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Lost Benders of Henoa

Chapter 3: Soldiers of Fire

In the blur of the rain pattering on the bamboo, a stooped figure and a lengthy youth stood in a clearing. "Remember," one said in a raspy voice. "We don't want to actually hit them. Just give them a warning."

"You told me that three times already." Said the other. There was a flash.

"What was that?"

"A warning."

"I know that. But make it look more like lightning." Among the underbrush was another figure watching. " Just enough so they have to land."

"Why do you want them to land?" asked a gruff voice from a large shape of a man who was holding the smaller figure on his shoulders.

"I'll explain later." Grey eyes flicked to the sky where a flying bison was spiraling crazily around. A beam of brilliant light split the rain.

"I said don't hit them! That was too close!" the stooped figure shouted.

"How's this then!" said the youth, loosing his patience. There was an explosion of energy. The bison began to dive.

"What were you thinking? You could have killed them! If I find them burnt to a crisp, your going to be in big trouble young man!" the stooped figure shouted after the youth as they both hurried out of the clearing to find where the bison had landed. The small gray-eyed figure smiled. Those two sometimes were comical when they argued. The gray-eyes glanced to approximately where the ocean would be. The smile became a grim line.

"Take me back." Said the small figure, casting eyes down.

"Okay, but hang on tight." Said the gruff voice. As the larger figure turned to walk back, he felt a warm droplet of water on his shoulder. "What's wrong?" the gruff voice asked, sensing discomfort.


"No one cries for nothing."

"It's… just… no, it's nothing." the small figure said quietly. The gray eyes closed briefly.

"We're here if you need us, you know that, Right?." The large figure suddenly noticed that the person on his shoulder was shivering.

"It's just an old memory I can never let go of until…" the voice trailed off as the eyes saw a glimpse of the ocean poking through the bamboo. The rain had lessened up a little, just enough to almost see a dark outline of a ship.

Somewhere in the Earth nation, there was a village tucked in a forest. The village was serene and a place where traders stopped before they went on to the capitol. A group of young children were standing in a circle around a very young girl, at about age five. They were in a clearing together. The girl stood in the center, crouching down, ready to fight or flee. One of the boys was sneering. "What's wrong? Girly-girl's scared?" they all laughed.

"Leave me alone." Said the girl in a small voice, trying to push her way through. The boys pushed her back into the center.

"Pull her hair," one of them suggested. She felt a hard tug on the back of her head as one of the boys reached over and yanked a strand of her long straight black hair.

"Ow!" she cried, beating back his hand. "Stop it!"

"What are you going to do if we don't? Go running to your father?" another jeered. They all oohhed like it was something that should be feared and laughed again. She crouched even lower as they pressed in around her. They closed further and further in until they were nearly on top of her, then… she was gone. The boys looked around the clearing, confounded of her sudden disappearance. "Where'd she go?" one of them asked.

Back behind a tree, she watching them stupidly grope around for here as if she had fallen through the very earth. She took a deep breath and waited. Slowly, day turned into night. The moon was a brilliant pale disc in a dark sky dappled with stars. The summer evening air was cool, but not cold. A breeze picked up. She heard the sound of people talking, shouting, and metal upon metal. Flickering light danced on the trees in front of her with shadows passing in intervals. Whatever was happening was happening in the clearing. Making sure the tree was between her and the clearing, she peered around.

There, were people she had never seen before. Most wearing masks or helmets in front of their faces that resembled the dead, all garbed with armor and leather. Standing in formation. The light came from torches some were holding and in the back, she saw large murky colored creatures wearing red and black insignia's pulling carts or with saddles. Their attention was directed to something the trunk of the tree was blocking. She didn't want to crane her head around to see for fear of being seen.

"Please don't do anything rash." Said one man to what ever they were looking at. He looked as though he was their prisoner. She hadn't noticed him until now because his dust-covered clothing blended with the ground. His hands were bound and his wounds still bled. When he said this one of the men with a helmet thrust him to the ground.

"Sir, she may try to run back to the village and warn everyone. What should we do?" Another man became visible. This one was wearing the metal and leather armor, but he didn't have a helmet like the others. From this distance, she couldn't make out his facial details. Except that he had the appearance of a young adult and was the commander. Another man very much like him came beside him, and she barely heard him say,

"It's just a child."

"Don't hurt her, do whatever you want with me. Spare her please." Pleaded the prisoner.

"No," said the commander. "This one has seen to much. Guards," he shouted. "Do what you will, make sure she never returns to the village."

"No! Don't!" shouted the prisoner, running as best he could toward the "child." It was then that she realized she knew that man. She felt something clench with dread at this realization. At the same time, three of the guards had unleashed a stream of hot, furious fire. Without having to think she raised her hands, a ring of a shockwave pulsed through the woods, not allowing the fire to go any further. It hung in the air, frozen. There were gasps from the guards.

Quickly she turned away and began running. She turned backwards and night turned back into day. She had to tell of what she had just seen.

Her house was a hut in a cul-de-sac of other huts, lying not far from the center of the village.

"Mother! Mother!" she shrieked. Her mother came from the back door, wiping water from the laundry off her hands with her apron.

"May, what's the matter, what's wrong?" Her mother bent down to wipe the tears that were streaming down her face. May was a nickname that everyone called her, because when she was first learning to talk, she wasn't able to pronounce all the syllables in her full name. For a few seconds May couldn't say anything, her mind working furiously to contemplate what she had just seen as she crumpled into her mothers' arms. Her entire body quivering with sobs. "Tell Mommy, what happened?" her mother crooned.

"There were men, many of them," she choked through her tears.

"When did you see them?"

"It was night, they wore helmets… and leather, fire shot from their hands. They were soldiers of fire!" She felt her mothers' arms around her stiffen as she said this, seeming to pull her closer. "And…" May coughed. "They had Daddy." More tears erupted from her. The two sat on the floor for what seemed like hours. Her mother rocking her back and forth as May sobbed on her shoulder.

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