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I am going to redo the whole fic. You know…add a few extra chapters to the tale, tons more dialog, different views and so forth. Also my delicious new boyfriend, has decided to aid me. Yay!


00 Prologue-

"Oh me, oh my, what a start!

You've wounded my poor beating heart!

I loved you all like blood, like kin…

But you threw it in my face, what pain!

I love you all, my heart shan't lie

My friends, my heart, I prophesize

I'll never hate you, that is no lie

That is why forgiven you are

For every wound laid to my heart"---authoress rambling # 1


Raven sat in her bed with her head in her hands, trying to stop the torrent of tears. Her small frame shuddered, holding back the sobs that threatened to consume her.

The pain….

It was so terrible.

The agony her heart bore…

Knew no panacea.

The ethereal ties that bound her heart to her companions…

The ones that brought her such joy…

Were now like ivy…



Cutting off precious air…

Strangling her battered heart…

Such pain…

Such agony…

It had been a few months since the Titans had managed to defeat Trigon. Since her quiet torture had begun.

Air…sweet spirits…I need air..

Since his hellish ascent and eventual destruction, her heart had felt the nonstop assault of hatred.

So very…very…painful…please…

Her sweet kind sister…her strong noble brother…

Please! Stop this torture!

Where did they go?


Who are these fearful doppelgangers that have replaced them?

Don't hate me!

Why was their love replaced with such hate?

I'm sorry…

Was she really that foul of a creature?

Just please don't hate me…

Was she really unworthy of the warmth she received before because of the blood that ran through her veins?

Raven wrapped her cloak around her, as if to shield herself from the influx of emotions that she was feeling.

As another wave of malice hit her, the small vase next to her nightstand exploded along with her clock.

Raven's left hand gripped the material of her uniform covering her chest, while her right hand gripped the sheets of her bed.

When will people learn….

It really was unbearable.

That their cruelest weapon is their hatred…

She wished that it wasn't true.

It is the one thing that can rob them of their humanity in one fell swoop…

As the wave of malice passed Raven collapsed on her bed, panting, exhausted.

She closed her eyes allowing darkness to consume her.

The final thought that came to her mind before she went to sleep was, "Sometimes being an empath sucks."