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I wrote this fic after the cliffhanger ending they left us with before the break. Haley was at the bus or train station, and it appeared as though she was thinking of leaving with Chris..

I hope not, and here is my version of what happens next. The story starts with her in her car on her way home, and well we know where she ended up...

'What was I thinking going to talk to Chris? And what was he thinking when he kissed me? Why did he say that it was what had wanted all along? It isn't true, I'm married! Nathan is going to be so mad when, I mean, if he ever finds out Chris kissed me. But I don't have to worry about Chris anymore, he's leaving for New York tonight, and I never have to see him again.

And he was wrong, I never wanted him to kiss me. I just wanted him to help me with my singing career, he knows people, he could really help me out if he wanted too.

But he's leaving tonight, and I am going home to my husband, Nathan. It was because of me lying to Nathan about recording with Chris in the first place, that we had our first big fight as a married couple. Nathan gave up playing basketball with the Flyer's to support me in my dream of being a singer slash songwriter.

I didn't know about that of course, so when he blew up at me about Chris, I accused him of not supporting me, then he told me to read the letter he got from the Flyer's, and I knew he had given up a chance in a lifetime experience for me.

Anyway I am on my way home to be with Nathan, and forget all about Chris, I don't need him as long as I have Nathan.'

For the last 20 minutes on her drive home, Haley's thoughts had been going over and over everything from the last 3 weeks. She had done everything wrong, Nathan was blameless.

'And what Chris said about Nathan holding me back, that so isn't true.'

Haley looked up to see the bus station ahead, somehow she had missed her turn, and ended up here instead of at home. Maybe it was sign, was she supposed to go with Chris, like he wanted? 'I will just go talk to him, and listen to my heart. Dear God, Please give me a sign or something, so I don't make a huge mistake tonight.' She parked her car and got out of it, and went to go find Chris.

5 minutes later...

"I knew you would come." said Chris.

"Funny thing happened, I was on my way home and I ended up here." answered Haley.

"That's cause you knew I was right, well you just made it, cause the bus is getting ready to board in a few minutes."

"I'm not sure I am doing the right thing."

"Well I am, there is nothing for you here in One Tree Hill, I can give you so much more when we get to New York."

"But my friends are here, my husband, is here."

"You can get a divorce, Haley, nothing wrong with admitting you made a mistake getting married."

"A mistake? No I love Nathan, it wasn't a mistake."

"Whatever, I'm going to get up some drinks for the road, and buy you a ticket, be back in a few minutes." said Chris as he walked away from her with a dark blue duffel bag over his shoulder.

Haley sat down on the bench behind her, she had to think fast. 'What I am doing? I can't leave, or can I? Is Chris right, was getting married a mistake? But I love Nathan, how can I hurt him like this?'

Just over head a song started playing. It was a song about a man thinking of having an affair, but going home cause of the ring on his finger.

As tears rolled down her cheek, she realized God had given her an answered to her plea. She pulled a tissue out of purse and wiped her eyes, she placed the tissue back in her purse just as Chris came back with the drinks and her bus ticket.

"Hope you like Dr. Pepper, it's all they had." he said handing her the bottled drink. "Have you been crying?"

"Yea, and you might want to get your money back on that ticket." she said standing up. "And you can have my drink too, it's long ride to New York." she said as she turned to walk away from him.

"Haley!" he yelled after her. "When are you going to grow up, and quit letting other people run your life for you?"

"I am, nobody made this decision, but me!" she turned to face him. "Chris I hope you have great success in your career, really I do. And if it is meant to be for me, it will happen for me as well, but when and if it does, I want Nathan to be there with me."


"I'm sorry if that hurts you, I never meant to lead you on, if I did I am sorry."

"No sweat, you know I don't really have that many people in my life, I am kinda of a loner. But I think I finally see something in your eyes, I think I want to have somebody to look at me like that."

"Like what?"

"Like they love me. And you Haley Scott, are in love."

"Yea, but.."

"With Nathan, I know that."


Just overhead the speakers call out: "Bus 117 leaving for New York, now boarding."

"Well I better get going, I have a ticket to get a refund on, and a bus to catch. Good luck Haley."

"Bye Chris." she said as he turned and walked away.'I have a husband to go home to.'

As Chris turned the corner toward the ticket counter, he took his silver and red cell phone out. He hit the buttons and put the phone to his ear. "Hey, it's me."

"What do you want?" asked the voice on the other end.

"She isn't going."


"She decided to stay with her husband, guess you were wrong about her after all."

"I am never wrong, alright get on the bus, you go to New York as planned, I have the recording session all set up for you. Afterwards, I will bring you back into Haley's life."

"Alright, as long as your paying me, I will do whatever it takes to break up Haley and Nathan."

"Oh I know you will, that's why I hired you." said the voice as Chris hung up the phone.

So do you know who the person is that hired Chris?

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