Romance and Dreams: Here … Now

Author: Catrina

Okay, this story in a way is a continuation of my first story, Romance and Dreams (rated M for violence). I would recommend reading that story first or you will be slightly confused. The couples are as follows: Usagi-Seiya) Ami- Taiki) Makoto- Nephrite) Rei- Jadeite) Minako- Yaten) plus Hotaru with an O/C. Now the first chapter was a story in itself so you don't have to read this one, but this is when they all get their real memories (Romance and Dreams) back. This chapter will be after all five seasons and the Sailor Starlights leave. Hopefully those still confused will not be after the end of this chapter. Still if you have comments or questions just hit the review button and I will do my best to get back to you.

Again the characters of Sailor Moon do not belong to me.



She watched silently as her Starlights slowly came out of their trance. A simple meeting was how this had started but half way through, her lights had slumped in the chair eyes going unfocused and it didn't take her long to figure out what was going on. They were now remembering their past lives all of it, even the things from the Moon. She was now sure that she had some explaining to do. Seiya was the first to break loose, she had expected nothing less from her, plus she had been the first to fall in battle. Startled blue eyes met her calm red ones and she looked her over.

"What was that?" She asked in a hushed whisper; the others were now joining Fighter in the world of the conscience.

"What the hell was that?" Healer said her angry voice echoing through the hall. Her green eyes were furious.

"I think I have some explaining to do." She said with a calm smile, she often found that a calm smile could help to calm troubled spirits.

"Would you please?" Maker asked calm on the outside, but she could see confusion and turbulence apparent in her light eyes.

"Well, you see we had a past life much like the Senshi of Earth did. One time we were invited to the Moon, for a conference that would mean a treaty for us, but along with the council there would be parties, many parties where you all met someone you fell in love with. Unfortunately they had been claimed by others, some not of their own accord, so we taught them of romance and dreams, and opened their hearts to something new. They fell in love with you in return and well the others, the Prince and Generals of Earth turned to evil when they were angered. And that should explain some of what you remember. They are my memories. But please tell me a little of what you remember." She looked to Fighter first, curious herself. She had always remembered them because of the deal made with Serenity, but she always wondered about what her lights did while she was in constant meeting after meeting.

"I was hurt, in the gardens…I think that she was dead though…" She said picking out the one major detail, still confused by all the new memories that had flooded her head.

"Sounds right." The princess said as she nodded. She looked to Healer next.

"It was cold there, a place of duty and depression." The princess then looked to Maker.

"She beat me at chess." That was all she was willing to share.

"I guess you remembered some things then." Princess Kakyuu said looking at her lights, knowing that what had happened on the Moon between her lights and the Moon Court would remain a secret for quiet some time.

"Why do we remember now?" Taiki asked the question.

"When Queen Serenity saved us all she and I made a deal, if you remembered, some part of that evil was coming and Sailor Moon would not be able to defeat it by herself. I told her we would never come back."

"Why?" Seiya asked in shock. "Did you go there in the first time?"

"Because she was the light of hope…" She stared off for a moment. "All right, I have one more thing to explain to you. When the generals turned Evil it was because Beryl had taken their star seeds, when Galaxia carried them back, they were reborn, but as they were before…"

"But how did Galaxia get them?" Seiya asked.

"Galaxia must have defeated or absorbed this evil force, and in him he still had the star seeds of the generals. I have contacted them, the generals reborn, only two of them agreed to meet you. They remember everything and they will meet you here." She said handing them an address of a park. "Star Healer, heal their star seeds and they will no longer be susceptible to the evil."

"What about the other two?" She asked.

"They won't take help. The ones you are helping are Nephrite and Jadeite. After you heal them they will go to their prince. I don't know what battle will be in store, but when you are done, come back." She said as she walked over and kissed them gently on the cheek. "Be on your way." With a wave of her hand they were gone, headed toward earth again.


Michiru grabbed her lover's hand as she awoke to presence in their room. Pluto stood at the end of their bed in uniform. Haruka slowly opened her tired eyes.

"Setsuna, what's wrong?" She asked groggy from sleep.

"The others are learning the truth." She said slowly. He ruby eyes watching as the meaning of what she was saying dawned on them.

"Then they'll be back." They concluded together.

"Yes." She told them softly.

"Shimatta! It's been almost two years. The girls will be graduating next year, what new evil?" Michiru watched the conversation transverse.

"It was released when Galaxia went on her way. When she was still good she defeated him and locked the chaos with in her. Unfortunately he was completely evil so when it was released he came back. He controlled Nemesis and with Beryl, he was the ruler of the Negaverse of completely evil."

"So they know the truth now, not the false reality that Queen Serenity had made up?" Michiru asked, saddened by the news.

"They'll be confused." Pluto told them. "Help them, if they ask for it. They won't know the truth from fiction and they will need to know the truth, and have clear thoughts and pure hearts."

"What about Sanlen?"

"He is alive and well, in Japan, and even going by the same name." She said with a smile remembering the arrogance of the prince who couldn't rule because he wasn't of pure moon lineage.

"Watch and care for Hotaru she will start growing again, fast and soon. Farewell." She grabbed her key and faded away. Michiru was crying softly knowing that they others would be hurt to learn that it wasn't a dream. Just as Pluto was back at the gates of time she heard someone yelling for her. It was the king. No it was Mamoru she corrected herself. She grabbed her key and went to him concerned. He was sitting at his desk in his America dorm room. He yelled her name again as she appeared.


Luna watched as Usagi tossed and turned in her bed. She kept calling for someone, but with the girl's tears falling steadily, there was nothing she could do. Usagi seemed to be curling inside of herself, gathering strength, but soon what started as tears became sobs as a story only see could see broke her young heart. Then her scream tore through the house as she sat up, blue eyes full of confusion.

"Luna?" She questioned and the cat ran to her, jumping into her lap. She was pulled into her arms and felt tears soak her fur.

"It's okay Usagi."

"Oh Luna…it hurts… my heart it hurts." Little did she know that all her Senshi were feeling the same way.


Okay… so this is just the start, just a teaser I guess you could say.. But there is a lot more where this came from, so please let me know what you think….

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