Hey everyone I'm new to this so tell me if I did something wrong and I'll do what I can to fix it…this story is also related to some of my life…I wanted to make it more realistic…thank you

This is a new edition to one of the Judy Blume books…I hope you like it

Sheila's new beginning

Chapter 1 – A new Beginning

It was summer out; this one was a hot one. Sheila and her sister Libby went up town to get some ice cream. Sheila ordered a double Hot Fudge Sunday and Libby ordered 1 scoop of superman ice cream. Sheila was trying to watch her weight but she loved food so much that she couldn't get enough of it. At this time Sheila was about to be a junior in high school and Libby was off to college. Their mother and father had another baby, they named her Courtney. Courtney was a beautiful baby. She had big blue eyes and long blonde hair. At this point she was 3. Sheila had no boyfriend but she did like this one boy that went to a different school. His name was Brandon. He was almost a senior but she didn't care, she knew that she would be with him one day.

As Sheila and Libby came home Courtney came running to the door for Sheila to hold her. Libby didn't like her younger sister much. She thought she was a brat. Sheila was a good student in school. She got all A's and B's. Her parents were very proud of her. Libby was a good student but had her mind more on the boys than on school. As Sheila picked Courtney up she hugged her and kissed her forehead. Libby just rolled her eyes and went to go tell her mother and father about this new boy she just met last week. His name was Brady and as she told them how wonderful he was everyone could tell she was falling in love. As Sheila put Courtney down the phone rang. Sheila was closest to it so she answered it. It was Brandon. She went into her room and locked the door. He had asked her to go to a movie with him on Friday. She was excited and automatically said yes.

After Sheila was off the phone with Brandon she went out to ask her parents if she cared if Brandon picked her up. Her parents wouldn't let him pick her up so they said they would drive her and pick her up. They have this rule that is: When you turn 16 you can ride in cars with boys and they can take you places but until then you're going to have your parents or some other responsible adult take you places you want to go. So she went into her room and looked threw her closet to find something good to wear. She found this cute jean skirt and a flowery halter top. She didn't know quite yet what she was going to wear for shoes but she knew that when he seen her he would think she was drop dead gorgeous. Sheila's and her friend Mouse that she had met when they went on vacation are still real close friends. Mouse was in a long relationship with Kyle. Sheila didn't like Kyle as much as she should have for being Mouse's friend. Sheila thought Kyle was real abusive to Mouse. Sheila would see Mouse the day after she seen Kyle and she would have bruises on her back and everywhere else she could think of. Mouse had other problems at home also. Her father turned into a drunk and was very abusive to her also. She felt like a deprived child.

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