Twin's Connection

Genkai's temple

Not a minute after they arrived Koenma came and took Necura, then quickly left.

Turning to the group Yukina said, "Put him in that room, I'll go get the first aid kit, after that you guys can go rest. I'm going to call Keiko and Botan to come and help.

"Put him in that room I'll go get the first aid kit, you two can get some rest, Keiko and Botan will be here soon to help," said Yukina.

After Yukina left to go get the first aid kit Kuwabara gently laid Hiei on the bed and removed his jacket, then placed a sheet over Hiei's small form so if he woke up he would at least be covered.

When Kurama heard Yukina was behind him he spoke, "we'll need to put his bones in the correct position before we can heal him, and we need to get his temperature down, they kept him in that dungeon drenched in cold water. Are Keiko and Botan here yet?"

"Yes, I'll go get them along with Yusuke."

A minute later she was back along with everyone else. "He's waking up, you better get over here Yusuke," said Kurama.

"Why," asked Yusuke.

"Because he's not gonna like it when we start to put his bones back in place and after they got threw to him, most likely he is gonna scream and try to break free, so you have to hold him down."

"Hiei," Kurama whispered, "would you like me to give you something to ease the pain."

"Just get it over with," came Hiei's tired response.

"Right, Yusuke get over here and hold him so he doesn't squirm, but try not to agitate any wounds, if possible."

Yusuke nodded and silently positioned himself behind Hiei and helped him into a sitting position, then he gently but firmly held him under the arms.

"Ok, Hiei do me a favor, if you scream please try to control it my ears are sensitive you know," said Kurama trying to lighten the tension a bit. He then quickly grabbed Hiei's arm and started to move the bones around to their proper place. Hiei bit his lip and started shaking trying to hold in the scream that wanted out. Kurama then picked up Hiei's other arm and started to work, unfortunately Hiei couldn't take it any more and screamed while trying to get away, but Yusuke held him tightly.

When Hiei's bones were finally back in place, Yukina healed what she could and Yusuke and Kuwabara left the room. By this time Hiei had passed out. "Now all we have to do is get his fever down," whispered Yukina as she looked down at her sleeping brother. "And get him cleaned up," she added as she saw how dirty and bloody he was. "I can tend to him, you need to rest Kurama."

"Fine, but tell me if he wakes up," said Kurama as he went out of the room and fell asleep on the couch.

"Yukina, how can we help?" asked Botan as she and Keiko stood in the doorway."Botan you can help by getting Hiei into the bathroom and filling the tub with cool water, but not cold enough to make it unbearable. And Keiko if you could change the bed sheets then make some broth that would be really helpful." They nodded and went to work, and Yukina went to find some clothes for Hiei to wear that would fit his small body. Fortunately she found some pajamas that would fit him, but unfortunately (for Hiei) they were baby blue.

When she went into the bathroom she found Hiei curled up in the sheets still asleep and Botan sitting by the full tub. Yukina then removed the sheet with out any hesitation (after all he is her twin brother that shared a womb with her) (Botan looked the other way though) and placed him in the tub, it was rather sad that he at the moment was lighter than her.

Poor Hiei awoke with a yelp as his body met the cool water, it was freezing to him, and started to try to get out but hands were holding him down (just so you know Hiei is not really conscious right now, he is just reacting to the cold), "Calm down Hiei, I know you don't like this but we need to get your temperature down and clean you up…Botan go get Kurama, I promised I would let him know if Hiei woke up and right now he would be pretty helpful." Botan left and a few minutes later Kurama entered.

"Hiei why do you have to make things difficult," he sighed as he came over and held him while Yukina cleaned him. When the bath was finished they put him in the clothes and Kurama carried him out to where everyone else was, and set him on the couch (by now Hiei is awake, who wouldn't be?).

When Keiko saw him, she ran over to him, "You look so cute. You don't look any more that ten years old, you're adorable, you should wear clothes like this more often," she exclaimed as she hugged him.

Everyone in the room was quiet.

"She lost it," said Yusuke.

"Him cute?" said Kuwabara.

"I had no idea she was like that," said Kurama.

"Can I hold him next?" asked Botan.

"I don't think Hiei is going to wear anything but black for a while," said Yukina.

Hiei was shocked for a good five minutes, before he came to his senses and started scooting away from Keiko with his hands. This only made her hug him again, which meant he scooted faster, and he fell off the couch with a thump.

"Oh, that's right you still have that spell on you making you paralyzed from the waist down," said Kurama as he hit himself in the forehead. (sorry I think I forgot to mention that…)

Hiei gave him a look that read 'na ya think' while crossing his arms over his chest.

Kurama was about to respond when Koenma appeared. "Well Necura is going to be in prison for a long time. Is there anything I should know before I go back to my desk at work?"

"Ya, can you do anything for Hiei, he's still got that spell on him," said Yusuke.

"Yes…but on one condition."

"What?" Hiei asked tiredly. Right now he just wanted to go back to sleep.

"You listen to Yukina and Kurama and don't give them any difficulties…I want you to get better, we all do."

"Yup sure do care about you and we're not going to let anyone kidnap you again, not if we can help it," said Kuwabara.

"I hate to break it to you, but he fell asleep," whispered Yukina. She had seen that his eyes were drooping and went over to him just as he fell over. He was now asleep with his head resting in his twins lap.

"Here," Koenma walked over to Hiei and chanted the counter spell, "I have to go now, take care of him." With those words he vanished.

"Ok, lets get him back to bed," said Kurama as he gently picked Hiei up and carried him to his room, he then laid him down on his bed and covered him up. He nodded to Yukina and walked out of the room.

Yukina quietly sat down next to her brother that she had been looking for, for so long. "I finally found you," she whispered, as she gently curled up beside him and placed her arms around him. "And I'm never letting you out of my sight again, I promise." With that she kissed him on the head and went to sleep as well.

Next day

'What's going on,' thought Yukina as she began to wake up. 'What's with all the voices and why do I have a headache.'

Opening her eyes she realized what the problem was, for some reason she had put up a force field of ice surrounding her and Hiei. Looking outside the field, she saw why, some demon, dressed in red, with long black hair and piercing black eyes was trying to get through the force field. Her guess was because he was after Hiei, but why?

Then she looked down at her twin, and saw that he was emitting huge amounts of power. But before she could ponder why, her force field shattered. With a start, she grabbed Hiei and ran for it. She wasn't slow like everyone thought she was, after all Hiei was her brother. Unfortunately that demon saw this and ran in front of her, and grabbed Hiei.

"Thank you, I have what I want, I'll be leaving now," said the demon.

"No give him back, you can't take him, you can have me instead," shouted Yukina.

"But you don't have what I want, and I want the power spear that's hidden inside his body," said the demon as he started to open a portal, stepping through.

"NO," shouted Yukina as she lunged for Hiei, trying to get him back. The portal closed before she got to him, and she hit the floor.

"NO, NO you damn bastard, give me my brother back, I just got him, I want him back," Yukina said as she sobbed on the floor. She knew he was gone, but she still wished she could have gotten to him sooner.

After awhile she stood up and left the room, in search of the others. It didn't take long to find them. It looked like they had been trying to stop the demon, but had somehow all lost consciousness. But as she walked in, they began to regain conscious.

"Where's Hiei?" was the first thing that Yusuke said.

"He's gone. I couldn't protect him," said Yukina.

"Damn why didn't we realize sooner that he had the spear all this time, that's what Koenma sent him on the mission for in the first place. We should have realized that," shouted Yusuke as he punched the floor.

"What do we do now?" asked Keiko.

"We go after him and get back Hiei," said Yukina.

"But we don't even know where Hiei is," said Botan.

"You don't, but I do," said Yukina.

"Where?" asked Kurama.

"He's in the park," said Yukina as she headed for the door. "Let's go."

No words were necessary, everyone just followed, trying to get to the park as fast as possible.

Thirty minutes latter

It didn't take long to figure out why the demon was still in the park. Hiei wasn't giving the demon what he wanted. Currently the demon was trying to extract the spear from him, but all he was receiving was scratches and bites. If you don't have strength, then do what the women do to protect themselves, bite, scratch, kick, spit, slap and punch. Use anything and everything.

And it seamed like Hiei was doing a pretty good job of protecting that spear.

"Give me the spear you stupid brat," yelled the demon as he kicked Hiei, forcing him to remain still long enough for him to levitate him off of the ground so that he could reach inside his body to pull the spear out himself.

That's when the gang reacted. Poor demon didn't know what hit him. One spirit gun to the chest, a metal bat to the head, a slap to the face, rose whip to the back, spirit sword to the side, and ice needles to the other side. Needles to say, the demon was dead before he hit the ground. Rushing over, Yukina grabbed her brother and held him in a tight embrace.

"It's safe now Hiei, you can remove the spear from your body, nobody is going to hurt you any more," said Yukina as she held him even tighter, "I promise."

A few hours latter, with the spear safely in Koenma's hands and a promise that he will up the security the gang was once again inside the temple. Keiko was making dinner, Botan was cleaning up the mess that demon made, Kurama, Kuwabara and Yusuke were out training with Genkai and Yukina was inside Hiei's room and she had no intention of leaving him, for a long long time.

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