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The Digi-Destineds' Faith, the Return of the Digital Fusion Warrior! A Revisit to a Lost Friend's Memorial!

Within Primary Forest Region/Cavern/Sector 197-50

In a matter of seconds, Sithdramon came closer and raised his energy kitanas to strike Omegamon. However, Omegamon lowered his left hand and allowed the War Greymon to open its 'mouth'. As a result, a near ten-foot long sword emerged. It appeared to be a double-edged blade by the looks of it. He reared his sword as Sithdramon came closer and swung across.


With a split second, both combatants zipped across past each other. Omegamon received several kitana laser slashes but no damage was inflicted on his body. Sithdramon, on the other sword, found himself cut across through the waist. The dark dragon warrior screamed out his last roars before his body split apart through the waist across and both halves were instantly deleted in the process. In just a matter of seconds, Omegamon has successfully taken out Sithdramon AND destroyed the virus in the process.

An expression of shocked disbelief crossed Mutalior's face. His greatest warrior he had ever hired was easily disposed of in an instant and realized that this could be a BIG problem for him. Half of his plans now had gone down the tube as a result of this turnaround.

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Turning around to face the perpetrator of the operation, Omegamon glared directly towards Mutalior and pointed his sword directly at the warlord. Now, it was Mutalior's turn to feel the fused warrior's wrath. However, this next fight wasn't going to seem easy at all for Omegamon if he isn't careful. The virus has now been destroyed in the process, or has it? It seemed Mutalior has an answer to that question.

"You shall pay for your sinful crimes, Mutalior," Omegamon glared a hardened battle stare directly at the warlord. "We intend to finish you off… Once and for all!"

However, Mutalior simply laughed off the idle threats from the Royal Knight and narrowed his crimson eyes with a sneer forming under his Shredder-like facemask.

"Oh please! Just because you four fools fused, doesn't make you any stronger than me!" the warlord laughed out in overjoyed amusement. "I'll easily dispose of you data scum! Now watch, Omegamon! Prepare to meet death!"

Before Mutalior had a chance to raise his hand to launch a blast at Omegamon, the fused warrior quickly appeared right behind him with his sword pointing with the tip of the blade poking the back of Mutalior's skull. The villains stopped frozen in shock as he was caught off guard by his adversary's new, faster speed. Latching his Metal Garurumon arm across, the mouth of the wolf opened and snared Mutalior's right hand. Mutalior quickly twisted around and looked deeply into the enraged blue-green eyes of the Royal Knight. Mutalior sneered as he struggled against Omegamon's grip.

"Why don't you wake up! You've caused too much pain as far as I'm concerned!" Omegamon snarled angrily as he applied more pressure to the grip. "Don't you give a damn about anything that you have committed! I seriously DOUBT it!"

Quickly pulling his hand away from Omegamon, Mutalior growled and delivered a fist into Omegamon's abdomen. However, Omegamon simply stood with little pain showing from his eyes and no damage on his armor from Mutalior's devastating right hand. A shocked expression crossed the villain's face as he pulled away from the unaffected Royal Knight.

"But how? How were you able to withstand such a blow! You should have been deleted!" Mutalior gasped out and growled under his breath. "That punch is strong enough to destroy even the strongest of digimon! I'm going to make you regret this!"

"MUTALIOR! IT'S OVER FOR YOU! YOU CAN NOW JOIN YOUR SON IN LIMBO!" Omegamon bellowed out directly towards the warlord.

With that said, a large wave of energy came flying right at Mutalior and it knocked the villain back directly into the data realm. Mutalior managed to prevent his fall and noticed that Omegamon was gone out of sight.

"What…? Where did he go! Come out you coward!" Mutalior demanded as he searched his surroundings. "Cursed fool…!"

"You're the only fool around here," the voice of Omegamon called out from behind the villain's back.

Omegamon quickly reappeared right behind Mutalior and readied up his Metal Garurumon arm. A massive cannon emerged from out of its mouth and he directed it right at the warlord.


With that said a gigantic energy blast came bombarding out of the cannon and blasted against Mutalior. The blast successfully managed to push Mutalior many yards away from the Royal Knight. Then Omegamon readied up his War Greymon arm and pointed his battle sword across. He aimed to take down Mutalior with a single swipe of his majestic blade and finish the villain off as he did to Sithdramon earlier.


Omegamon quickly phased out and reappeared in front of Mutalior. Then, he quickly slashed him on his left side, more specifically tearing flesh of his left ribs to reveal tender muscle underneath. Blood immediately emerged from out of the wound and forced Mutalior back. Mutalior roared in pain as he held his wounded side and cursed the Royal Knight directly. Following up the swipe from his sword, Omegamon then slammed his Metal Garurumon cannon directly into the monster's gut. This forced Mutalior back and caused him to stagger back from the devastating blow. The villain was forced back as he coughed out blood from out of his facemask.

Omegamon glared the genocidal alien directly with menacing, battle hardened eyes. He was no longer going to show any mercy and regret for finishing the ruthless tyrant. This was it. He was going to finish off Mutalior right off the bat and put an abrupt end to Burizalor's legacy.

The children cheered on from the sidelines once Omegamon had gained the upper hand over Mutalior. TK and Kari were proud for their brothers' team efforts. No one would really think that they would ever consider merging together to form this new, powerful entity. Omegamon had taken out Sithdramon handily and was now giving Mutalior a beating he so rightfully deserved.

"All right! You go, big brother! You and Matt are looking great up there!" Kari cried out happily.

"Of course, this new fusion is just what he needed!" TK nodded his head in agreement.

"I just hope they can just get this over with and quit wasting time. They don't want to give Mutalior any time to recover," Sora pointed out.

"You're right, Sora, and for some reason the virus itself hasn't been cleared from the Internet," Izzy shocked everyone with this new revelation.

"What DID you say!" Joe exclaimed as he approached the Child of Knowledge.

"I specifically stated that the virus is not gone. When Sithdramon was killed by Omegamon, the virus should have been deleted. But, now, I just discovered it is within Mutalior himself! He has control over the virus itself and can still use it to his advantage! The missiles are still set for impact!"

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Once this revelation was stated, the children all gasped in utter disbelief. The stakes were even greater for Omegamon. If they don't destroy the villain soon, then the missiles will be launched and bring about worldwide Armageddon to the nations. The endless possibilities are horrifying to image and this was what Mutalior had intended. He fooled everyone, including Gennai and Izzy's wits.

"No! That can't be possible!" Mimi cried out as she grabbed Izzy. "Tell me that isn't true!"

"Unfortunately, I hate to say it… But, it's true… Mutalior had this planned from the start…"

"Omegamon! You have to hurry! If you don't defeat Mutalior soon, then our world is in danger of becoming a worldwide wasteland! Billions of lives are at stake!" Sora called out to the fused warrior. "We can't stall any longer!"

"You low piece of scum… You played us all for fools. I knew you were just like your son, but I never thought you'd have an ace up your sleeve. Is this your last desperate act, Mutalior? Since you can't defeat me now."

"On the contrary… I also let my guard down to make you think you had me defeated," Mutalior snickered as he wiped the blood from his facemask. "C'mon, warrior! You had better hurry and kill me before the human infestation called earth becomes a planet of death!"

Upon hearing these vile words from the warlord, Omegamon's body flared up with a golden-orange aura. The aura flared up and expanded out across Omegamon. He prepared to launch himself to finish off Mutalior before time expires.

"You only have two minutes, fools! The end of your planet is at hand!" Mutalior laughed heartily.

"It's now or never, Matt. We've got to finish this guy or our planet gets turned into the universes' largest graveyard," Omegamon thought with Tai's voice speaking out primarily.

United States. Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. 6:30 P.M.

Deep in the military facilities across the bases, thousands of military personnel were deeply in grim disbelief over the sudden launch of a missile being launched straight for Japan. This would only the first missile until many others inevitably launch across the world. Even they couldn't do anything to stop the missiles nor did they have anything to disinfect Mutalior's virus.

All they, and the whole world eventually, could do is pray. Pray for their lives and hope the missile doesn't destroy Tokyo. The last thing anyone needs now is an evitable world war after having built good relations with other nations.

However, Mutalior sought other plans and aimed to have the missiles destroy every trace of human civilization. He wanted to make the Digi-Destined pay for the cost of his son's life by taking the lives of billions of humans in exchange. This was his way of getting his just desserts and he was only moments from achieving that goal.

Within Primary Forest Region/Cavern/Sector 197-50

Laughing out like the madman he was, Mutalior taunted Omegamon and moved a finger across as if it were a clock pendulum. He began taunting the Royal Knight with sick amusement.

"Just two minutes… Actually, now you have one minute and fifty seconds. You had better do something quick or it's SAYANORA to your home city. Then, inevitably, the whole planet goes up in flaming smoke! You see, Digi-Destined!" Mutalior bellowed out as a dark red aura expanded across his body. "THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR DISGRACING MY FAMILY! NOW YOU ALL CAN DIE WITH MY SON!"

Omegamon simply stood his ground and remained silent while the tyrant continued to rant on.

"Plus, once you all have been sent to Digital Limbo, I'm sure my son will take pleasure in making your eternal lives a LIVING HELL!" the madman continued laughing with insanity dripped in his voice. "Come on, Omegamon! Time is a wasting! Are you going to let the people of Earth down? Their fates lie in your hands after all!"

"… Mutalior, it will be you that goes to limbo! SAY HELLO TO BURIZALOR WHEN YOU MEET HIM THERE!" Omegamon exclaimed as he pointed his sword and cannon to finish off Mutalior.

"That's it! Give me your best shot! On the other hand… I'll attack first!" Mutalior declared as he placed his right hand out and launched out a massive energy blast.

"OMEGAMON! LOOK OUT!" the Digi-Destined exclaimed in unison to warn the fused warrior.

The blast that shot out of Mutalior's hand slammed against Omegamon and pushed him back with a powerful force. The Royal Knight placed his War Greymon and Metal Garurumon in attempt to push the beam back, but it was too strong. Omegamon was sent flying back and moved away from the blast. It launched across the background and vaporized a mountain range in the process. The children watched in utter shock at the turn of events.

As soon as the beam light dimmed and the smoke cleared, Omegamon flew across in hopes of finding Mutalior and stopping him before the time limit. Suddenly, he heard the low humming of an energy sphere expanding out above him. Omegamon looked up to find a house-sized orange ball of intense energy. Mutalior held the massive globe-like apocalyptic object with just his right hand. Omegamon's face twisted with a shocked glare. The children watched in horror. They knew what was indeed in store for them. This was the same exact technique Burizalor had attempted to use before War Greymon used the Life Bomb to supposedly defeat the tyrant. However, this time, Mutalior had the energy to gather enough power to form it faster.

"What's wrong, Omegamon? Sleeping on the job, are we?" Mutlaior taunted the royal knight with the Death Ball hovering in his right hand. "I can gather energy ten times faster than my son and I can put forth more power than this pathetic Death Ball! You shouldn't have taken your eyes off of me!"

"NO! DON'T DO IT!" Omegamon exclaimed out at the psychotic villain. "YOU'RE A COWARD IF YOU DO THIS!"

"Say what you will, but I will use any means to win!" Mutalior laughed. "NOW YOU AND THE LITTLE URCHINS CAN DIE WITH THE DIGITAL WORLD! RA!"

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Letting out a loud battle cry, Mutalior hurled down the Death Ball. With the Death Ball plummeting down towards the surface, Omegamon quickly stood between the apocalyptic ball and the Digital World's surface. If this ball even touched the surface, it was goodbye to the Digital World. Omegamon could not afford to allow this to occur.

The other Digi-Destined watched on from the far sidelines and gathered together with worried looks. They feared for the end to come and Mutalior's Death Ball to destroy the entire Digital World. They would have failed this world and Mother Earth in the process. Two worlds were at stake and everything was in Omegamon's hands.

"C'mon, Omegamon!" TK called out to the Royal Knight. "I just hope our brothers, Metal Garurumon and War Greymon can do everything they can to stop that thing!"

"Seeing that thing really brings back terrible memories of what Burizalor tried to do! Only this time we don't have a Life Bomb to stop him," Joe stated as he backed away.

"We can't give up hope, guys! I know I'm not!" Sora turned to face the team.

"Neither am I, Sora! Omegamon will deflect that thing and put an end to Mutalior! C'mon, Omegamon! We have faith in you!" Kari cried out directly towards the fused warrior.

"If we don't do something quick, we're all done for," Izzy thought. "There has to be a way… Wait, what if we all channel our digivice and heart-crests' powers directly for Omegamon? It's possible we could reawaken Omega X!"

Omegamon put out both hands and pushed against the overwhelming Death Ball. The overwhelming force was too much for even Omegamon to handle. He strained against the apocalyptic sphere and screamed out intensely to gather the strength needed to deflect it at the warlord.

Inside Omegamon, Tai and Matt strained against the overwhelming force. They together couldn't hope to give Omegamon the much needed power boost to push the attack back.

"Matt! We can't let this thing hit the ground! The Digital World will be wiped out in an instant and there will be nothing left of home if Mutalior has his way!"

"I know… Damn, what can we do? Tai, c'mon, any ideas in that thick head of yours?"


"Argh, just what we need…!"

"Ha! You can't even resist this, you pathetic fool!" Mutalior laughed out happily at the scene. "Struggle all you want, but it is all OVER! As I told you before, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR DISGRACING MY FAMILY!"

"NO! WE WON'T LET THIS THING DROP!" Omegamon exclaimed while struggling to hold the Death Ball up.

"Say goodbye to your precious Digital World and then the human infestation called Earth! It'll be a great pleasure to watch every human suffer in agony and perish in the nuclear winters! There's no hope for you and your human race!"

Meanwhile, Omegamon attempted with all of his might to deflect the Death Ball back and away from the surface of the Digital World. But its incredible force was strong enough to push Omegamon down to the ground and the mighty fusion warrior felt his feet touch the ground.

"No! We can't let this fall onto the surface" Matt exclaimed through Omegamon's thoughts.

"There's no doubt that this bastard has murdered millions of innocent souls much like his son has done before him," Tai said. "And we're not going to allow him to murder anymore people!"

"C'mon Tai! Matt! Omegamon!" Sora called out to the fused warrior and held up her digivice in hand. "I call upon the power of LOVE to help Omegamon!"

As soon as Sora raised her digivice, it projected a bright beam of light directly for Omegamon. Followed by that was a red beam dimming out of the girl's chest. It was the Crest symbol for Love.

"That's it, you guys! This way we can give Omegamon more power and perhaps a chance for Omega X to emerge! More power, guys!" Izzy directed orders for the group and sat up.




The four beams of light came together to form one, and then two more joined them in unison. Mimi and Joe joined in with their fellow Digi-Destined to share their crests' energies.



The beams all came together to form one massive blast and shoot it towards Omegamon. The fused warrior felt his power level sky rocket as a result and felt his strength coming back to him. He used all of his power and might to push the energy ball towards Mutalior.

"It's useless to resist, Omegamon! All living things, digital and real, are MERE PLAY THINGS to me! No one can comprehend my power and cunning!" Mutalior continued ranting on triumphantly until he noticed a bright aura expanding out from under his Death Ball. "WHAT!"

There was a sudden drastic surge of power overwhelming Omegamon at the moment. The Royal Knight screamed out nearly at the top of his lungs and was engulfed by an intense aura of orange-yellow light. Mutalior watched on in anticipation of what was about to occur next. Then, without warning, the War Greymon arm ripped itself off Omegamon's side and became fused with Tai himself. The two entities merged together into a single being.

As the Digi-Destined caught glimpse of him, they all gasped out in gasped relief. The digimon slowly arisen from the ground and looked up to witness the same warrior who brought about Burizalor's destruction.

Mutalior couldn't believe what he was seeing and his eyes widened in surprise. The warrior himself looked like a humanoid version of War Greymon himself. However, a human face was revealed with a War Greymon covering his head with smaller horns. His armor was also similar to War Greymon. A metallic chest plate covered his front chest and abs. His arms were covered with a black leather spandex; the same can be said for his legs. Armored gauntlets were perched on his fists and without the claws. His hair flowed out through the helmet and spiked up. The color of the hair itself was golden. Armor padding covered his legs and waist. His feet were a pair of fiery orange-red boots. The eyes of the fused warrior were now intense emerald green and a bright golden aura engulfed his body body.

This was the legendary warrior who had defeated and killed Burizalor supposedly eight months ago. The enraged warrior's eyes dimmed with intense emerald green light and he screamed out at the top of his lights. He cupped his hands together and unleashed a massive orange Ki beam that EASILY deflected the Death Ball back.



The Death Ball was pushed back as a result of Omega X's overwhelming attack. Mutalior's eyes widened in utter horror as his own apocalyptic ball were being directed back towards him. He roared out and shoot out a strong blast to direct it back at Omega X.

"NO! IT CAN'T BE! DAMN YOU! IT'S OMEGA X! RAGGGH!" Mutalior roared out like an enraged demon. "NO! MY BEAM CAN'T DEFLECT IT! CURSES!"

"MUTALIOR! NOW YOU CAN JOIN YOUR SON IN LIMBO! HA!" Omega X yelled out as he transferred even more energy through his Terra Beam.

"Way to go, Omega X! You've got him, big brother!" Kari cheered on for her big brother.

"Waste that guy and save the two worlds!" TK cheered on.

"Tai… Thank goodness. With our crests' powers, we were able to help restore Omega X," Sora smiled at the beautiful energy beam Omega X was putting forth. "I have to say, you look good out there…"

"It's good to have you back, Omega X!" Angemon called out to the fused warrior.

"Now send that creature of darkness into oblivion!" exclaimed Angewomon.

With the Terra Beam expanding out, it was strong enough to push the Death Ball back and pushed Mutalior right along with it. The warlord's roars echoed throughout the heavens as he was sent directly through the Digital World's atmosphere. Mutalior kept his blast on the Death Ball but went along for the ride.


Just then, Mutalior felt an intense heat wave behind his back and turned around. He saw a large sun-like star at the center of space. The warlord's eyes widened in shocked horror as he found himself about to be sent directly into it. In just a few moments, his fate would be sealed just like his son before him.


Before he could scream out another word, Mutalior was slammed against the star's surface. The combined force of the Death Ball and the Terra Beam were enough to push against the warlord. His body became engulfed by flames until his skin was blackening. The screams of the villain screamed out with a mix of malice hatred and fear. It was too animalistic to even consider human.

"CURSE HIM! WHY… Why… Why didn't I destroy him? Yes! I remember now!" Mutalior thought as he looked back to the moment he let Gennai's ship escape.

Switch to Flashback

"Pay Gennai and those Digi-eggs no mind! I declare you to delay the order!" the dark, cold voice called out.

The mercenaries turned around to find a hovercraft unit descending from the ceiling. They kneeled down while bowing their heads to pay respect to the authoritative figure. Once the hovercraft lowered further down, a long purple tail was sticking out of the left side.

"That was an error made by my son. Burizalor should have cleaned up this mess by himself. That is not our problem!"

"Burizalor's arrogance is going to be his only downfall and it's just a shame how he is conducting this sort of business. But I guess that's just him. He will never learn," the sinister creature muttered harshly about his son. "Well, Burizalor. I, Lord Mutalior, say that father only knows best."

End of Flashback

Mutalior had remembered those comments he made concerning his own son. Yes, he had also made the same folly as his son before him: underestimating the strength and unity of the Digi-Destined, especially the Child of Courage. He had fallen to the mighty Omega X. Most importantly, with his body destroyed, the virus was disabled in the process. The missile launched for Tokyo will not detonate and create an apocalyptic event.

Then, as Mutalior disintegrated under the flames, the sun-like star exploded with intense energy across space. The expansion of the solar light spread across and gave off a rather beautiful nova-like phenomenon. The Digital World, too, was basked by the intense light momentarily until the light died down.

(End theme)

The Digi-Destined averted their suns from the intense light until it was clear. They cheered on for both Omega X and the one-armed Omegamon. With their efforts thanks to their fellow Digi-Destined, the evil warlord was defeated and any hopes of avenging his son were crushed abruptly.

Omega X levitated down to meet with Omegamon. With their enemy defeated, they dropped their warrior forms. By powering down, Omegamon disappeared with Matt and Gabumon in his place. Once Omega X de-powered, Tai and Agumon was in the warrior's place. The leader and the lone wolf glanced towards one another with intense stares. Matt had once again gotten a glimpse of Omega X and yearned for the day he reaches his digital fused form.



Before either rival could say another comment, they were interrupted by the cheers of their fellow Digi-Destined and digimon partners. TK and Kari jumped right out to hug their respective siblings. Tai kneeled over and hugged his sister while Matt did the same for his brother.

"Tai! You and Matt were great out there!" Kari giggled while embracing her brother. "Not only was Omegamon great but Omega X returning… Awesome!"

"No kidding! I really hope you two do it again!" TK nodded in agreement.

"While it was an awesome fusion we did, but you owe me one," Matt directed his attention to Tai. "And you know what I mean by that, right?"

"Sure, if it's the showdown you want, you'll get it again. Count on it," Tai smiled to his rival.

Sora smiled as she watched the siblings embracing one another and kneeled over to Tai.

"You were great out there, Tai," Sora smiled brightly.

"Thanks, Sor…"

"Hey. Where's Leomon?" Mimi asked as she immediately noticed the absence of the brave warrior. "His body was just here a while ago…"

Suddenly a pile of rubble just a few yards away was starting to move. The children smiled with delight, but it was TK and Kari who went over to approach the pile.

"Leomon! We did it!" Kari called over towards the pile.

"We won!" TK exclaimed excitedly. "Come and cele…"

But as soon as they approached closer to the fallen rubble, Black Rapid came popping out with a psychotic glare across his face. The Digi-Destined HAD completely forgotten all about him! Now he was ready to take advantage of the children with their guards down. He pointed his missile launchers aimed directly for the children.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Black Rapid laughed. "You lose suckers! NOW, DIE!"

The children all closed their eyes and the digimon formed a protective wall in front of them. Just as he was about to blast them away, a beam came hurtling out from within the forest and it was a blast shaped like a lion's face. Black Rapid watched as the blast penetrated through him and he stood frozen for a few moments before he was immediately deleted.

"Whoa… What was that just now? He just got wasted there!" Matt exclaimed until he came into a realization. "Leomon…!"

"Whoa! That was just insane! I thought he was dead!" Tai wondered as he sat up and looked directly towards the forests. "Well, once again, you managed to come through for us at the end, Leomon."

"Well, I guess we should thank Leomon for saving our necks there for a second," Sora smiled as she gathered everyone together. "I wonder where he is at?"

"I don't know but I've got to get back before my parents start worrying," Mimi remembered that she had left Hawaii. "Besides, I've gotten all dirty as it is. Ick!"

TK and Kari ran across towards the forest to call out directly for Leomon.


Elsewhere, Leomon looked up and heard the children's calls. He placed his hands into a puddle of water and washed it over his wound. After that, he walked off into the forest in hopes of finding himself a new adventure in order to find new challenges along the way.

"Until another day, Digi-Destined… Just call me whenever you need me."

With Leomon disappearing along a pathway leading to a prairie landscape, there was an ominous figure who had watched the whole battle take place. The figure was built as an android of some sorts. His eyes dimmed with yellow light and his head was similar to that of a glass dome with a cybernetic brain inside.

"So, the Digi-Destined have managed to defeat another enemy. This time it was Lord Mutalior… The fool… Like his son before him, he has fallen due to his own arrogance. Taichi, you have indeed grown much stronger, but what is this new power of yours? I need to know what had transpired. No matter. You and your friends will be no match for what I have cooking in my secret base. Project Jinzouningen is fully underway."

With that said the ominous figure disappeared through a portal doorway leading back to the real world. Whoever this was, he has plans in store for the Digi-Destined within the next few years and would involve some of their most deadliest group of adversaries. Only one word can describe them: Artificial.

Earth/Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan/6:30 P.M.

Once the missile landed through the bay off Odaiba, it simply splashed through and caused a mild wave of water to engulf the streets. No explosion emerged and no apocalyptic blast. It was all clear. The virus was officially killed off. The United States were relieved to know about this. The missile itself would be retrieved and taken back for further investigation.

Unfortunately, even the U.S. government will never know the whole story behind the virus and Mutalior's attempt top bring about the human apocalypse. They were simply relieved that no other missile was launched at the designated targets worldwide.

The Digi-Destined had saved their planet all thanks in part to Omega X. Their last miracle has saved the human race.

Digital Space/Eastern Sector/Planet Buriza No. 47

This was Planet Buriza No. 47, another one of the planets captured by Burizalor's empire. For the past few months since the warlord's supposed demise, the military rankings have been in dissension over power. Units have started rebelling against one another and civil wars have erupted across many planets to gain new territories. Without Burizalor around, there wasn't much reason for most soldiers to stay loyal.

Now with Mutalior defeated, the Buriza Empire will eventually become bankrupt without any heirs and the military power will decline.

On Planet Buriza No. 47, the planet itself was nearly barren and looked like the Earth's moon. Only this planet was a hundred times larger in width, diameter and length compared to Earth's moon. Many dome-like structures were scattered across the landscape with tall buildings and space colonies. Large cruiser and battle ships landed on the planet to drop off soldiers, supplies, etc.

Inside one of the main buildings, which looked like a wider Control Spire, there was unknown activity taking place inside. There was a top secret operation taking place. Just, what exactly was being constructed? Well, in this case, there was a certain supposedly dead individual who was inside a healing capsule. Yes, in his battered and completely torn up glory, Burizalor had a breathing mask attached to his mouth and wires were all around his body. Half of his right face was completely torn off. His lower body and left arm was gone, too. The tyrant trembled but not because of the cold water. He was trembling with images of his demise running through his mind.

Just now, he felt the energy of his own father dying. The water inside capsule boiled, which indicated the tyrant's anger swelling up. The powers charts were increasing.

Suddenly, a female figure was seen sitting down on a chair with her blue eyes set directly on Burizalor's form inside the capsule. She could feel the tyrant's power increasing and his heart blackening further than it already was. She took a sip from her red wine glass and turned to find a Lady Devimon handing her a report.

"What's this! Lord Mutalior has been defeated!" the female exclaimed.

"Yes, Lady Myotismon… I'm afraid so…"

"It has to be that same Child of Courage. He managed to defeat Burizalor and now has taken the life of Mutalior. There isn't much time to lose. We must hasten Burizalor's healing. How much more time will it take?"

"Three and a half earth years I'd say, my lady…"

"Very well. The more we wait the more power Burizalor will gain from his upgrade. Then, we shall make those retched children pay for the murders of my brother, Myotismon, and Lord Mutalior! Do you hear me, Digi-Destined? You WILL DIE!"

As soon as she made this declaration, the shadowy presence of Lady Myotismon threw the wine glass and let the glass shatter into thousands of tiny shards.

Meanwhile, inside the capsule, the healing form of Burizalor chuckled deeply to himself. The sheer thought of being revived in three and half years time was enough to satisfy him. He would gain more power to not only destroy the Digi-Destined but avenge his humiliation he suffered at the hands of Omega X.

"Taichi… Digi-Destined… Just you wait… As soon as I return, I'll make sure I send you all to your graves… Count it!"

With those words said out of the villain's spiteful mind, Burizalor's one eye opened up and dimmed a demonic, crimson glow. Revenge would eventually become his in the form of eight corpses and the severed head of Taichi Kamiya.

Earth/Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan/Odaiba Memorial Cemetery. 8:00 P.M.

Tai had promised to return home to not only see his family but to go to the cemetery with Sora. This would be his last place to visit before he would set off back to Azulongmon's domain with Agumon.

The goggle boy kneeled over to a tombstone with a soccer ball placed next it and a picture of Karin Osaka herself. The tombstone itself read:

Karin Osaka
Born: September 16, 1988
Died: February 7, 2000
A wonderful daughter, friend, companion and soccer player.

Tai placed a bouquet of snow white roses next to the grave and wiped a tear from his eyes. He had lost someone very precious to him and he'll never forget the day he first met her. He and Sora would always call her the 'snow kid' because she also enjoyed playing out in the snow. Sora kneeled next to Tai and placed an arm around him.

"I know how you feel, Tai… She was very close to us."

"You know… When… In depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer," Tai stated.

This immediately caught Sora off guard as she gave him a look as if she were saying 'Where did that come from'?

"Um, Tai… Is that really you?" Sora slightly giggled.

"Of course," Tai smiled. "I'm not all brawn, Sora. That's something Azulongmon told me during Agumon's training. He told me it was a quote from Albert Camus."

"Albert Camus…?"

"Yeah, that's something I would describe Karin. She maybe gone from this world, but her heart and soul will always live within us. Her soul will never die. I know right now she's watching us as we speak. Karin-chan, thanks for everything. You will always have a place in my heart."

Before getting up, Sora placed two wooden objects. There were shaped like the crest symbols of love and courage. These two traits perfectly described the personality of their late friend: she had the courage to help lead a soccer team and make many new friends. Karin had the love for those around her and held no grudge against anyone.

"Come on, Tai. You have to get going back, right?" Sora helped Tai to his feet. "Plus, the others are waiting for us back in the Digital World."

"Yeah, let's go," Tai smiled to his childhood friend.

The pair walked out of the cemetery and paid their respects to their late-friend. Once Tai and Sora departed away, a spirit materialized over a tree branch. The spirit took the form of a young girl in her early pre-teen age. Her skin was slightly pale and delicate. The eyes of the girl were heavenly blue and her hair was brown while past the shoulder length. Her outfit was very odd and different from what she had worn at the time of her death. She wore one of the outfits worn by one of the Sailor Senshi. The blouse, the skirt, the high-heel boots and the heart-shaped brooch item on her chest. The colors of her outfit were silver and purple. Her skirts, arm sleeves and boots were silver while the bow on her brooch and back was silver. In her right hand was a crystallized trident.

The girl was none other than Karin Osaka herself. However, in the other world she was in now, she is known to others as Sailor Sedna, the warrior of the lost tenth planet. Sailor Sedna looked across at her two childhood friends leaving the cemetery with a warm smile across her face.

"Taichi, Sora, thank you. I'm glad to see you two are doing well. I hope one day when your time comes, we will all be reunited. In the meantime, may you two have wonderful and cherished lives. Alas, I have a duty to carry out in another world. Rest assured, Karin Osaka will never be forgotten. Her pure heart will always bring joy to those around her through life and death. Taichi, continue to protect your two worlds against the forces of darkness. Omega X's power is unlimited and use the power wisely. Sailor Sedna, warrior of the lost tenth planet, has spoken."

With that message delivered, the spirit form of Sailor Sedna/Karin Osaka faded away. There was no telling when she'll return back to this specific universe but she will never forget the two people she came to befriend. Through life and death, friendships last forever.

(Play Digimon Adventure theme "I Wish")

That wraps up my third movie fic. Once again, I apologize for dragging this story out but I wanted to catch up on my Pharaohmon arc series. That series itself will be near its end after nearly two years in the making. But, I hope guys enjoyed reading this movie fic. My inclusion of Karin Osaka/Sailor Sedna is a dedication to my late friend, Youko. I hope you guys will come to like Karin since she will be a character featured in my D-Fusion movies and upcoming sequel to The Wrath of Pharaohmon.

In case you guys don't know, there are now have been many Sailor Sednas created on the net. But, Karin Osaka's Sailor Sedna is a character created by me. Heck, her partner digimon will be a Veedramon. Not bad, eh? A Sailor Warrior with a Digimon partner is a pretty kick ass idea if I do say so myself.

Is this the end of Mutalior as we know it? Eh… I don't think so. Villains always have a knack to return and yes Mutalior will return in a sequel movie fic. He will be featured as Metal Mutalior, much like Metal Cooler.

Now, the next movie fic will be the long-awaited Dimitri Special. This specific fic will be the darkest piece of work I have set forth in any story for the D-Fusion series. It will be an adaptation to the Future Trunks storyline (a great movie itself and the only true ANGST DBZ movie) but there will be some new twists to the story, including graphic scenes.

Here's a fair warning: It will be Rated-M due to graphic violence, heavy language and some questionable material. I'll be sure to be careful on how far I go with it. The main characters to be featured in this will of course be Dimitri Ishida, his Patamon partner Faith, an older Takeru (Dimitri's uncle), an adult Mimi (who is Dimitri's mother) and the two evil alternate future versions of Jax & Sonja. One other notable character to be featured in this fic will be Sailor Sedna, who will play the guardian angel role for Dimitri. There's even a possibility of a Dimitri/Karin coupling. Expect plenty of angst, death and the such. This will not be for the weak of heart.

Anyway, that wraps up movie three and ends Mutalior's Vengeance. Until then, be sure to check back for reviews and peace!