"Oh hey look, there's Sakura!" Tomoyo said to Syaoran.

He looked up and his face started to turn red. He quickly looked down at his lap after seeing her on the stage. He wondered if it was really true, her feelings for him.

"Still thinking about it are you?" Tomoyo asked him.

"Yeah." He said. "So does she really?"

"Yeah I guess." She said.

He looked back up at Sakura who was smiling and waving at the crowd. "This is gonna be a problem. Hey I'm just gonna go now."

Surprised, Tomoyo said, "You don't wanna stay and cheer for Sakura?"

He began rubbing the back of his head and said, "Uh nah. I don't like these things anyways…"

He walked over to Mr. Terada and asked permission to go to the bathroom. Syaoran stood outside of the room where the ceremony was being held in with his arms crossed. He kept on tapping the floor with his right foot, doing something to keep him occupied as he waited impatiently for the ceremony to end. He took a peek into the room by lightly opening the door, looking through the crack. Looking through, there were rows and rows of people sitting, all looking at the stage where the contestants, were standing in a row and at the end was Sakura. After seeing her, he closed the door and leaned against the wall.

"Hm…Gonna have to tell her now." he said to himself.

He stood back up and went inside. He walked over to the teacher, Mr. Terada again.

"May I go back to the hotel? I don't feel very well." he whispered to him.

"Hm…you don't look like you're feeling well." the teacher said. "I suppose you may."

"Thank you." He said as he quickly walked off.

Syaoran walked back to the hotel and got to his room. In the room, he jumped on the middle part of the bed and laid there looking at the white ceiling. He closed his eyes and then opened them up as he heard a loud knock from the door. The white ceiling was no longer there but replaced with the orangey glow of the setting sun. He quickly got off the bed and opened the door.

"Hey come on its time for dinner." Tomoyo said in a cheerful tone.

"Oh hey thanks." He said to her. "Come on let's go."

He closed the door as he walked out. They both went to the elevator and pushed the button for one going down. Soon one came by and they both went in.

"You're gonna have to tell her." Tomoyo said.

"I know." He said, looking at her. "I know."

The elevator went ding and the doors opened up to the lobby where the crowd of students were at. They got out and walked over to the side where they saw Sakura standing with Yamazaki, Rika and Thiharu talking. Tomoyo yelled out at them and they all looked in their direction. Sakura turned her head and looked at Syaoran. They both looked at each other while everyone else was talking about some hit tv show that was called, "Deck Capturer Asakura." They didn't say anything and when Syaoran was about to, he was interrupted by Mr. Terada calling everyone in and heading out for dinner. It was a big celebration as it was the last night that they would all be spending here and then would leave in the morning. They walked over to the restaurant and all were seated in and somehow Syaoran and Sakura were sitting next to each other.

"How interesting…" he said, glaring at Tomoyo.

"Ho ho ho...Who knows how that happened." she said.

"Riiight…" Syaoran said, still looking at her.

Sakura, of course was completely oblivious to what was going on. The food came and everyone dug in. Everyone was eating except for Syaoran who was lost in thought. Afterwards everyone was left to do whatever in their free time.

"Psst." Tomoyo whispered to Syaoran. "You can tell her now."

"Fine, fine will." He said, annoyed.

He looked at Sakura and walked over to her but then walked away fast to the direction of Mr. Terada talking to him, and then left. A couple of hours passed by and Sakura decided to go back to the hotel. Minutes later, she walked into the hotel lobby and saw Syaoran on the couch holding his cell phone in his hand looking depressed.

"Hey, are you ok?" she asked as she walked over to him.

She wondered if he was thinking about the time at the elevator in the morning, the unplanned confession. He didn't respond.

"Syaoran?" she said.

"Huh?" he said, after snapping out of it and back into reality.

"Are you ok?" she asked nervously.

Syaoran was quiet. He didn't say anything nor did he want to. He just sat there looking down while Sakura looked at him, wondering what was wrong.

"Syaoran." She said as she sat next to him. "Tell me what's wrong. Please."

She lightly placed her hand on his. He looked at her and she looked back. They both looked at each other for a long time without saying anything to each other. She then inched her body closer to his and he did the same. Her hand was still on his and then he shifted his body facing hers. She did the same also. Her heart was beating fast. They still looked at each other and then started getting closer. Their heads were moving closer than ever before, so close that it was a few inches apart.

"I…" Sakura said, softly. "I really like you Syaoran."

"Sakura, I…" he said.