wanted to talk to you desperately. I hope nothing's wrong," Mrs. Takenouchi stated.

"Um, I hope everything's all right. Here let me have the phone, please," Sora reached out.

With a convincing nod, the woman handed her daughter the telephone and walked off back into the kitchen. Sora spoke softly into the telephone and heard Izzy's breathing.

"All right, Izzy. What's this all about? I just got home," Sora spoke through the telephone.

"Sora! Unless you haven't received your e-mail message yet, listen up! You'll never guess who's going to be back!"

As soon as Izzy said this, Sora felt her heart racing faster than ever before. Could it actually be true? Was Taichi Kamiya truly returning back to see his friends and loved ones again? The girl was ecstatic over the matter. She quickly whispered out the leader's name.

"Tai…? Oh my gosh… I can't believe this…! He's coming back…?"

"Yes, now listen up. It's only temporary during a twenty-four hour period. Therefore, in other words, he only has this visitation rights for one day and then he goes back into training with Agumon. I've already told Kari and I'm at her house. Now, you think you and Biyomon can come over?" "To see Tai…? You bet your sorry butt I'm coming! I'm not going to miss out on Tai after last hearing from him eight months ago. I'll be there in a few!"

"We'll be waiting. See you then, Sora."

Once the phone line disconnected from Izzy's call, Sora hung up the telephone and sighed happily. She was overjoyed to finally see her best friend in eight months. She was excited to hear about his experience in training, nearly dying in an exploding dimension before being saved and most importantly, the final result in the battle against Burizalor.

Her eyes swelled with several tears of joy. She wiped the tears and giggled to herself.

"Stupid, Tai… I've been waiting until you would reply… I just wonder how much you and Agumon have progressed in the last eight months. You have no idea just how excited I am about this! Ok, Sora, calm down. You're just getting overexcited like some crazed fan girl! Time to get Biyomon and head out to Kari's!"

Odaiba Sakura Grove Apartment Complex/Takaishi Residence/3:05 P.M.

Once hearing the announcement from Izzy, young Takeru "T.K." Takaishi smiled with delight at the news. The boy was just as anxious and overexcited like Sora was before him. He would finally meet Tai once again after eight months.

"Wow, awesome! Tai's coming back for one day! I can't wait!" TK cried out with excitement. "You bet I'll be there, Izzy. I'll have my mom drop me off."

"Sounds good, TK. Pretty be quick though. We're not sure how long Sora will get here."

"Don't worry about that. My mom knows I'm a good friend with Kari. She'll drop me off in no time! See you then, Izzy. Bye," TK turned off the cordless phone.

The boy got up from the kitchen table. He was wearing a green t-shirt, brown khaki shorts, white socks and a green baseball cap. Flying by his side was Patamon, who heard the mention of Tai's name.

"What's going on, TK? I heard you just talk about Tai… Is he actually coming back?"

"There's no time to explain. He's only got one day to see us before he goes back with Azulongmon," the boy answered. "I'm going to ask momma if she can drop me off at Kari's since Izzy is waiting for us there."

"Shouldn't we call your brother first?" Patamon asked the boy.

"You know… I've tried calling him and nothing has come up. I always wonder if he is that obsessed in still becoming better than Tai. Don't worry. I'm sure he'll know. I have a good feeling we'll be seeing him when we least expect it."

"I hope so, TK," the tiny rookie nodded in reply. "So, shall we get going? We can't have the other kids waiting."

"Yeah!" TK responded with a smile across his innocent face. "It'll be good to see Tai again and Kari will be happy. This is going to be a special day for all of us until Tai comes back to us for good. I just hope it's sooner than later. Oh, Matt… If only you knew about this… I have high hopes you'll be with us today. I just know you will."

Digital World/Sector Seiryuu-0987/Azulongmon's Holy Domain

Deep within am empty, white space with barely any surroundings, a human boy stood in front of a large serpent-shaped blue dragon who body was nearly transparent and covered in chains. His crimson, yet gentle eyes meet the child's with great concern. Sitting next the boy was an orange, tyrannosaur creature with green eyes. The boy was revealed to possess a pair of goggles over his blue headband and the large hair was a dead giveaway. This was indeed the Child of Courage, Taichi Kamiya. He is the one who harnessed the legendary fused warrior powers after thousands of digi-millennia. He and Agumon help make up the warrior identified as Omega X, the destroyer of the tyrant Burizalor.

"Taichi Kamiya. You do understand you are only given this visitation once. The training you and Agumon are undergoing requires very few interruptions. If you hope to ever reach your full potential in your fused form, you will more time under my watch."

"I get it, Azulongmon. I'm already starting to understand how to control my form. Back when I fought Burizalor, I was losing apart of myself and I just couldn't do that. I want to keep my humanity as much as possible and not become a blood-thirsty monster."

"Don't worry, Tai. We'll manage to control ourselves as Omega X when the time comes," Agumon assured his partner.

"Child of Courage, enjoy this day. Your fellow Digi-Destined deserves this special moment."

"You're not kidding. Sora, Matt, Izzy, TK, Mimi, Joe and even my little sister, Kari… I hope to see each of them again. I didn't want to be separated from them."

"Ready to go, Tai?"

"You bet, partner," the goggle head nodded in reply. "Thanks again, Azulongmon. You'll never regret this."

"After this, be sure to return back to complete your training."

"Of course, you have my word, Azulongmon."

As soon as he said that, a portal doorway opened up to the Digital World. Tai turned to face the portal and looked down at his partner. They each other a nod and marched towards the doorway. Azulongmon watched them carefully and smiled. This was Tai's only opportunity to see his friends before he completes full-time training under the Holy Beast.

"X. You were right. This child is indeed worthy to fight for our cause. Because of him, the evil of Burizalor was extinguished. However, why do I have this strange premonition that a dark hand will make its presence felt in the Digital World. Has the Buriza Empire fully collapsed or are they planning to rebuild under the order of a new emperor? I shudder to think about the thought of the tyrant's empire rebuilding. Taichi. Agumon. You must go with extreme caution."

Digital World/Outside Primary Village

Once Tai and Agumon found themselves in the Digital World, they looked about their surroundings. The goggle head removed his yellow cloak and wiped his forehead.

"Well, that was a painful eight months. All of the training… But it'll be worth it to see our friends, buddy," Tai looked down at Agumon with a smirk.

"No kidding. C'mon, I suggest we go west. Azulongmon told us that they would arrive there."

"Right. Let's go, Agumon!"

As soon as he said that, the boy raced across the plains and laughed happily in excitement to see his friends again. His partner quickly gave chase to the goggle head.

"I'll finally be able to see Kari and Sora! I know you've been worried sick and praying for me. Don't worry because big brother is coming!" Tai thought while racing across the beautiful, green plains.

Unbeknownst to them, there was a hanging bat-like creature perched upside down on a tree. However, this 'bat' has a video camera for a head. The creature caught video evidence of the duo and took off from out of the tree.

"Suspects confirmed! The Child of Courage and his digimon partner have arrived. Must report to Lord Mutalior. The possibilities of these two being the warrior identified as the legendary fused warrior is very high. Must report."

Taking a break from their eight-month long training, Tai and Agumon have been freed for a twenty-four hour period. They set off to meet with their fellow Digi-Destined. Already informed, Izzy, Kari, Sora and TK set off back to the Digital World to see their beloved leader. The whereabouts of Matt is unconfirmed but TK has high hopes he will show up. What about Mimi and Joe? Can Izzy contact them before Tai's time is up? Elsewhere, a spy robot has already confirmed Tai's arrival and flies off to relay the information to the one named Mutalior. He is the father of Burizalor and just as ruthless as his son. He seeks to avenge the loss of the tyrant by destroying the Child of Courage and the Digi-Destined. There is guaranteed to be bloodshed if this monster shows up to crash the Digi-Destined's reunion gathering.


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