Since I've only had one review for the last chapter, I thought I'd try again with an alternative chapter 5 that people might like better.

Harry went to see his parents and he didn't like seeing them in such a state. It was horrible. But it wasn't that bad because people didn't want Harry to be a whiny baby. Then after Harry was done seeing his parents, he broke out of the hospital. Harry went back to Hogwarts. Harry killed the evil Dumbledore by sending a poisonous spider crawling up Dumbledore's beard. Then Harry built a Dumbledore robot that was good.

Harry and the Dumbledore bot went to defeat Voldemort. Voldemort called Harry an "annoying punk brat" and bitch slapped him across the land. Harry landed face first in a mud puddle, then Voldemort fired a shot at the Dumbledore robot using a Muggle pistol and the robot crashed on harry just as Harry was standing up out of the mud puddle. Harry laned back in the mud puddle and he drowned because of the weight of the robot ontop of him.

Then Voldemort laughed; he won the war. The Muggles all died, one by one, and Voldemort ruled the world untill a giant black hole swallowed the earth.

The end.