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Lost Benders of Henoa

Chapter 1: Cursed island

The sun shone high in the sky, beating down upon the gentle rocking waves of the sea. Suddenly, for only a few seconds, the sun became blocked from view as a giant bison flew by. Sitting atop the bison's saddle, was a fourteen year old girl from a water tribe on the south pole. Her name was Katara, and she was a waterbender. Katara was looking at a map spread across the saddle floor. Her older brother, Sokka was sitting up staring blankly at the sun. Momo, a little brown and white flying lemur was perched on the egde of the saddle. They had been flying for hours. Katara measured the distance to the closest island with her finger. It would take another day just to get there. Otherwise they where stuck in the ocean.

Aang, the twelve-year old Avatar, was sitting atop the flying bisons', head. He shielded his eyes from the hot sun and looked out into the vast horizon. The difference between the sky and the sea was almost non-existent. Except for a tiny spec that was wedged between the two shades of blue. "Look everybody!" Called out Aang. Sokka and Katara jerked their heads in the direction Aang was pointing at.

"I don't see anything." Said Sokka, squinting.

"It's that little dot right there." Said Aang, still pointing. They waited until it increased in size.

"Oh, I see it." Exclaimed Katara. "It looks like an island."

"I hope there's food on that island." Said Sokka. "I'm starved." Katara returned to the map she had been looking at.

"Well, considering our current position is right here," she said, pointing to a spot in the ocean. Then she paused uncertainly. "Wait, that doesn't make any sense, according to the map, there's nothing but ocean for miles." Katara looked up and frowned There was a pause as each contemplated how that was possible.

"Maybe the map's out of date, 'cause there it is, right in front of us." Said Sokka.

"Or," said Katara "it's a mirage." The bison gave a low moan.

"I hope not, Appa's getting tired and will need to land soon." Aang said, patting the bison on the head. They went on until island was nearly below them and certain features about it were becoming visible. The island was small, it seemed to slope up, ending at the cliffs on the other side, and it was covered with a vast bamboo forest, except for the beaches on the side facing them.

"Well everybody, looks like we'll be staying here the night." Aang finally said

"Wonderful," Sokka added before he went to sleep.

Just as the flying bison briefly blocked the sun from view as it circled the island. Tips of the bamboo tree's parted slightly, a shadow of a face poked through to watch them with aged, somber gray eyes. "Hmm the Avatar and his friends." It said quietly to itself. It looked further into the distance. Off to the right was the outline of a ship. "Fire nation," it inquired, "I haven't seen them in a while." Turning its gray eyes to the left it saw ominous dark rolling clouds. "We're going to have visitors tonight." Then it drew back among the bamboo.

"There you are Avatar." Said Prince Zuko as he looked through the telescope. Through the lens, the bison was like a beacon against the blue sky . He then followed it to where it was heading, and saw a small island. "Set course for that island." He said curtly to a guard as he thrust the telescope at him. Just then his uncle came on deck.

"What island?" he asked.

"That one." Said Zuko. Staring at the lonely island out in the ocean. His uncle leaned over the rail to get a better look. Suddenly his facial features darkened.

"Uncle, something troubles you?" asked Zuko, sensing the sudden change in his uncle.

"Henoa," His uncle stared at his hands as they clenched the rail. "The cursed island." He said in a very low voice.

"Cursed? What are you talking about?" demanded Zuko. His uncle looked back at the island and sighed.

"Fifty years ago, the fire nation tried to use that island as a rendezvous point. But..." his voice trailed off. A solemn expression crossed his face.

"But what?" Zuko pressed. The memory began playing through his uncle's head, his eyes clenched shut he recalled sights, heard the sounds… relived it.

"Everything was... alive...furious... we fought so hard that day... but." He stopped again. Zuko remained silent for a while. He had never seen his uncle like this. It was unusual for a memory to cause him so much anguish.

"How do you know about this?" he asked quietly. His uncle looked at him square in the in the eye.

"Because I was there. I was a commander. My army was being sent back to the Earth Nation." He finally said. "Afterwards, the fire nation never landed here again and took it off the maps for…."

"For what happened?" Zuko finished for him. His uncle nodded.

Zuko, turned around and looked back at the island, weighed the two possibilities and decided."Curse or no curse, the Avatar's going there, and I'm following." Said Zuko in a low voice.

"Prince Zuko, I think your making a big mistake." Said his uncle. Zuko shot him a glare, showing that he would not change his mind. His uncle looked away and started walked off the deck. Then he stopped, "Syhamei" he said softly to himself. Then he shook his head and left. Zuko watched him leave, what was Syhomei?

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