Always Waiting No More

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Waiting Again

Noah sighed as he waited for Betty yet again. It had been years and still at seventeen he had to wait hours for her to show up at a place. At least ninety percent of the time she was a no show. He sighed and looked up at the clock as he waited by the bowling alley, five-fifty. He had been here from three o'clock and now it soon would be three hours gone by and most likely it will be three hours with no sign of his red haired best friend Betty.

Stood up as usual, yet again

Why do you always do this Betty? Leave me hanging. You've done it so MANY times that I wonder if you respect the time that we have together anymore. Or if you ever did? I'm so tired of being the one left hanging in the cold. Not only in our friendship but nearly everything else that involves us being together. You've left me hanging with school projects, bullies, two school dances, and leisure activities like this and God knows how many other things you've ditched me on. If I didn't have romantic feelings for you I probably would have abandoned you a long time ago. Well that's not true, I'm too good a friend to do something like that. But still, how can I truly give my heart to a girl that's NEVER around. I haven't told you my feelings yet but how can I when I don't even know if you'll ever be around? (Noah's thoughts)

When will you see the signs

Of this yearning heart of mine

So many people teased Noah, accusing him of having a crush on Betty and sometimes even accused Betty of the same thing. While he blushed and struggled to convince them otherwise, Betty kept a cool head and either told them to stop being ridiculous or get lost. He wondered how Betty never seemed to think that he had a crush on her. He followed her around almost everywhere and was ALWAYS around when she needed him. Then again that sounded more like a friend than a boyfriend. Noah was rather confused, he went on a few dates and Betty rarely went on any unless they were friendship dates between him and her. But that was just IT. They were going out as friends. Not BOYFRIEND and GIRLFRIEND. No kisses on the lips, or making out. Just light pecks on the cheek and quick barely touching hugs.

But since this world is cruel

Noah sighed again and looked at the clock. It was now six twenty pm. Noah's hands tightened over the sides of the chair he was sitting on as anger surged through him. He released a deep calming breath and got up. No sense in waiting anymore, it was obvious to him that Betty wasn't coming.

I'm just a fool in love

Waiting for the same

Love to come from you

"Left hanging again?" Mr. Grey asked as he handed in the bowling shoes and Noah could only solemnly nod, "don't worry kid," he comforted and rested a hand on the teen's shoulder, "she'll realize how you really feel soon enough," he added and gave Noah an almost conspiratory grin.

Noah blushed immediately and just shook his head. He quickly turned and hurried out into the cool wispy air outside and started the lonely trek home.

Everyone but you seems to see.

Can this mean that you're not

In love with me?

How can everyone see how I feel but her? Does she even CARE if I have feelings for her? How can I EVER find out anyway? I always have to wait for her just to show up to something and most of the time I'm left all alone with other people. I get so tired of waiting sometimes. I wonder how much MORE of this I can take. (Noah's thoughts)

Never on Time.

Always too late.

Will it always

be this way?

Noah was at the top of the road and unable to see a green-eyed red headed girl dashing towards the building that he just left moments before.

(Following Day at School)

(Noah's POV)

Always Apologize.

"You know I'm sorry about yesterday Noah," Betty apologized for the umpteenth time as I sat sulking at the lunch table with her, "but now we're together and we can look over our project presentation for next…." she continued but suddenly I heard her watch beep.

But never specialize

"Oh no," I muttered.

In actually being around

"What?" Betty asked in a strained voice that told me she was trying to hide something.

"Every time that watch beeps you have to go somewhere," I reminded her and suddenly her face looked panicked.

"Uh No I don't," Betty denied nervously and looked everywhere else but at me.

"Yes you do!" I accused angrily, "you're not running out on me on another project Betty," I told her.

"I won't," Betty promised, "but I have to use the bathroom!" she cried and ran off before I could stop her.

If she makes us fail this project I'll NEVER forgive her! She knows it's required for both of us to there to present. It's an automatic failure if both members aren't there for the presentation. (Noah's thoughts)

(After School)

(Noah's POV)

Waiting Again

I sat on the High School steps with my head in my hands. I had just barely based History. That Project was THIRTY percent of our grade! Betty had a lot of extra credit classes to get her by but I didn't. If it weren't for the few extra credit classes I had taken in my attempt to get an A, I would've failed. Now I was going to end up with a low C at best. My parents were going to ground me.

Now you arrive

When your need

No longer arise.

"Hey Noah," I heard Betty say cheerily.

NOW she appears! (Noah's thoughts)

I've had to wait on you YET again

"Where were you?" I asked her without looking up.

"What?" Betty asked.

Don't you think that

I won't soon tire of

This sordid waiting game?

"Where were you?" I repeated and looked up at her.

"I'm so sorry Noah," Betty said after she gasped in late realization, "but you still did your extra credit right?"

Do you even care about me?

I chuckled softly. After everything had happened, all she cared about was if I had done enough extra credit to not fail the course. It was no use. No matter what I did for her, she'd never see how I feel or appreciate our friendship enough to be around.

Or am I just your little loyal puppy?

"Yeah," I responded and rose to leave.

"Wait I can take the bus with you," Betty offered.

I need time to clear my head.

To find out if this love I've hidden

Is really worth revealing to you

In the end.

"No thanks," I said coldly, "I'll walk."

I'm really tired of waiting.

Now I'm walking alone



I panted as I continued walking. I knew it was stupid to walk off and leave Betty alone to take the school bus. My home was miles away from my school. I was going to have to dig out my wallet and get a taxi. I wondered if Betty had ever been through this, but then I chuckled.

Does she love me?

Or am I just wasting time?

This is really frustrating.

If I stood her up one day maybe. But since she's always standing me up, that will probably never happen. (Noah's thoughts)

Suddenly appears a blessing undisguised.

"Want a ride?" a voice asked suddenly and I noticed a white Porsche stop beside me.

I meet an old enemy.

I looked to see Penelope staring at me from the driver's seat. She had never paid me anything but negative attention before.

Who's nice to me for a change.

It's not like I have friends popping up beside me; especially in cars like Porsches, to take me home. (Noah's thoughts)

I decide to flirt with disaster.

If it goes bad I always have

Here after.

"Sure," I said with a sigh and got into the passenger seat, "ignore the fact that I'm wheezing like an old guy, however," I added.

Penny laughed and drove off.

She doesn't wait to ask me questions.

"So how've you been?" Penelope asked as she drove me home.

I respond but keep my guard up.

"Okay I guess," I responded.

But this girl doesn't

Like to wait.

Suddenly Penelope swerved off the road then turned to glare at me as I stared at her in shocked surprise.

Demands of the relationship I have

With the girl who's heart I've

Always been the one to chase.

"What's your relationship with Betty?" Penelope demanded as I tried to regain my composure.

"What?" I asked in confusion.

"What are you two?" Penelope snapped, "friends, boyfriend and girlfriend, lovers, what?"

"Lo…what?" I asked as I was still confused, "oh, no we're just friends!" I cried quickly when I realized what she meant, "Betty would never be interested in me," I added.

"Why not?" Penelope asked me honestly.

I'm tired of playing the lovesick fool.

I was hesitant in answering her. She was both Betty and I enemy from years before. But she had picked me up when many other cars had simply passed me by. I decided to tell her the truth and leave 'teleporting' Betty to defend herself.

"She's never around," I told her, "I can't give my heart to someone who always bailing out on me and everything else," I said frankly, "I can't tell someone I love them when they're never around," I said softly, "and she hasn't even expressed her love for me yet."

This girl is sick of being

Behind the scenes.

(Penelope's POV)

I watched him with that solemn expression on his face. It was obvious that he loved Betty. But what was I to expect. We weren't even friends. He'd never have those feelings for me.

Will this plot ever twist?
For the girl who loves

This lonely boy for real?

He's never going to love me. We've been enemies for God's sake. I haven't really bothered Betty much over the last year or so but we're still enemies and Noah's her best friend. He won't choose me over her. He loves her too much. (Penelope's thoughts)

I've been shot down

For the last time.

"You know Penelope," Noah said suddenly, "if a girl were to ask me out right now I'd say yes," he said to my surprise, "I can't just keep holding my heart out to Betty anymore," he said softly, "she either will never see it or just never be around to show any love for it."

"I'd be around," I said suddenly and rested a comforting hand on his shoulder.

This girl actually wants to be around me.

Noah looked at me in confusion for a moment. Then his eyes widened.

"You…" Noah started to say.

Says she loves me.

Should I risk my heart

On such a risky maybe.

"Yes," I said immediately, "it wasn't like love at first sight," I continued, "but over time I began to like you," I told him, "your handsome, loyal faithful, you're not materialistic, your caring, strong…" I said but drifted off, "and as time went by I began to um love you," I said sheepishly, "but was too scared to tell you because you were always with Betty," I said in a cracked voice, "but today," she said in a dreamy voice, "you weren't with her and I knew that your home was too far for you to just walk alone," I said, "so I picked you up and was just planning to drop you off at home," I admitted, "but then I felt the love I had for you and I just HAD to find out if I even had a chance."

I ask my heart and it says okay.

So I'll risk my heart and hope

For the very best.

I looked at Noah and strained a smile as I waited for a response. To my surprise he leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips.

She's so shocked that

I can tell she loves me.

I've finally found my

One and only.

My right hand shook as it reached up to my lips to find out if what had just happened was real. But I didn't have to use my hand to find out. The warm look in Noah's eyes was enough.

I'm done waiting

I'm done waiting

I grabbed him and planted a kiss passionately on his own lips. For a moment he was surprised and didn't move but soon his lips responded to mine and we were kissing each other passionately.

(Prom Night)

(Betty's POV)

As I enjoy my new position.

The girl I used to love

Comes unexpected.

I entered the ballroom solemnly. I didn't have a date because Noah told me he already had one. I knew he HAD to be lying. All the girls who I had asked said he wasn't their date and I knew Noah was too shy to ask girls outside school. I never asked Penelope because I knew would NEVER date her. She was our sworn enemy. I worried a bit about not seeing Noah much over the past three months but I guessed that he was still sore about me having to run off and leave him hanging. But strangely he hadn't been getting annoyed or complained about he leaving him 'hanging' of late. In fact over the last two months he seemed almost happy about it. But if he were me and I were him, I'd probably act differently towards someone who left me hanging all the time. But that wouldn't be a problem anymore. The Galactic Guardians had been widened and right now I was on a three-month vacation. I finally had ALL the time in the world for Noah.

Ready to drop the walls around her heart.

Now I'm finally letting my guard down and throwing all my worries out the window. Noah must eel the same for me. I mainly put off telling how I felt because I had to dedicate my time to the Galactic Guardians. That's not true. I mainly put it off because as strange as it may seem to most people, I actually fear Noah rejecting me. It sounds stupid but love's a very fickle thing. Plus I just didn't want my heart to be broken. But now I knew that today was the day to tell him how I felt. After all those years of keeping it to myself. I was finally going to show my true feelings to Noah.

But I've moved on because she waited too long.

Okay Betty. You've waited for more than enough time to tell Noah how you feel. Don't ruin this. (Betty's thoughts)

She sees the large circle and hears the cheers.

But then I saw a large circle and heard a lot of cheering.

Since she's late again she has no idea

What's going on.

"What's going on?" I asked and several persons turned to look at me in surprise, "I'm not THAT late am I?" I asked because I had just returned from my last mission before my vacation began.

"She doesn't know," I heard a female voice whisper.

"I wonder how she'll feel?" another asked.

"But she never told him anyway?" I heard a girl say scornfully.

"Never told who what?" I demanded getting annoyed.

Now she knows that I've upped

And moved on

"Penelope and Noah just got engaged!" a girl I knew as one of Penelope's friends cried excitedly from right in front of me.

Frozen in time.

Is the old love of mine.

I froze. This couldn't be happening.

She pushes through the large happy crowd.

"Excuse me," I said firmly and began to push through the crowd.

Just for her eyes and heart

To see the sad sad truth.

Soon I was at the front and saw the truth with my own eyes.

She waited too long and

I've found someone new.

Penelope was in a black ankle-length spaghetti strap dress that hugged her figure and black high heeled shoes, her hair was in a French Bun and she was absolutely glowing.

Noah was beside her in a blue tux and black shoes. His brown hair was nicely combed back and on his finger like Penelope's was an engagement band. He was smiling and taking compliments from the crowd.

When I saw her my love and I

Lost our happy smiles.

I stepped forward and suddenly the cheering stopped and I could feel eyes on me. Noah and Penelope looked at me and immediately the smiles melted from their faces.

She said "Congratulations"

But I knew that was a lie.

"Congratulations," I told them formally.

Noah looked at me in shock but Penelope decided to break the ice and speak.

Butmy love didn't wait to break the ice.

She waited too long for my love

And wasn't giving me up

Without a fight.

"Thank You," Penelope responded, "where's your date?" she asked me.

I find out that my old love

Is all by herself.

Then she asks about

Me and my new

Love's relationship.

"I decided to fly solo," I lied, "wow," I said faking a smile, "I never knew that you two were a couple."

My love let's her know that

I was too nervous to tell.

"Noah was nervous about coming out with it," Penelope told me, "but he's obviously not nervous anymore," she continued, "he just asked for me to become engaged to him a few minutes ago," she revealed to me.

She says she's "happy for us"

Another lie yet again.

"Well I'm happy for you," I lied again, "and I wish you all the best," I said and turn to leave.

So I call her name.

"Betty," Noah said suddenly, "there's something I wanted to ask you."

"What?" I asked struggling to keep my composure.

"Penelope and I are getting married in August," Noah told me, "I'd appreciate it if you would be there," he said.

What is he? Nuts! After going off with Penelope he expects me to attend their wedding? No way! (Betty's thoughts)

"I have an internship and will be gone all summer," I thought up quickly since it wasn't like I couldn't get one within two weeks.

"Oh," Noah said sadly, "well I hope you enjoy the rest of Prom," he said, "can I ask you something?" he asked suddenly.

"Sure," I responded.

Asked her if she ever loved me?

"Did you ever um have feelings for me?" Noah asked.

And in a voice cold as ice

She tells me "no."

"No," I lied to him coldly and Noah picked up on my tone.

I respond angrily because

I had waited for her to

Be with me so long.

"Well you don't have to say it like that," Noah snapped angrily, "it's not like I didn't wait Betty!" he shouted, "I waited for you for YEARS!" he declared, "I loved you for years!"

My mind went reeling. He loved me for years? YEARS!

I couldn't keep waiting for you.

Being your loyal puppy

And a poor lovesick fool.

"And you NEVER returned my feelings," Noah told me.

Says "I never told her of my love"

"Well you never told me," I countered.

I told her "you were never around"

"I can't love Miss Invisible

or a person

who leaves me with the

cricket sound."

"You were NEVER around," Noah pointed out, "I can't love someone who's never around Betty," he said frankly.

"Well I'm around now Noah," I responded.

She came too late.

I don't need her now.

I love someone else now.

Someone who will always

Love me and be around.

"Well it's too late Betty," Noah said, "I've done waiting," he said then took Penelope's hand, "and I love Penelope now," he added and they both walked away.

Now she's all alone.

And I'm with my

New love and

Long gone.

I watched them walk away then pushed past the crowd to get some punch. I sat by myself for the rest of the dance. What was the point? The one person that I wanted to dance with was off dancing with someone else. Someone who obviously didn't keep him waiting. Didn't keep him waiting until he got fed up and went to be with someone else.

Now she'll know what it's like to wait.

"Unlike me."

And wait.

And wait.

The End.