To Dream of You


Author's Note and Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ. And yes, I watched the episode "Big Trouble For Bulma," which I happened to have recorded in my youthful age of ten (only five years ago .). I was watching my tapes again and I saw this, giving me the idea to use the dream sequence as an AU take-off. So yes, the dialogue and actions of Vegeta in the 'dream' I wrote down as I was watching (and pausing O.O) the tape. After this, it will be AU.


Bulma sat quietly in her chair, her eyes closed in an attempt to catch some sleep. Birds chirped, the water swooshed calmly, and the desk next to her seemed to explode as a red ki blast incinerated it.

"EEEEEKKKKK!" she wailed. "Krillin? Gohan?" she cried, standing up and looking around frantically. She looked left.

Almost in a white glow, Vegeta slowly stomped toward her with clenched fists and bared teeth. He growled at her in rage, his eyes red with fury.

"I've finally found you," he hissed in a demonic tone.

"Ve… Veget-" she stammered, stepping backwards.

"No one makes a FOOL out of Vegeta!" he growled, accenting every syllable and advancing toward her retreating form. She breathed heavily and gasped, looking around for a way to escape. She was at the end of the ravine, so she could run for it. But he can fly! She could dive in the water behind her, but surely he could swim?

"Where is MY DRAGONBALL?" he yelled, getting louder as every word passed his lips. She paused and looked around.

"It's there!" she explained, looking behind him, hands up in a feeble attempt to calm him down.

"DON'T TOY WITH ME!" he roared.

"I'm not! It…. It's there!" she repeated, blinking in confusion and fear. Surely he must be looking for an excuse to kill or rape her. The first being the more preferable. But then again…

"If you won't tell me, then its lights out! AaaaaahhhhhhHHHH!" he yelled, forming a blast in his right palm. The second option was looking good right about then.

"I…(blink) I can't believe it! I'm much too young-" she began to think, just before he fired. She recoiled back.

"Don't hurt me! It's right behind you!" she screeched! "Dragonball… behind…" she rambled, finally falling off her… chair? Yes, her chair. Luckily, her head landed smoothly onto her blue backpack.

"Uh… It was a dream?" she asked herself rhetorically. She opened her eyes wide, searching around for the dragonball so she could hug it securely.

"Oh, Kami…" she whispered, standing up and looking around frantically.

The dragonball was gone.


Yea, so this is going to be one of those Namek AU's, but I think I'll continue it into the whole android thing. Please R&R!