Altar Bound

Chapter 6 – Day One Begins

Sasuke woke up at his usual time of 6:00 AM. He felt a heavy weight across his waist and for a moment was puzzled – till he realized that the heavy weight belonged to the snoring mass called Naruto.

Sasuke took the moment to glance over at the blond, looking at the cute expression that decorated the dobe's face. He sighed.

Sasuke lay back for awhile. Would it really kill him to stay in bed for a while longer? It wasn't as if he was five years old anymore….

Yes, Sasuke wasn't one who stayed in bed for long after he was awake. It had something to do with the fact that when he was younger, his father would never let him. After all, there was a lot of training Sasuke had to do, and he couldn't afford to sleep in. Besides, his elder brother Itachi had never stayed in bed after he was awake. And Sasuke had always wanted to best his elder brother.

Itachi, the thorn that had been in his side ever since he had been a little child. It was him, who had haunted Sasuke's childhood. Sasuke wondered where his brother was now. The last time he and Itachi had met was five years ago, when he had been 20. Itachi had somehow snuck into Konoha to watch Naruto's ascent to Hokage. The strangest thing though, was the fact that Itachi hadn't made any moves to kill Naruto, nor to capture him. He had stayed hidden in the shadows, his presence kept hidden until near the very end of the ceremony and that's when Sasuke had caught sight of his brother. But his brother hadn't done anything violent. When he caught Sasuke's gaze, he just simply nodded as if he approved of Naruto being Hokage and left.

Sasuke hadn't seen him since.

The black haired boy sighed. This had to stop. He couldn't keep going down this path. Unless Itachi came back and decided to slaughter the village, Sasuke wouldn't go chasing after Itachi anymore. He just simply didn't want revenge anymore. Sasuke supposed that after the whole ordeal with Orochimaru he just didn't want to deal with it, after all, he had already wasted enough of his life.

"This is ridiculous," Sasuke muttered to himself and then heaved the still snoring mass of Naruto. Getting up, he rummaged through his closet and took out his usual outfit, a blue top blazoned with the Uchiha logo with white-ish gray pair of khakis. With his outfit in hand, he headed towards the bathroom to change.

Sasuke sat in his kitchen staring at the slight changes the dobe had made to his house, nursing a mug of tea. Sasuke had to admit though; the blond did have some good taste, if not a lot.

The kitchen hadn't been changed all that much, since compared to the rest of the house, it had been more used, and therefore was much nicer decorated. All Naruto had done was simply moved in a few plants – a pot of plants here, a hanging plant there.

But the rest of the house however… Sasuke grimaced. Just remembering what Naruto had done to his living room gave him a headache. The blond had actually painted his walls so instead of the once white walls; they were now a warm shade of yellow. Yellow.

I am going to kill that dobe, one day, Sasuke thought.

Fortunately, the blond hadn't seen fit to throw away Sasuke's furniture, which was a small blessing. But the blond had added even more of his plants in his living room and rearranged the whole damn thing. On top of that, Naruto had found Sasuke's old baby pictures and childhood pictures kept in a cardboard box in the attic and placed them on top of the shelf that held the TV set, a long with a set of speakers, and a CD player. This of course, didn't belong to him, since Sasuke could care less about watching TV or listening to music. But the baby pictures… Sasuke grimaced once more. He had hardly wanted to remember them, much less see them.

Sasuke didn't even realize he was growling until a familiar voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Whatcha growlin' for sweetheart?" Naruto asked, appearing in the doorway, grinning cheekily as he teased the pale Uchiha. Sasuke gave him the famous Uchiha Glare™. Naruto merely grinned even more and then poured himself a cup of coffee then sat down next to the brunette.

"Don't ever call me sweetheart again," Sasuke growled out.

"Aw, you're no fun," the blond Hokage replied.

Sasuke studied his best friend. The blond was still wearing his pajamas – loose white t-shirt with a pair of soft cotton orange pajama bottoms. And, to top it off, he still wore the same penguin cap that he had twelve years ago. Sasuke was surprised it even fit.

"Aren't you a bit old to be wearing that, Naruto?" Sasuke asked, motioning towards the cap.

Naruto turned defensive. "What do you mean? Of course not!" the young man cried out in a huff.

"You've had that for at least twelve years Naruto," Sasuke pointed out.

Naruto grinned. "Actually I haven't. I just got this one two years ago when I couldn't find my old one."

Sasuke sighed. "You're so immature dobe."

"Hey! What's that suppose to mean?"

Sasuke shook his head. "Never mind."

Naruto pouted. "Fine then, Sasuke-baka." Sasuke's reply was to simply roll his eyes.

Still, pouting, Naruto got up and dug around a kitchen and came up with a pan, a few eggs and some bread. Humming slightly off-key, he made himself some French toast, to Sasuke's immense surprise.

"Since when did you know how to cook," Sasuke asked, unable to keep the surprise from his voice. Naruto huffed as if insulted.

"I've always known how to cook. I never felt like it, that's all. It gets lonely sometimes, eating by yourself," Naruto replied, remembering his childhood days. "I almost even made a bento for Sakura once. But then I figured she would probably just toss it into the garbage once I turned around," the blond continued, grinning slightly.

It had hurt him every time Sakura refused him, but then one day he realized he no longer felt that way about his old teammate.

Sasuke snorted. "You'd probably end up poisoning her."

"I would not!" the blond protested. Rummaging through cupboard he found plates and in another drawer, he found chopsticks. Picking them up with chopsticks, he placed a few pieces on one plate and then another, placing that one in front of Sasuke.

Sasuke stared at the French Toast in front of him with a wary suspicion. It did look good and it did smell good. After Naruto had finished turning off the stove, the blond sat down in front of the Uchiha, and dug into his own breakfast.

Sighing, the Uchiha picked up his chopsticks and took a bite. And was surprised. It tasted pretty good.

Naruto sighed discreetly. He wished the meeting were over. It was a nice day and the blond longed to go outside. He really didn't know why the meeting even had to last this long. He and Gaara were really good friends. There was no way that any of them would end the alliance. And Naruto knew for a fact that despite Gaara being so creepy, he was actually a good Kazekage and would never do something that resulted in bad things for his country. And of course, there was hardly a chance of Gaara being killed, not since he got his demon back. And Gaara had trained hard to become stronger without it and with it, well he was quite hard to defeat.

The meeting had already dragged on for three days now, and Naruto was pretty sure that the advisors were doing that just so they could make his life miserable. In fact, Naruto could tell that even the passive Gaara was being irritated by it, though nobody could really tell except for those who were really close to the guy.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the dratted meeting was over. No more meetings until the next time the stupid alliance had to be reviewed over. Till then, unless something of great importance rose, no more meetings!

Naruto left as soon as he possibly could as much dignity as he could muster. Then, finally when he was freed, with Neji behind him, Naruto motioned for the Kazekage to follow him. Gaara nodded and together the three headed towards the office.

In the privacy of his office, Naruto took of his Hokage hat and sat on his chair, and kicked back.

"Finally it's over! I want ramen!" the blond said, with a large grin on his face. Neji just shook his head with a sigh.

"Is it good?" Gaara asked. Naruto gave the redhead a weird look.

"Are you saying that you've never had ramen before?" the blond asked with shock plastered on his face.

"No, I haven't."

"Oh my God. Gaara! You have been missing out!" Naruto gave the Kazekage a look of extreme pity. "Don't worry Gaara, I'll save you!" And then Naruto pounced on the redhead just to drag him out within a blink of an eye.

Neji sighed and reluctantly followed.

A few minutes later, Gaara, Neji and Naruto were sitting at Ichiraku's. Gaara stared at the big bowl of noodles that sat steaming in front of him. On his other side sat Naruto and on the other side of Naruto was Neji.

Naruto was already happily wolfing down his second bowl of Ichiraku's ramen. He paused for a moment when he noticed that Gaara still hadn't touched his yet.

"What are you looking at it for? You should try eating it. It tastes much better than it smells and looks, which is already really good!" the blond urged on. Finished saying this, he returned to his second bowl of ramen.

Finished with whatever he was thinking, Gaara picked up his pair of chopsticks and took a bite of the ramen.

"This is good," he declared.

"I told you so," Naruto replied through a mouthful of the delicious ramen. He quickly finished his second bowl and was just about to ask for a third when Neji interrupted.

"So what's going on with you and Sasuke?" the Hyuuga asked. Normally he wasn't one to care about gossip and everything, but this one little piece of gossip happened to concern the person who changed his views on everything. Besides, Naruto had been acting a bit strange over the past few days. Sasuke too.

Naruto choked on the mouthful that he hadn't swallowed yet.

"What do you m-m-mean, Neji? There's n-n-nothing going on with me and S-S-Sasuke," Naruto stuttered. Neji just gave him a look.

"There's nothing between Sasuke and me," Naruto grumbled again.

"Then why did you move most of your stuff to Sasuke's last night?" Neji asked once more.

"That's none of your business, Neji!" the blond protested weakly. "And since when did you care about gossiping?"

"I don't. So?"

"His house is bigger. I needed a place to put my stuff in. Sasuke volunteered," Naruto answered, grinning slightly. Neji highly doubted Sasuke had volunteered.

"I heard you kissed Sasuke," Gaara suddenly said, pausing between a bit of ramen.

Naruto turned beet red. "What? W-W-Where did you hear t-t-that?"

"Ino told me."

"That Ino pig! When did you get a chance to talk to her?"

"Last night. She and Sakura dragged Shikamaru to see Temari." It was a well-known thing that Temari had the hugest thing for Shikamaru and Shikamaru knew very well, though he didn't want to do anything about it. Shikamaru thought it was too troublesome. So unless the kunoichi worked up the courage to actually do something, the both of them would never get anywhere. Of course, this was easier said than actually done, because when it actually came to love affairs, Temari didn't have a clue what to do.

Of course, there was also the two busybodies, Sakura and Ino, who tried to help her at every chance they got.

"I am going to kill them," Naruto mutter.

"Why? Are you ashamed of kissing Sasuke?" Gaara asked.

"I never said I did!" the blond sputtered.

"And you never said you didn't. Besides, your face turned red. Don't bother lying. I can smell lies just as well as your Kyuubi can, Naruto."

"So what if I did," Naruto muttered.

"Oh nothing. It just came as a surprise. I thought you were straight."

"I never said that," the young Hokage pointed out. Neji thought it was a good point. The blond never indicated his preferences. Everybody just assumed that since he had chased Sakura in the past that he had automatically liked girls and girls only.

Though after the whole obsession was Sakura was through, Naruto never started liking anyone else… In fact, the blond spent more time with Sasuke than anyone else. Sasuke. Neji caught Gaara's eye and they nodded to each other over the blond's head. Apparently, Gaara had come to the same conclusion that Neji had. Well, this was interesting.

"So why did you kiss him in the first place," Neji asked.

"Oh puh-lease, as if you don't know," Naruto scowled, remembering the whole incident. "If it weren't for the fact that you ditched me that I wouldn't have had to kiss that baka."

Neji raised a brow.

"Well what else was I suppose to do? There were hundreds and hundreds of Sasuke's stupid fan girls chasing us!"

Neji and Gaara just sighed.

Naruto grumbled on his way home before realizing that he was staying with Sasuke now. Switching directions, Naruto began pondering on whether being Hokage was such a good thing or not. Goodness knows that it had certainly caused him enough trouble.

The young Hokage entered into the empty house on the Uchiha district where all the Uchihas had once lived before the massacre. Naruto felt a bit irritated that Sasuke wasn't home. But then he remembered that Sasuke had a mission – one that he had sent him on. Naruto grinned. Sasuke wouldn't be coming back tonight. The raven-headed jounin just happened to be supervising an overnight trip to the woods as a training session with some of the trainees in the academy.

Naruto's mirth died down quickly as he realized that Sasuke would probably kill him once he came back from the mission. Ouch. And Naruto just happened to live with the jounin too. The blond paled slightly.

"I'm the Hokage… Sasuke wouldn't kill me, right?" he asked the empty air. Then he chuckled nervously then headed towards the kitchen and grabbed a customary cup of ramen and then waited, as it was getting ready.

After finishing wolfing down the ramen, he headed upstairs to Sasuke's bathroom to clean himself up. He sang off-keyed in the shower while he was at it.

Finally, dressed in a pair of orange pyjama bottoms and nothing else, Naruto wandered down and flopped onto the couch, grimacing at how hard the thing was. Then picking up his remote, he turned on the television. Naruto watched it for a while before he started yawning. Slowly the blond drifted slowly into sleep…

Sasuke unlocked the door to his house and slipped quietly in, as not to wake up the dobe that he knew would be sleeping by now. Though why he shouldn't wake him up was beyond him, after all, the stupid dobe had sent him on that stupid mission. It was nice that Hinata-chan decided to take pity on him and relieve his spot. Though Sasuke thought that it was more for the children's sake than for him. But for whatever reason it was, Sasuke was grateful. He just couldn't stand being around loads and loads of brats with sharpened kunais. And speaking of kunais… Maybe using one on that stupid immature blond Hokage wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Sasuke walked through his living room, stopping when he realized that there was somebody sleeping on the couch. After a quick look he realized that it was a half-dressed Naruto.

"Dobe, you're going to catch a cold that way. And then you'll probably pass it on to me," he said muttering in an affectionate way. Sighing, the brunette picked Naruto up, wrapping the blond's arm around his shoulder for support. He'd deal with the blond the next morning.

Sasuke hauled the blond upstairs, pausing slightly when he heard the blond murmur his name. Making sure that he was still actually asleep, he continued his way up the stairs.

Then he paused, debating whether to dump the blond in his room or back in the guest room. Finally making up his mind, he headed towards the guest room where he gently put the blond down, careful not to wake him up. Pulling the covers over the half-dressed boy, he left the room, closing the door softly behind him.

It wasn't until he had finished his shower and had crawled into his bed that he realized that he had passed to perfect opportunity to extract his revenge on Naruto for making him go on that awful mission.

But sighing, he decided against. First, he wasn't as immature as the brat and second; he just didn't have the heart to do something to the cute dobe.

Cute? Now why on earth did that stupid word keep popping back? Still trying to figure it out, Sasuke slowly drifted into sleep.

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