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This is a fic about Peyton. Comes from her POV.

Title: Ironic

Everything in my life is ironic. Let's see, I dated Nathan, he was a jerk. Then we break up, he starts seeing Haley, and now he's Prince Charming.

When I dated Nathan, I didn't like Haley, cause I thought she was trying to take him from me. Now she has him, in fact they're married, and me and Haley are friends.

I liked Lucas, but I never had the guts to just go for it. I mean we tried, or at least he did, I was too messed up. That was until he started dating my best friend Brooke. Then me and Lucas, went too far, and made out. We hurt Brooke, and tore our relationship and our friendship apart.

Brooke and me had a huge falling out, then Lucas moved away, and we became friends again. How's that for ironic?

During the summer, it was just me and Brooke. Now Lucas is back, Brooke is doing Friends with Benefits with the new guy Felix. And me, well I tried doing drugs to ease the pain...

I thought I had found something just for me, I wanted to have a band night at a club for kids my age. That's how I met Rick, he said if I wanted to work with him, I would have to be willing to everything, and then I snorted coke for the first time and last time.

I swore I would never do it again. Later the next day, Karen, Lucas' mom offered me a job at her new club. I was going to be in charge of band night, and setting up live performances. It was my dream job, until Rick showed up ...

I haven't done coke since the first time, but I have to admit, it is getting harder to say no.

I thought I had actually found someone that made me happy, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I loved Jake and his little girl Jenny. I still love them. But his ex-girlfriend and Jenny's mom, Nikki showed up. Jake left town to keep from losing Jenny to Nikki.

I miss him and Jenny so much ...

I don't have anyone to talk to anymore, Brooke is with Felix, Haley is with Nathan. The new girl Anna is with Lucas, I think. She tries to be my friend, but I have noticed, she is only my friend when no one else is around.

Karen has told me that I can talk to her anytime I want, but how do you tell someone that you need help? How do open up and let someone else help you?

And if I don't open up, will I always have to go through it alone?

I miss my mom, she died a few years ago. God I hope she didn't see me try that coke...

I don't want to let her down, I want her to be proud of me. But right now, there is nothing to be proud of...

That's it, I give up, I'm calling Rick, I need something to ease the pain...

Later Peyton pulls up in an alley way and gets out of her car. Rick walks over and she hands him the money, as he is about to hand her the little bottle of coke, her eyes catch a figure walking toward her. Rick catches her glance and leaves Peyton. She can't believe her eyes, like an angel he is has come to rescue her from herself, and from the darkness that threatened to engulf her.


"Hey Peyton."

"When did you get back? What are you doing here?" she asks as she walks to him.

"I got back tonight, and I came back for you." he says as he takes her into his arms and hugs her tight.

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