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Chapter 8:

Karen walked out on the back porch of her home, and handed Lucas and Haley a glass of ice tea. "Here you go."

"Thanks Karen."

"Thanks mom."

"Hey, you know that Chris Keller guy. He's on the news tonight."

"What? Why?" asked Haley.

"Apparently he was attacked in New York. And who ever did it, hasn't been found yet."

"Oh no," said Haley. "I have to go."


"Nathan did it!"

"He would never, wait, yeah he would," said Luke. "I'm coming with you."

"Nathan!" yelled Haley as she went through the door of their apartment.

"In the bedroom!"

"Did you attack Chris?" she asked as she and Lucas walked to the bedroom.

"Yeah, he deserved it."

"What did he do?" asked Lucas.

"He said Hales was his, and that I had lost her forever."

"So you hit him!"

"Hales, don't yell at me! You left and I was pissed!"

"So you go to beat Chris up?"

"No I went to bring you home, to tell you I love you. Chris got in the way!"

"Guys! Stop fighting," said Lucas. "Hales, why are you mad at him?"


"Why do you care if he beat Chris up?"

"Yeah Hales, why do you care?"

"Cause I don't want Nathan to get in trouble one, two I have to go on tour with Chris! You just might have killed my music career, so thank you so much!"

Haley turned and walked out, leaving Lucas looking at Nathan. "Nate, let her cool down."

"Whatever man, I'm getting tired of all this."

"I know man, you getting more than your fair share of stress lately."

"Well I'm sure you have more things to do today, then hang around and watch me and Hales fight."

"Yeah, actually going to see Brooke."

"About what?"

"Thinking of telling her how I feel."

"About time, good luck man."

Chris is laying in his hospital when a nurse comes in, "You have a visitor."

Haley steps from behind the nurse, "Hey Chris."

"Hales, what do you want?"

"To see how you are."

"You know Nathan did this don't you?"

"Yeah, he told me."

Just as Chris was about to say something, the nurse came back in; "Sir there was a problem with your bill."

"What kind of problem?"

"The check you wrote bounced."

"What? I know I have money! Most of it is in savings, but I know there is about $5,000 in there now! I put the money in there about a week ago."

"You can settle that with accounting sir," said the nurse as she left.

"Excuse me Hales, I have to make a phone call," said Chris. "Just sit down, ok?"


Chris dialed the number from memory; "Hey it's me."

"What do you want?"

"The money you sent me, the check bounced!"

"Sorry, I'll get the money together, just give me a week."

"You don't have a week, Haley is here."

Haley looked at him funny.

"Don't you even think of crossing me! I paid you good money to break up Haley and Nathan."

"Consider yourself crossed," said Chris as he hung up the phone. "Haley, I have something to tell you. I was hired to break you and Nathan up."


"Someone paid me to break you two up. I am really sorry, but they promised me money, and a break in the music industry."



"Why would she do that?"

"I don't know, didn't ask, just needed the money."

"OK, look, I'll help pay for the hospital bill here, since Nathan beat you up."

"Don't worry about it, I deserved it. Besides I have money from performing in New York."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, go home to Nathan.

"Thanks, but I'm going to kill Brooke first."

Brooke opened her front door to see Lucas standing there. "Hey Luke."

"Hey, you busy?"

"No, come one in."


As Lucas came in, they heard a car pull up in the driveway. Lucas turned to see an angry Haley coming toward him, "Haley? Thought you went back to New York, to see Chris."

"Oh I did," she said passing Luke and walking up to Brooke and slapping her across the face.

Lucas was shocked; he had never seen Haley get so angry before. "Haley!"

"Stay out of this, Luke. No wait, the best revenge I can think of is hurting her the same way she hurt me!"

"Haley?" said Brooke. "How did I hurt you?"

"You paid Chris to break me and Nathan up!"

"Brooke!" yelled Lucas. "Tell me she's lying."

"She can't! Chris told me himself."

"And you believe him?" asked Lucas.

"Look at her face right now Luke, tell me I'm wrong!"

Lucas looked into Brooke's eyes, "Brooke, why? Why would you do this?"

"Cause I was mad!"

"At Haley and Nathan? Why?"

"No not them, Peyton and you!"

"I don't understand."

"I hired Chris to break up Nathan and Haley, so Peyton would have to go back to Nathan. Then you'd be all alone, and she'd be miserable!"

"I can't believe this, I came here today to tell you I loved you, and…"

"You do?"

"Yeah, I did. But you aren't not the person I thought you were."


"Don't ever talk to me again."

Lucas brushed by Hales on the way out. Hales stepped between Brooke as she tried to go after Lucas. "Not so fast, you stay away from my best friend, he deserves better than you. You are despicable! You tried to wreck my marriage, just so you could have revenge on him and Peyton."

"I love him Haley! He hurt me so bad, and I just was so angry! Because of him, I felt so low, that I tried "friends with benefits" with Felix."

"Brooke, for as long as I've known you, you've never been short on guys in your bed. You're like the easiest girl in our school. Every guy, but Mouth, has been with you."


"Shut up and get a life! And stay out of mine!"

Haley walked into her apartment, "Nathan!"

"In here."

"What are you doing laying in bed?"

"Waiting for you to tell me we're not fighting anymore."

"Not until I say I'm sorry for leaving you."

"Apology accepted. I have good news for you too."


"I got a call from Peyton, her and Jake have returned with Jenny. Jake won full custody of her in court, so no more Nikki."


"And Peyton wants to tell you herself this next part, she's in the kitchen."

"She is, I didn't see her," laughed Haley, "Peyton!"

"I'm here, " said Peyton as she came into the bedroom. " Sit down."

"What for?"

"Cause your going to need do, trust me."


"I got a call today from someone who heard you singing at Tric, and they wanted to know more about you. They asked if you had a manager or anything, I said no. He said, he was the head of a record company and was interested in signing you."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, so I told him to fax me a copy of the contract, and I would get you to look over it. My dad's attorney looked over it, he said it was legit and one of the best he'd seen."

"Give me!" said Haley as she grabbed the contract. "But I do have to have a manager, and I want you!"


"Will you be my manager?"

"Yeah! Are you sure?"

"Yeah, now where do I sigh?"

"Right here."

That night Nathan and Haley are lying in bed. Nathan rolls onto his side waking up Haley in the process, "Nathan? What are you doing?"

"Just checking to see if you're really here," smiled Nathan.

"Yeah, I'm home. I love you Nathan."

"I love you too, Hales."


Just a note, I'm a Brooke fan, actually I love them all, but Felix,lol. She was the only one nobody would suspect. Hope I did this show some justice, cause it's one of the best out there.