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Title: Bleach Love

Chapter 2: New Student! IT'S YOU

"Brother how come you didn't save us you are a shinigami aren't you?" said a bloody Yuzu.

"Yeah why did you protects us Ichigo" Said Isshin who was also bloody up.

"What is going on here" Keitaro looked at them weirdly

"Sorry it was too late for them Keitaro" said the female shinigami

"What the hell is going motoko?" Keitaro said to her starting to get confused over this mater.

"Like I said I was too late to save them they are now going to soul society" Motoko said plainly

"WHAT DID YOU SAY" Keitaro yelled at her but was soon awakened by a loud yell.

"GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD MMMMMMMMOOOOOONNNNNNNING KKKKEEITARO" Said Isshin as he dropped out from nowhere. Then Isshin was on the ground with Keitaro hand on his face.

"You bastard you have some nerve trying that while I was sleeping " Keitaro said tightening his grip on his father's face

"You are doing well Keitaro I have nothing left to teach you my son" Isshin smiled when his son let go of him. Then all of sudden Keitaro remembered last night and grabbed his father by the collar and said

"Wait what happened to karin and yuzu's injuries?" Keitaro asked his father

"Injuries?" His father said confused.

"It is a miracle that no one was hurt" said Isshin as he walked right up next to Keitaro and stood next to him.

"Yea especially that no one woke up either" said Karin as she started heading back into the house and Yuzu close behind her with Isshin also heading that way too.

'Is this shinigami damage control or something wasn't she hear didn't I become a shinigami' this questions where flying around in Keitaro's head and he didn't know what to think of all this right

"Onii-chan breakfast is ready if you don't hurry it will get cold" said Yuzu as she tapped him on the back with a ladle.

"Yea right" Said Keitaro not taking his eyes off the damage of his home. 'I wonder if that girl will ever come back I wish I could apologize to her for the trouble she went through to save me' Keitaro sighed depressing himself further then he already was.

"So did you bring a lunch today orhime" said a girl walking right beside Orhime

"Yea I brought a lunch I'm having taiyaki wasabi honey ramen" Orhime said as Tatsuki pictured that that meal. But then out of now where Keitaro appeared and bumped right into Orhime

"Orhime?" Keitaro said as he looked at her on the ground.

"At ta ta ta" said Orhime as she sat up rubbing her head.

"Baka Keitaro your not suppose to just sit there and stare help her up." Tatsuki said raising her voice at Keitaro.

"Oi, are you okay orhime" Keitaro said as he put a hand out for the fallen. When Orhime looked up a Keitaro's face she bolted up and started babbling incoherently. Then ran off down the hall.

"You are late today what happened" said Tatsuki

"I will tell you later" Keitaro said as he walked in the classroom.

"A truck crashed into your house" Said Kojima

"Yea and the surprising thing is that no one woke up" said Keitaro

"Should I help with cleaning up and repairs" Said a voice from behind Keitaro he turned around and saw that it was Chad.

"No, No that will be necessary chad we have everything under control but thanks for the offer" Said Keitaro

"Are you urashima-san" said another voice but this one was different but familiar to Keitaro he turned around completely and saw the girl he looked at her for a second then it hit him

'IT'S THE SHINIGAMI!' the thought ran through his mind as he shot up and said "IT YOU I THOUGHT YOU WERE-."

"Is this an acquaintance of yours keitaro? Said chad

"No this is first time ever seeing him isn't that right Urashima-san." Said Motoko as she extended her hand out to him he looked down at it and saw that she turned it and it said





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"EEEHHHH!" That was all Keitaro said

"Would you stop talking so weird like that" Keitaro said while her talking was getting on his last nerve

"what do you mean Keitaro I am talking like a normal person" she said with a devilish smile

"you know damn well what I mean and why did you drag me out here anyway and I thought you returned to that soul society place" he asked her with annoyed attitude.

" you idiot only a shinigami can return to soul society. And I have no intentions of returning right now and you also took almost all of my powers no I have to stay here and in this gigai" she said as she touched the top of her chest

" well what are you going to do about the hollows" Keitaro asked

"well since you have my powers you are now the acting shinigami"

"I REFUSE TO" Keitaro said as he put his arms like a X by his face "and I don't care about anyone I only did for my family I am going back to class" Keitaro said as he started to walk off. Then Motoko put a glove on with a skull and flames around it and ran at him and Keitaro saw her run at him.

"WHAT THE HE-." Then Keitaro sprit was knocked out of his body and his body on the floor. Keitaro looked at his hands and then looked down and saw his body. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME" Keitaro yelled

"I removed your sprit from your body now come on I need to show you something" said Motoko. As she walked ahead of him and he noticed that she was leaving and quickly catching up to her and see what she need to show him.

"why are we at a park" Said Keitaro

"because there is a order that a hollow will" Said Motoko when a loud explosion hit and they looked behind themselves and saw a spider looking a hollow chasing a little boy. Keitaro jump the bar the was in front of him. And pulled out his sword and started to run but stopped when he herd.

"don't save him"




Keitaro just stood there for a moment and then two legs came off the hollow which made the hollow fall backwards and then it disappeared "you have accepted Keitaro"

"I DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING! Asking me if I have accepted I saved him because I wanted to save him and are you any different Motoko"

"WHAT!" Said Motoko.

"Yesterday, you sacrificed yourself to save me. And don't tell me that you were thinking "this is my shinigami duty bullcrap" then at that moment the hollow reappeared and headed straight at Keitaro and when it got close enough he stuck his sword right in the middle of the hollows eyes then he pulled it up and stuck into the ground while the hollow disappeared. Then the boy moved And keitaro saw him sit up he walked over to him and said

"are you all right" said Keitaro then the boy looked up at Keitaro and got scared and move back a little then Keitaro knelt down with the other end of the sword facing him and said "Hey kid if you don't want to go through something that scary again then. Go on to the after life already" As he hit the kid with the end of his swords and put the mark of the soul burial on his forehead.

Then the boy started to sink into the ground and when his whole body disappeared a black butterfly started to fly straight up into the sky going to heaven then Motoko came up and stopped right by him and said "a perfect soul burial" then Keitaro stood up and then said.

"I'm going home" then he walked off and Motoko looked at him and smiled 'he accepted he just doesn't want to tell me' Motoko said to herself as he started to giggle a little

well since I am doing it chapter by chapter I am ending it here because this is where it ends so I hope you enjoyed this chapter

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