I know I really shouldn't start another fic while I have others I need to complete

I know I really shouldn't start another fic while I have others I need to complete... But this idea just kept swimming in my head and wouldn't leave me alone. Anyway, I hope everybody likes it. Please leave a comment at the end!

Warning: This story has Shounen-Ai, which means boy x boy love. If you don't like that kind of stuff, then please pick a different story to read.

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Altar Bound

Chapter 1 - The Trouble Begins

"YOU WANT ME TO WHAT!" A loud, piercing shriek filled the air of the normally peaceful village of Konoha. Birds flittered from their perches up in the trees and a poor animal somewhere probably died, blood pouring out from its poor ears.

Tsunade-baa-chan winced at the sound. At her age, she was old, but despite that, she appeared to be in her mid twenties with large breasts and looked like your typical blond, and unless somebody leaked out the truth, nobody would know better about her age. Of course, you would hope that you didn't know her age, otherwise you'd just might find yourself acquainted with her fists and a nearby wall within the time frame of two seconds.

"You heard me clearly the first time Naruto. And unless you've lost your sense of hearing and Kyuubi is gone from you, I doubt you would've missed it," the woman said calmly. Apparently, she was used to this sort of behavior from the young man.

"You can't be serious!" Naruto protested. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"I am serious. You have to get married and get married soon otherwise I'll take back the title of Hokage." Tsunade smirked at the look on the poor guy's face.

"You can't do that!" Naruto looked devastated at the thought of losing his precious title of Hokage.

At the age of twenty-four, almost twenty-five, Naruto was at his prime. He had received the title of Hokage at the age of twenty and was damn proud of it. It seemed at last things were going his way. The majority of his fellow shinobi didn't hate him - in fact, they respected him and the villagers began to like him, especially since he saved the village a few times during the war with Orochimaru; that and the fact that he was Hokage helped.

A scary look came upon the previous Hokage's face. Naruto appeared to have shrink. Sometimes, Naruto was still afraid of the old woman, after all, she still had her inhuman strength and her medical knowledge, which made numerous possibilities of pain possible... He gulped visibly.

"Ok, ok... Maybe you might be able to..." the young man muttered to himself. Out loud he whined, "But I don't want to get married! I like things the way they are! Why do I have to get married!" Naruto didn't want to get married. The thought of getting married and then settling down sounded a bit strange to him. Besides, who would he marry? His crush on Sakura had long passed and now the two were just close friends.

Tsunade sighed. "Because I'm bored, and there hasn't been anything happening lately. Besides, I want to arrange another wedding," she explained.

"Then go pick on someone else! I'm the Hokage! I have things to do!"

Irritation flashed through Tsunade's eyes. "And just who do you think gave up that title so you could have that title? You know what? I bet you're only protesting because you're afraid of being rejected and because you can't find anyone to marry you," the blond woman taunted.

Naruto's stubborn pride kicked in. "I bet I can too!" he shouted.

"Ha! I doubt it. I bet you can't get someone to say 'I do' before... say... your 25th birthday, much less even get a fiancée!"

"Can too! How much do you wanna bet on that?"

"I'll buy you... a years supply of ramen if you win the bet... And if you lose..." The scary face on the woman just became a bit scarier - if that was possible.

Naruto drooled at the thought of that... Free ramen for a year!

"You're on!" he shouted, sealing his fate.

Tsunade grinned. It was a very pleased grin. "You had better not go back on your word, brat."

"Tch, as if! That's my way of the ninja!"

Inwardly, the scary woman was laughing like a maniac at how Naruto's own way of the ninja had just caught him in a trap to get him married and settled down. Whistling, she walked out of the Hokage's office, leaving a fuming Naruto behind.

It wasn't until a few minutes later that the realization of what had just happened hit him.

He had made a bet. To get married. Within a month. To someone. Married.

A shriek filled the air once more.

"Gaah! Who am I going to marry! I can't just go up to someone and ask them to marry them... Maybe I could ask someone to pretend to be my fiancée... After all, Tsunade betted he couldn't even get a fiancée. Naruto grinned fiendishly.

A brilliant idea struck him. He could do kage bushin no jutsu and then transform his shadow replication using his famous sexy no jutsu and pretend that this replication was to be his fiancée! Boy... He was on a roll today!

The door opened and Tsunade's head popped in.

"Oh yeah Naruto, I almost forgot. No using kage bushin no jutsu and then using your sexy no jutsu. By the way, that jutsu is very strange - it changes you to appear not only on the outside as a girl, but on the inside as well."

Naruto grumbled. Who cared about that? All he cared about at the moment was the fact that his brilliant plan was ruined!

Tsunade left, leaving a disgruntled Naruto alone again.

Ok... But that still didn't mean he could get someone to pretend right? Satisfied with that thought, he began going through a list of possible females.

What about Hinata? He thought. Despite the girl getting over her very long crush on him after all this time, the girl still had a spot in her heart for him. She'd do it for me... She's such a nice girl... But then again, I don't want Kiba out after me... Kiba and Hinata had been going out for two years now.

Temari? Temari was the sister of one of his close friends, and also the Kazekage of the Sand, Gaara. Shikamaru wouldn't mind if he borrowed the girl for a bit... But then again, Temari would probably throw a fit, in which Shikamaru would just roll his eyes and say how troublesome it was.

Ino? Even though Chouji wouldn't mind since he was very nice, Naruto didn't want to be stuck with her for a period of time. She was just too annoying.

And Sakura... Well she was out of the question, since she was married to none other than the Fuzzy Eyebrows himself, to everyone's surprise. They even had a daughter to boot. Fortunately, the daughter mostly resembled Sakura except for the colouring.

Naruto slouched over his desk and sighed. He couldn't think of anyone else. Muttering a curse under his breath, he tried to wrack his brain for someone else.

That was when Sasuke walked into the room. Naruto sat up, an absolutely evil expression on his face that even paused the almighty Sasuke in his tracks.

The cogwheels in Naruto's brain began to turn as they worked on perfecting his newly gained plan.

Poor Sasuke didn't know whether to run for his life or to be a brave shinobi and do what he had come here for.

The correct choice would've been to screw his pride and run. Run very fast.

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