To Dream of You


She woke with a dreamy look on her face that refused to leave her well until she'd removed her head off the blue backpack she was lying on. Standing up and brushing off her black spandex and yellow vest, she calmly seated herself at the desk next to her. Propping her head with her hand, elbow resting on the desk, she checked that the dragonball was there before lazily stretching her legs out.

"That was some dream!" she yawned. "Really long, too. But it had to be a dream. There were certain impossibilities. Like how'd Vegeta know that the last thing I remembered was being in the bathroom? And near the beginning, if I didn't know Namekian and Vegeta did, how would I have understood the wishes he made?" She stopped to think for a moment, and then in realization exclaimed, "Wait… Vegeta isn't even like that in the first place! That could never happen!"

She picked apart a gadget and then put it back together again. "That gravity room idea was pretty cool… I think I'll actually make one for him when I get back." She paused for a moment, thinking about what she'd just said. She sighed and put the mechanism down, bored with it. "Vegeta…. Hm? Maybe… he's not that bad. If everything turns out okay like it did in my dream… maybe I will invite him to stay."

She grinned to herself as she remembered a professor in North City rambling about how dreams are important as they as 'a window into the subconscious and a link to everyone else's'. Yes… she would definitely give Vegeta a chance.


He groaned in irritation and self-disappointment as he realized he'd dozed off despite sitting on one of the dragonballs. Head propped up with his hand, elbow on his knee, he sat up a little straighter in case he might fall asleep again.

"What a strange dream," he mumbled. He'd only seen the woman once and yet he'd come up with a name, her personality, even the innings of her home.

Perhaps he'd overheard one of her weakling friends call her by name. Yes… that must've been it. But that didn't explain how he'd visualized her home.

"Bah, dreams are dreams, nothing more."

He had more important things to worry about. Like keeping the dragonballs away from Frieza, for one.

"But later, after I defeat Frieza, I'll have to find out more about her. Yes… yes that works." He stood up with finality in his decision and started to concoct a plan concerning the more pressing matter.


She reveled in the familiarity of the de ja vu as the Namekians crowded around in her backyard. It was uncanny: the similarities. But it was nothing to fret about; Freud would not be making house calls to the Briefs residence. She spotted the man that plagued her mind sitting on a rock gloomily under a tree.

Without a second thought, she headed straight towards him. "You don't have a place to stay, huh?" He glared at her, a sure sign of 'no.' "Well," she chirped happily, "I refuse to let a 'dangerous subject' such as yourself run around the woods, so you can just come stay with me!" He looked at her blankly for a moment. "Well? How about it? I'm not stupidso I know I can't force you to stay…" She saw a hint of a smirk before he nodded his head. Taking her cue, she left to tend to the Namekians with a happy look of glee glowing on her face.

He watched her go in awe. Her personality was EXACTLY like it was in the dream, and judging by the outside shape and appearance of the backyard, all the images of her home had been accurate.

But how?

"We couldn't have… had the same dream could we? Were we actually… IN the dream?" He eyed her thoughtfully, attempting to understand what had happened.

Unbeknown to him, she was thinking along the same lines. "His personality was pretty similar, and I knew how to 'work him' just like I did in my dream. Maybe that professor guy was right. Did we see into each other's subconscious?"




"Yea right."

"I'll figure out what happened, though," they both decided pointedly.

Whatever took place, they were both itching to find out.

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