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But really, we weren't that concerned except when challenged ruthlessly by the freak fringe. If it came out their way in the books, we'd take it as canon and go on living.

When Book six came out, there were a half a billion screams of outrage and uncontrollable sobbing from the freak fringe. Then, they proceeded to say things like "JKR Messed everything up, it should've gone this way" or "I hate JKR! I'm never reading HP ever again!" To which everyone shouted as one entity "SHUT UP!"

I say this because I found a petition banning book seven because of the way their ship is sinking so horribly. And I just wrote a petition banning the petition against book seven and the freak fringe themselves. If it goes through, I'm gonna laugh and post it up everywhere I can.

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Chapter Fifteen


Charlie couldn't believe what he was hearing AND seeing. He just stared dumbfounded at the woman in the veil still wearing his pajamas with the moth fluttering around his head. Somehow, right then, he wanted to squash the moth before it made him either dizzy or got him into trouble.

The woman, however, never answered his query. He frowned and straightened his pajama shirt. "You… your tomb? If it's a tomb, why are you alive?"

"I am Mahmet. I am the carrier of the veil of dreams," she said softly. "You have need of something?"

"Mahmet?" Now Charlie was really afraid. That was the same name as in the book he'd read with the Red King on the front. It was also the same woman he'd continually seen in his dreams for the past several weeks. "Are you… one of the children of the Red King?"

She didn't move, just stared at him with those unearthly black eyes. Charlie was getting tired of being in front of this woman who didn't answer him when he asked a question. What was the point of him coming down there?

"I am," she said finally. The knights started to stir, making Charlie nervous as he looked around at the fearsome swords and battle axes at their sides. "What dream will you have me weave for you?"

"It's not dreams I want. I want to know why you've been summoning me," said Charlie uncertainly.

"My tomb holds the dreams of those that have need of them. What dream will you have me weave for you?" Her eyes continued to gaze unblinkingly at him, making his eyes hurt from leaving his eyes open for so long. He shook his head and headed toward the door. The knights stood up and two barred the way out for him. "You will have a dream of mine, Charlie Bone."

Charlie looked over his shoulder slowly, eyes wide in terror. Mahmet raised her hand as she stood up and walked slowly toward him. It was as though she was a doll that had loose strings, as though the image of her non-aging form was merely a façade and her body was being held together with little more than tissue clinging desperately to bone.

Charlie started to look for another way out, but he couldn't find one. Then, he felt her hand grab his shoulder and hold him fast to the spot. The colored veil slipped over him and held him against her. Soon, everything seemed to go black as her black curls filtered over his face along with the veil. She was leaning down over him and kissed the top of his head, his consciousness finally giving.

Fire raged through the school. Screams as Charlie had never heard before caused him to put his hands over his ears. What was happening!

He watched as someone grabbed Emma and twisted her neck like a chicken. He watched as some big black creature rampaged through the children and grabbed Fidelio, tossing him to the side and then bit into Olivia. He yelled and tried to move, but found himself rooted to the spot.

Morgan ran over, yelling angrily as the fire mixed with the strange red aura that surrounded her. She threw a gigantic rock at the beast, which looked like a wolf rather than a hayena like Asa tended to look, and the beast dodged it. It ran at her and pinned her before a figure came out of the smoke, long dark hair streaming in the wind. He looked like a demonic shadow, or like a thinner version of Borlath.

"STOP!" cried Charlie, but his voice didn't seem to go anywhere other than his head. The beast turned into a human man, though Charlie couldn't tell how old he was. He could only tell that he was muscular and naked, holding down Morgan as Manfred came closer, dragging the limp form of Billy Raven.

He threw Billy down in disgust before looking to Morgan. "It seems the only one left of the troublesome trio is defeated. You are a strong girl, I think we'll keep you as a breeding mare, of sorts," said Manfred, grinning terribly.

There was a snarl and a great grey beast launched into the man holding Morgan. Asa Pike growled and tore at the black beast until smoke filled the area and all Charlie could hear was a yelping of one of them losing.

Manfred grinned down at Morgan, holding her by the wrists with his long fingers. "Now, I think I have just the man you can belong to," he said.

Charlie snarled and tried to move again, crying out as pain gripped his shoulder. His friends were being killed and made into slaves right in front of him and he couldn't do anything about it!

Suddenly, Charlie was yanked out of wherever he had been and tossed into his own body. He looked around and found the moth fluttering wildly above him. He saw the knights and then Mahmet. Panting, he scrambled to his feet. "What was that!"

"Possibility," she said. She pulled the veil back over her lovely face and sat back down again.

Charlie growled and ran toward the throne. Knights held him back and tosses him toward the entrance. "WAIT! I need to know why it happened!"

Mahmet gazed at him with her icey features. Somehow, right then, she looked oddly familiar. "Possibility of what could happen and nothing more. Take care, Charlie Bone."

Charlie gasped as he bolted straight up in his bed. He looked wildly around, but found no trae of his ever being inside the great chestnut tree in front of his house. He groaned and laid back down after what felt like an exhausting search. He looked at his clock and grumbled. It was time to get ready for school.

When he got to school, he ran right into Manfred. "Watch where you're going, Bone," growled Manfred.

"Sorry, Ma..sir." Charlie still had trouble thinking of Manfred as anything other than a fellow student. It was unnerving.

Billy wasn't at school. He supposed he was still at THUNDER HOUSE weathering out the weather-monger, Tancred's father. Tancred's mother was far easier to deal with, though.

He found Tancred and got a wink from him during break. The great escape had worked and Tancred's family was now taking care of the meek Billy Raven. He saw Olivia long enough to see the tread on her sneakers as she ran off down the hall. He was able to be around Emma and Fidelio, however.

Joshua Tilpin continued to try to get near Charlie, starting to bring in Dorcas Loom and various others. The only one that seemed to keep away from both groups was Asa Pike. Charlie knew that Asa was on the side of the Bloors by default, but he couldn't quite understand the feeling that Asa was having difficulty being on their side. He seemed as though something was eating at him inside.

Morgan also continued to look like something ate at her inside. She smiled at Charlie, though, when he walked over to her to greet her. "It was the same as it always is, Charlie," she said as she straightened her tie, "There isn't much you can do when you are surrounded by the Bloors, right?"

Charlie knew that feeling, but he also knew better. Morgan didn't get detention as often as Charlie, though she almost did get as much as him. She looked over to Asa and walked away quickly. Charlie frowned and looked to Asa. He had something in his hands that was shiny and hidden in a long, beat up box. Was Asa planning on giving some other girl something that would probably look completely awful once again? Charlie almost gagged when he remembered the image of Asa at the doorstep of his Aunt Venetia as he waited to bring some goofy goodies to the one known as "Belle". Thankfully, the horror didn't go on much longer and "Belle" died, courtesy of his Uncle Paton frying her like bacon.

In the end, he really didn't care much for trying to figure out dating and the like. It was sort of embarrassing to think of a girl in that fashion, much less being near her without giggling about the whole thing. Asa got to his feet and walked off with his hands buried deep in his pockets. Charlie sighed and went off to jog.