Take it Like a Man

Chapter 1

By: Vampire Toy

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Summary: When Sakura tries Naruto's infamous 'sexy-no-jitsu' on her time off, she finds it might not be so easy to change back! Now girls think she's cute, boys think she's weird, and her sensei thinks its funny!

It was only supposed to be an experiment, a quick little lesson to help her better understand her teammate's moves, but as she uttered the words and felt the transformation surge through her body, she immediately regret it. Haruno Sakura stood awkwardly in her room amidst the smoke that remained from her quick change.

(What if someone catches you trying this stupid thing?)

I'd rather die.

(At least take a look, see if you did it right)

Sakura took a deep slightly deeper sigh and looked down at her hands, they were strong but still soft looking hands. She slapped her chest lightly, observing the new masculinity that replaced her wannabe breasts. Her face flushed as she gazed down at her waist and legs.

"Well, I don't think I'm deformed in anyway, so I guess I did it right." She murmured, pausing at the sudden octave change in her voice.

(Well look in the mirror to be sure!)

She strolled over and gave herself a quick glance.

(Not bad)

But I don't think I'll be using this anytime soon!

(Feh I hope not! Who'd you use it on anyway?)

A gay ninja?

"Hmm, well time to change back!" Sakura held out her arms, expecting another familiar 'poof' to comply with her command.

"Er….change-back-no-jitsu?" she tried when the figure in the mirror continued to reflect a teenage boy.


(Calm down! There must be a logical way to change back! Ok, maybe it'll just wear off in a minute or something?)


3 Hours Later….

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NOOOOOO! Why am I still a boy! It should have worn off by now! I don't understand!"

(I think…you might have to go to Naruto for this…)

No way! That's way too embarrassing! Can you imagine how he'd react? He'd attract the entire village!


(How about Ino?)


Ino: 'Wow Sakura-chan, I didn't know you were THAT desperate!'

Maybe not….


Hmm, well ok, yeah! He's my teacher, he won't mind helping a student in need!

Sakura paused and looked in the mirror again.

I really hope he can help….

(Well put some clothes on and go see!)

I don't have boy clothes….

(Dad! Try his clothes!)


Sakura ran as quickly as she could through Konoha's streets, looking desperately for her teacher while trying to keep her pants up and ignore the strange stares she kept getting.

(Where is that baka! Never around when you need him!)

Sakura's face twisted in frustration as she turned to see if Kakashi might be in the adult bookstore.


"Of!" she cried as her body collided with an innocent pedestrian and she fumbled backwards until she finally fell.

"I-I'm so sorry!" she said sitting up quickly to see who she may have hit.

"Hnn, watch where your going…"

"Sasuke-kun! Er…I mean…Sasuke! I'm so sorry!" (No! Run! Run away! He'll figure you out!)

"Feh, whatever." Sasuke sat up and looked at Sakura, his annoyed expression suddenly turning into a curious one.

"Uhh…." Why is he looking at me like that….? (HE KNOWS!)

"Um…" Sasuke grabbed her hand and pulled her up, continuing to eye her suspiciously, "…have I met you before?" he asked cautiously.

"N-no! I mean…I've…er…I mean…." (You shouldn't have said his name dimwit!) "I've herd about you….ya know, the famous Uchiha Sasuke…haha…."

"Hmm, are you from around here?"

(Think about your answer!)

"Yes…no!" (…….) "I mean…I…I just moved here!"

"Oh….I…see…." Sasuke said, his eyes never leaving the pink haired boy.

"I have to go!" Sakura cried suddenly sprinting off desperately looking for some place to hide.

(If he figures you out you'll never live it down!)

"Wait!" Sasuke cried running after her.


"AHHHHHH!" (Don't scream! Run! Run fast! FASTER! You need to throw him off!)

"Replacement technique!" Sakura cried and in a poof she was gone, leaving Sasuke with nothing more than a piece of wood.

(Wah! That's was too close!)

"Hnn, Sakura?"

"AH!" She spun around from her place on a restaurant roof to see her silver haired sensei cross-legged and reading his dirty book.

"SENSEI!" She wailed happily throwing herself at him.

"Woah, woah, woah!" he cried trying to pry her off, "Your heavy! Sit back, let me get a good look at you."

Sakura whined and flopped back, supporting herself with her hands.

"So…what's with the new look?" Kakashi asked after a few minutes of examining.

"That's not funny."

"Now, now, go on, what were you running from….and why are you…"

"A boy? Ok, now, please don't laugh but…I was trying Naruto's 'sexy-no-jitsu' and…"

Sakura was cut off by Kakashi's chuckled and she fumed, punching his arm angrily.

"Ow!" Kakashi's laughs stopped abruptly, "Don't hit your sensei boy!" Kakashi smirked.


"Ok, ok, go on, I'm done."

":Sigh: Ok, well I just wanted to see if I could do it, and…well, I could…but I can't change back…"

"You can't?"

"If your gonna start making fun of me…"

"No, Sakura, this is serious."


"How long since you've done it?"

"About three or four hours…"

"Umm, well, you were naturally supposed to revert back a few minutes after the transformation…"


"Well, you see, when Naruto does his 'sexy-no-jitsu' he has to focus so that he WON'T change back. It's not a very strong jitsu so it shouldn't last very long."


"Well….did you make a wrong hand movement?"

"I-I don't know…."

"Hmm, well, this could be a problem."

Vampire Toy: Howdy ho peoples, I hope that you liked the story so far :) now, I love input from people so, as for pairings, I want you to give me the most bizarre pairing for Sakura you can think of, lets make this interesting, we'll see if my writing skills are up to it! Hehe, I didn't put this under 'humor' because I'm not generally keen on my humor skills and its not meant to be insanely funny, which I assume is the definition of 'humor' ; and yes, my grammar is that of a five year old, forgive me! Well Thanks for reading and please R & R, flames welcome.