Take it Like a Man

Chapter 9: Suspicion

By: Vampire Toy

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(Inner Sakura)

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Sakura couldn't remember the last time that she'd actually sat down to watch a movie, let alone watch a movie with her enemy! She silently had to admit, however, that it was fun at some point, to just relax. Though watching a horror movie wasn't all relaxing, the fear she felt in watching it was almost refreshing and innocent. She wasn't fearing for her life or the lives of her friends and family, no, this was an almost playful fear.

At one point they were interrupted by Kabuto but only because Sakura got a little too into the movie and became a little too vocal when her favorite character was about to be impaled. the entire afternoon was almost pleasant. Almost.

"See now, that wasn't so bad now was it?" a voice hissed smoothly as a white, bandaged hand slithered around Sakura's shoulders.

"I…" Sakura made a disapproved face and shrugged off the hand, standing up and letting out a pretend yawn, "I think I should go home now. Thanks for the uh…movie…..I guess…"

"Your welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much….I'm sure that our next get together will be just as enjoyable." Orochimaru told her with smile, standing up and gliding next to her, "Perhaps we can get to know each other a little better next time as well, it would be beneficial for us both, wouldn't you say?"

His hand made its way around her shoulders again and Sakura shuddered lightly when his fingers trailed over her neck.

"Are you taking me home now?" she asked shaking out her hair nervously.

"Oh yes….well I suppose we shouldn't arouse any suspicion now should we?" Orochimaru grabbed her head, entangling his fingers in her short pink hair and pressing his lips against her temple firmly.


"Be a good little girl now alright? Try not to kill anyone yet. It would be such a mess to clean up." Orochimaru frowned mockingly.

"K-k-kill……I'm not that strong….you said so yourself….and…and…..DON'T TOUCH ME!" Sakura wriggled savagely in Orochimaru's grip as she tried to shake the creepy tingle from his bruising half-kiss.

"Calm down my dear, did our little bonding session do nothing to quell your fire? Come now, you enjoy your power don't you?" he whispered in her ear as his arms tightened around her body. His warm breath tickled her ear causing her to shiver once more and she had to bite her lip to keep from yelling profanities at the pedophile.

"I-I like power." She said softly, letting out a slow breath to calm herself.

"You don't seem too sure, my love." He pressed his face into her neck and she felt him grin, "Say it again." He murmured, squeezing her tighter, "With more feeling."

"I like power." She said confidently, trying to ignore the fact that his body was pressed tightly against hers. Saying that she liked power with enough confidence to convince Orochimaru that she was a willing member of his little group, was no problem. She really did enjoy it; as much as she hated to admit that something she received by the means of an enemy could make her feel the worth she'd wanted to feel so badly.

It was the power she liked, not Orochimaru, not his organization, not even the fact that she was the hottest thing in the village since Sasuke. Just the power, only the power, it was motivation to put up with Orochimaru.

(Not to mention if you stick around and get even more powerful, you can get revenge for what he did to Sasuke!)

That's the real reason I'm doing this.

(Of course)

Sakura shook out her head and wearily straightened her thoughts.

(This is a chance to stop Orochimaru)

"Time to go home dear."

Sakura only then noticed that both Orochimaru and herself were currently standing in the middle of a forest.

(Come on Sakura! Straighten up! Don't let your guard down around him! Not ever!)

"I'll see you soon, take good care of your body for me." Orochimaru gave her another rough kiss on the same temple and was gone with a poof.


Sakura felt the blood drain from her face. She couldn't quite comprehend everything that had just happened but she knew she wanted to go home and sleep……though, first she wanted to scour her temple and any other part of her body that the snake-man had touched. She grumbled angrily and rubbed her violated temple, cringing when she felt a welt of some sort beginning to form.

(That creep actually made me bruise!)

Sakura inwardly let out a string of swearwords as she began plodding heavily through the forest. She wasn't sure where he'd decided to drop her off, but she figured he valued her enough to drop her off at SOME close proximity to her house or a village.

She eyed the ground around her, looking for the start of a path or road of some sort. The longer she walked, the less she believed she was close to anyone or anything remotely alive.

(Well, I can clear my mind while I walk)

A positive side to everything

(Hell yeah)

Sakura sighed and plopped against a tree for a break, closing her eyes and trying to straighten out her thoughts.

(I wonder if my friends are really ok? Are they looking for me? Are they worried?)

She frowned then, and opened her eyes lazily.

(I wonder if I was myself….if they would be worried and come looking for me…)

The pink haired boy viciously shook out his head and grit his teeth.

(What are you thinking! Of COURSE they would be! You're their teammate! Their friend!)

Sakura only became angry with herself for thinking her friends would ever abandon her. They would never. They cared about her. They valued her like she valued them.

Or at least she told herself these things as she got back up to continue her journey.


(I've been walking forever; I'm so lost!)


Sakura blinked curiously and shook out her head continuing her trek.


Sakura stopped again, this time she was sure she heard right.

"OVER HERE!" she screeched; desperate not to lose the person.

"Seeu!" a relieved female voice cried happily. The rustling and thumping of feet was the most beautiful sound Sakura could have heard in that moment.

"Seeu!" two arms found themselves wrapped around Sakura's chest from behind.

"Tenten!" Sakura grinned at the frazzled female. Sakura turned around and pulled Tenten off of her to get a better look at the exhausted looking ninja. Her brown hair fizzed and one bun was almost completely undone; she still wore only her swimsuit, her shorts, and some sandals.

She was adorable.

"You look like you fought a tree, are you all right?" Sakura's words came out a little differently than she had thought they would, but Tenten just smiled with a blush and shrugged.

"Everyone's been looking for you, I was so-…we were so worried about you! I'm so happy your safe!" Tenten put her hands behind her back sheepishly and smiled up at Sakura sweetly.

"Wow, everyone is looking for me? You guys are great friends." Sakura smiled back, "So, where are the others?"

(I bet Anko's destroyed half the village by now)

"Oh!" Tenten pulled out a small device and poked it a few times before speaking into it; "Hoi! I found him!"

The device made a buzzing sound before a male voice crackled through; "I'll tell the others, just get back to the village, ok?"

"Yes sensei!" Tenten said into the device.

The older ninja smiled back up at Sakura and motioned for the pink haired boy to follow her.

"So… is Anko looking for me too?" Sakura asked, unable to stifle her curiosity.

"Yup, she nearly exploded when you went missing!" Tenten said, her eyes wide. Sakura chuckled and put her hands in her pockets; that was so like Anko.

"Umm…" Tenten's voice interrupted Sakura's thoughts and the pink haired boy turned to the nervous brunette, "So….what…can I ask…what….I mean, where did you go?"

Sakura felt a lump form in her throat as she nervously pulled her hands out of her pockets and fiddled with her fingers behind her back; "Uhh… you want to know….where I went?" Sakura asked slowly.

Tenten nodded lightly; "If you don't mind." She added quickly.

"I….would rather not say right now….I'll….I mean….it's not important or anything." Sakura fumbled.

(Wow, way to go, that's not suspicious at all)

Enough sarcasm!

(Shape up then!)

"You know, I mean…I washed up on the banks like you guys but…a little farther down. That's all." Sakura corrected herself.

Tenten nodded slowly, looking unconvinced; "Wait a second, how'd you know we washed up on the bank?"

Sakura's mouth hung slightly open in a pseudo-response, "Er….I….I didn't…..I just assumed you know…since….we all went over the edge and all…"

Tenten's expression clearly showed suspicion but she replaced it quickly with a charming smile.

"Hey Seeu? Why don't you and I go to dinner? I owe you and you look starving!" Tenten put an arm around Sakura's waist and patted the surprised boy's stomach with her other hand. Sakura's face enflamed when her stomach gave a loud rumble in response. Tenten giggled and covered her mouth shyly, "Well looks like someone agrees with me."

"Hahah, well…ok then," Sakura smiled timidly, "If you don't mind."

"Not at all."


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