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Little fic about how Nathan might have felt after he got a real job, lol

I recently had a day at work like this. I know Nathan is in shape cause he plays basketball, and has since he was a kid, but working is harder, cause you don't want to do it,lol.

Told in timeline fashion, and as always italics are the song, and the regular print is Nathan's thoughts

3:30pm, in the afternoon, after school:

First day having a real job. This is new for me I hope Keith doesn't cut me any slack because I am the bosses son, or kill me cause of the same reason.

4 pm:

Half hour on the job, everything is more easy than I thought. Right now I am the sweep it person in the garage. I will eventually move up though.

6 pm:

Four more hours and I get to go home. And I can't wait. I have been on my feet every since I got here. Sweep this, sweep that, wipe this, mop that. If it wasn't for the money I would quit.

8:30 pm:

Does that clock move backwards? I swear I have been here longer than that. A little over an hour from now and I get to go home. And just so you know, Clock, I am watching you, and if you go backwards, I'll put you under a tire and roll over you! Cause as of 20 minutes ago, they bumped me up to sometime driver.

9 pm:

Help! I can't take this anymore. My feet are killing me, my hands have blisters, and my back went out hours ago. Oh crap, how am I going to last another hour?

9:30 pm:

Ok I think Keith is laughing at me. I swear if he is I am going to quit. How did Lucas do this all these years? And why did he get to drive the wrecker, and work on the cars? 30 more minutes, and it's all over, I get to go home.

10 pm:


Nathan arrives home to find Haley fixing dinner, "Haley, I am sorry but I am too tired to eat right now, I am going to take a shower."

"Alright, I'll leave it on the table."

"Alright, thanks Hales."

20 minutes later

The shower managed to refresh him, but did nothing for his sore muscles. His feet hurt with every step he took, his back had kinks in it, and his hands felt like they were on fire with all the blisters. He put on his black boxer short and a white T-shirt and crawled into bed. He heard Haley coming down the hallway, "Nathan, you alright?" she asked as she sat down next to him on the bed.

"Yeah, just tired." he smiled.

"I'll put your dinner in the fridge you can get it if you get ready for it later tonight."


"So how was your first day?" asked Haley.

"Oh it was great, never learned so much. And I think me and Keith are getting closer. And it is easier than I thought, I think I am really going to like it there." he lied.

"That's great, where's your uniform?"

"In the hamper."

"Ok, I'll wash it tonight so you can wear it tomorrow," she says heading to the bathroom, opening up the hamper.

"Ok thanks honey," he says as Haley leaves the bedroom carrying his uniform. Nathan rolls over to his side, and then back to his back. He was in too much pain to get comfortable. His eyes flew open. 'Did she say tomorrow? I have to go back!'


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