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This is fic about Brooke. She puts up this really strong front, but inside she is insecure. I have no idea why she is insecure, I mean she is beautiful and I think she will show this all how smart she is.

Brooke's POV only!

Set in season 1, before she made up with Peyton. This focus' on how she felt after the kiss( as far as I know, it only went that far, missed the episode, and the rerun,lol)

Title: Feeling Low

I don't know why I am feeling so down lately, I mean I am a cheerleader, I am supposed to be happy and cheerful. I am popular, people love me. Well most people, unless you count my ex-boyfriend Lucas and my ex-best friend Peyton.

Let me explain I was dating Lucas and I let him get closer to me than I have ever let a guy get before. It was more than sex with him. I loved him, I gave him my heart.

And he broke it into a million pieces.

And to make matters worse, he broke my heart with Peyton.

Peyton! My so called best friend, stabbed me in the back!

How could she do this to me, she knew how much he meant to me, she knew!

Don't get me wrong, I blame them both, but Lucas is a man, and I knew better than to trust one of those. But I thought Lucas was different. Peyton on the other hand, I thought I could trust, but I was wrong.

She had her chance with him, before we ever got together, but she blew it. She said it was fine I wanted to go after him.

But the second that I had him, she took him away.

But they aren't together, no I think she took him, just to show me she could.

Then the truth came out. With no sense of regret

But I'll show her, nobody hurts Brooke Davis. I will be just fine, you'll see. In no time at all, I'll be on top again.

You just wait and see...


I know it is short, but I just wrote what I would feel in her case, and put it in her words. Hope you liked it, and if you haven't already, check out my other OTH stories, thanks! Review please?