It rained all into the night. The wet Sakura walked alone with her wand in hand to her school.

"It all ends here...tonight," Sakura said as she was standing out front of the school. "Sword!" she yelled fiercely.

Her wand had then changed into the form of a long, thin sword. With five slashes and a swift kick, she knocked the front doors down and the lights had suddenly turned on. She then walked into the well lit hallway. Her footsteps echoed throughout the place. She continued on walking until she saw small figurines of penguins. They then suddenly went up into the air, floating for a second and then went towards to Sakura. Mei Ling came out of nowhere and punched the figures and smashed them to millions of pieces. Blow after blow, punch after punch, the figures kept on coming.

"Mei Ling!" What are you doing here!" Sakura yelled.

Mei Ling then yelled out, "GO!"

Sakura then nodded and ran to the stairs leading to the second floor. She ran up the stairs and into the second floor hallway of the school but only to find a five foot, ten inch tall man at the top of the stairs.

"I will kill you! Sword!" Sakura yelled, charging at the person.

Sakura thrust the sword at the man's chest, but the man moved to the side and was deeply stabbed in his upper, left arm. Droplets of bright red fell to the floor. The man grabbed the sword with his right hand and when he grabbed it, blood oozed out slowly to the ground from his right palm and he chuckled softly. He then pulled it out of his bloodied, mangled arm and let out a soft groan. Sakura stood there with her blood stained sword looking at the guy with one arm hold the other.

"Is that it?" he asked Sakura in a grim voice.

He then let go of his dead arm and threw his right arm to the side. A bright white flash filled the hall and a very large and long sword appeared in his hand which is a meter in length and two feet and a half in width.

"You will die Sakura, just like Syaoran did," the man said while disappearing. "I will be up on the rooftop Sakura. I'll be waiting…"

Sakura was stunned to see what had happened, how he had disappeared out of the blue, but she didn't care as long as she got her revenge for Syaoran. She then had her sword changed back to her trusty wand and yelled out "Fly!" She then opened the window and jumped off the window ledge and flew to the school's rooftop and landed.

"Where are you!" yelled Sakura at the darkness.

She heard a thump behind her and turned, but nothing was there. She turned back to see the man was running towards her, swinging his massive sword with one hand at her. Sakura yelled out "Firey!!" Flames of massive magnitude went towards the man. He jumped high and dodged the flames. Then Sakura yelled out "Wood!" Large vines of wood came at the guy who was still in the air from the jump. The wood wrapped around the man's arms, legs and body. He was constricted and had dropped his sword.

"It's over," Sakura said.

"That's what you think." The man said with a devilish smile. "Flare!"

In a flash, a pillar of fire came from beneath the man, engulfing him with flames. The wood entrapping him, burned to nothing. Ashes filled the night sky. The pillar of fire kept on going. Sakura then backed away and was trying to endure the scorching heat.

"Ugh…" she groaned. "It's so hot…I…I…have to do something!" And with that, she yelled out "Water!"

A massive amount of water came from the sky and collided with the flaming pillar. It hit and quickly steam gushed out and made a loud hissing sound. Wondering if the man had somehow survived the raging inferno, Sakura had stood there with her guard up, waiting for the steam to clear. She waited and when it finally did clear, she saw nothing. She looked around her and yet still saw nothing. But she failed to notice that a certain large sword was gone.

"Up here!" said the man, holding his sword with his right hand, above his head.

Surprised, Sakura quickly raised her wand to defend herself. Cling they went when they went in contact with each other. As Sakura held her wand over her head with the pressure of the man's sword, she kicked him in the stomach. Oomph went the man. The man then backed away to the ledge of the school and Sakura went in to hit him where she had kicked him. As Sakura tried to whack him with her wand, the man grabbed it.

"It's over Sakura." He said in a chilling voice.

He grabbed the wand out of Sakura's hand and threw it to the side. Sakura was in a state of disbelief. Sakura went for her wand but the man was too quick. He had grabbed her by the throat and lifted her up in the air and over the ledge.

"Well Sakura it's been nice playing with you. I'll see you later." said the man.

Sakura, trying to free herself, went for his left arm. Barely reaching, she grabbed the man's injured arm and squeezed it hard. More blood gushed out. He roared with pain. He then had let go of Sakura. And she fell and fell. Thirty, twenty five, twenty feet closer to ground she went. She fell and fell and fell. Fifteen, ten, five feet closer to the ground, Sakura kept on falling. Little beads of watery droplets came out of her eyes.

"Syaoran, I'm sorry." She whispered. "I'm really sorry…"

Almost to the ground, she then had woken up. Panting hard with beads of sweat all over her face, the twelve year old had woken up from the nightmare. She couldn't believe what had just happen. It was all just a dream.