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I finished reading Castle of Mirrors in one night, so YAY! I wrote down a bunch of shit to use, so I plan on trying to incorporate stuff from that book, while trying to keep my story MY STORY.


The hard part was coming up with something cool to do. I've been reading a book of Welsh tales, like myths and whatnot. The Bride of Flowers and the like. Well, I came across one that seemed like a cool idea, and since that's what Jenny Nimmo has been playing off of a bunch (I found Owain in one of the stories and Mathonwy in the Bride of Flowers.), I decided I should do the same. God bless my great grandparents for getting these books when they were in Wales oh so long ago. (And may they rest in peace in each other's arms)

SO! Without further adieu… (Don't ask how I came up with the name… I haven't a freakin' clue)

Charlie Bone

And the

Tomb of Mahmet

Chapter One

The Fall semester started sooner than expected, at least in Charlie's eyes. He sat up in the night, listening to the sounds coming through his window. He could see through the big chestnut tree in front of Number Nine Filbert Street straight to his friend's empty home and his new friend's home next to it.

Morgan's light was on in her room and she was writing a report from what he could see. Much like him, she waited until the last moment to do the report. His teachers' had given out homework for everyone to do during summer break. He had already finished his that evening, but he could see he wasn't the only one who had done the same as him.

He thought of his friend Billy Raven stuck at Bloors Academy for the summer. It made him shudder at doing that himself. He sighed. He would find a way to get the boy out of the school sooner or later.

He put his homework away and got ready for bed, snuggling into his bed as he drifted off to sleep.

Billy woke up when he heard a strange crash. He looked around before he looked out the window. Asa was limping out of the school as fast as he could in beast form, his shape changing rapidly as though he didn't know what to be until he became human and ran off into the woods.

Billy blinked at the sight through his glasses. He had never seen something like that happen before when Charlie and the others weren't there. He saw Manfred walk out, tall and peaky looking, putting his hands in his pockets.

Billy shuddered and ducked down onto his bed again. He wondered what had happened when he heard a small song being sung. It was much nicer than when Ada Isidore had been kept at the school. Ada couldn't keep a tune to save her life.

He smiled as he laid back on his bed, putting his glasses on the nightstand, and went to sleep to the beautiful song.

Manfred strode into the school, angry beyond words. Asa had done it, all right. He'd successfully managed to make his great-grandfather's experiment burn up with his damnable hands. They had been trying to bring back Borlath, but the whole thing was a mess on a table now because Asa put his hands on the bones when he'd tripped on Venetia's foot.

Of course, that wasn't to say Manfred didn't have anything to do with it. Thankfully, Asa was the one to take the fall and not him. He rubbed his face as he leaned against the wall. His powers were getting weaker, he could feel it.

He heard a song that made him want to close his ears to it forever. It wrenched his heart listening to it, forcing him against the wall and down to the floor. When it disappeared, he had trouble breathing. "Wha… what was that?" he said to the air.

Manfred Bloor stood up in shaky motions, trying to recover from the blow of the song. He had never had such a problem before!

He gathered himself up and walked back up to the office where the experiment had been held, ready to face his great-grandfather. He walked in to find the Yewbeam sisters gathering their things together silently. His great-grandfather was in a state of shock as he stared at the table of charred mess.

"Is that brat gone?" said Venetia in a harsh tone.

Manfred nodded and started trying to clean off the table. Ezekiel Bloor snarled and put out a gnarled hand on Manfred's. "Don't touch that, boy!" he snarled.

"We have to clean up this mess," said Manfred, trying to pry his great-grandfather's hand off of him.

Ezekiel let go of Manfred and whimpered as he looked on at the table sadly. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time and now that brat Pike had messed the whole thing up because he was clumsy.

Manfred sighed and went back to work, trying to clean up the desk.

The morning came and Charlie ran out of the door to catch the bus, his hair a mess and his cape flapping from his trunk. When he got there, he saw Morgan getting on, waving at him. "COME ON!" she called at him.

Fidelio stuck his head out of the window laughed. "Let me guess, forgot to brush your hair again?"

Charlie rolled his eyes and got up on the bus, fastening his cloak on. "Very funny," said Charlie as he sat down next to Fidelio.

"I saw Morgan running for the bus, so I told the driver to stay," said Fidelio. He shrugged as Morgan sat down behind them.

Fidelio Gunn was his best friend aside from Benjamin Brown, who lived across the street from him. However, Benjamin was over in Hong Kong with his detective parents.

Morgan MacGregor looked over the seat to see them, smiling brightly at them. "Morning, Charlie. Didn't think I'd see you out of your cave," she said in that slight Scottish accent she had.

Charlie looked up at her with a slightly annoyed look. "It's not a cave; it's a house with a very large chestnut tree in front of it."

"Yes, well, it's still dark and creepy. No wonder you're such a target," she grinned. Morgan was in fifth year this year, having come in late on her fourth year at Bloors last term. Charlie and Fidelio were both now in their second year, Fidelio a genius with instruments.

The bus stopped in the entrance gates to Bloors, the purple and green buses parked already. Charlie and Fidelio ran out of the bus, running up to the gates where there were other kids in purple and green cloaks, the blues mixing in with them.

On the first day of term, there was always an assembly. Fidelio and Morgan were in the orchestra, so they left to get to the theatre before everyone else arrived. He was walking to the coat room when he ran into someone he hadn't ever wanted to see again. "Manfred!"

"No talking in the halls, Bone," he growled. He looked almost sickly, like he hadn't eaten or slept very well for a month.

Charlie looked away from Manfred's eyes quickly, not wanting to be hypnotized on his first day back. There was a crash not far from them and Asa Pike was dusting himself off. He snarled at Ada Isidore, causing her to yelp and run off.

"Pike! I want you and Bone here to write out the lines of the rules a hundred times each, as you both have seemed to forgotten what the rules are," said Manfred in that low voice of his.

Asa Pike glared at Manfred with his yellow, wolfish eyes, though one looked like he'd been punched, before stalking off with his hands clenched. Manfred turned to Charlie with a sneer. "Bring them to my office before dinner." Then, he walked off.

Charlie groaned and banged his head on the rock wall. Did the man ever think there was a chance in the world Charlie could read his mind as to the location or whatever office he had? What was worse was Charlie now knew Manfred was going to be there for a lot longer if he had an office. That meant he was part of the staff.

Charlie walked into assembly, though he noticed someone walking out. She was walking out with a boy who had a row of crooked teeth that showed up bright when he smiled at Charlie. Charlie had to move away to avoid the strange feeling of a something forcing him to smile back at the boy.

He watched the boy and the girl go by, both wearing green cloaks, both looking as though they were in his year or just below in first year. Charlie frowned as he walked to a seat and sat down. He found on the floor a braided bracelet, the sort the girls would make for each other, made from many different colors.

He picked it up and looked at it. He felt a strange power in his hands as he stared at the bracelet. It felt as though his entire body was being energized for something, but he couldn't name it.

He slipped it on and he had to hold on to his ears to keep the sounds in the hall from making him crazy. There were so many, he couldn't name them all. It was as though everyone in the entire room was shouting through bull horns at one another. He pulled the bracelet off and threw it to the floor, looking at it as though it was going to bite him.

He was panting and sweating, eyes fixed on the bracelet before he saw his friend Emma Tolley walk over to him. She smiled, her blonde hair pulled into two braids as usual. "Hi, Charlie, what's wrong?"

Charlie looked to her and then the bracelet and back, trying to figure out what had happened. "N-nothing… nothing at all," he said, thinking it was his imagination. Then, he picked up the bracelet and stashed it in his pocket. He vowed he was going to tell her and the others about what had happened as soon as there was a break where they could all meet in a spot together.

Morgan was walking in the forest during the run when she caught sight of a boy with very crooked teeth smiling at her and talking to a girl with short red hair and big blue eyes. Morgan felt a strange pull from the boy and had to move away from him to make herself stop smiling at him.

When she got far enough away from the pair, she ran right into a white clad chest with a purple tie. She looked up and shot away from Asa. "You! I thought you were finally out of my hair, you evil—"

"Me? I'm in my last year, MacGregor, so leave it at that," Asa said with a snort. He had a black eye and a cut on his cheek, looking very much like he had been in a fight.

"What the hell happened to you?" Morgan grunted, not wanting to sound like she cared.

Asa glared at her and advanced. "It's none of your business," he sneered at her before walking away.

Morgan huffed in irritation before kicking a tree. Then, she saw something on the ground. It was one of those friendship bracelets that all the girls made for each other. She slipped it on, thinking how pretty the blue was with the silver. She immediately felt a strange sensation, as though her body was completely at ease. Then, she smiled and hit the ground, asleep.

Asa came back when he had heard the sound of someone falling, curious if he had an excuse to torment some little kid to make himself feel better. However, he saw Morgan on her back on the ground, blonde hair everywhere, including on her face.

He knelt down and regarded her, touching her face gently before moving her hair from her face with a couple of his long white fingers. Then, he reached down and picked her up, though with some effort, she was heavier than she looked, and took her back inside.