Raziel Re'del stood alone atop the ruins of a skyscraper overlooking the harbor. This one boywas thisworld's last line of defense. In truth, Earth's only line of defense. The last living hero. In appearance he wasn't much. A sixteen year old boy who stood just over five and a half feet. His skin was tanned despite the fact that the sun hadn't pierced the clouds in years. His black hair fell down just enough to cover part of his dark blue eyes.

The wind ruffled the coat that fell down to his ankles, revealing for just a moment the sheathed swords and the twin pistols at his hips. He sighed and knew that the time had come. Whether it would the time for him to succeed and change this hellish world or if it was time for him to die, he didn't know. He stood straighter and a pair of black feathered wingsunfolded throughwell hidden holes in the coat.

After taking a moment to stretch his muscles Raziel took a step off the edge of the building and fell towards the cracked concrete below. The wings furled out and Raziel glided silently out over the water towards the huge T shaped tower.

After what seemed like an eternity of flight,Raziel landed softly on the edge of the island. It was only then that he could see just what was guarding this huge monument. At the front entrance alone there had to be at least one hundred Ifrit. The ugly doglike monsters milled around the entrance snarling at each other, and the fire that danced down their back flared with each snarl and snap. Besides that there was, by Raziel's count a total of twelve patrols along the beach line, each comprising of ten Imps. Imps were the scouts of this army that had decimated every army in the world. Something of a crossbreed between lizards and humans, the scaly creatures were completely silent whether walking or running and while they were amazingly viscous in combat they preferred the role of assassins, killing silently from the shadows.

Last but not least was a single creature known as a Slayer. It alone posed more of a threat than all the other monstrosities on the island. Slayers stood generally between fifteen and twenty feet tall. Raziel had seen these behemoths single handedly slaughter whole battalions of troops with a single sweep of the huge hand axes that were strapped to their belts. And as if their indomitable strength wasn't enough these giants had an insane level of pain tolerance and had been known to keep fighting even if they had been ripped in half, or had gaping holes ripped out of their enormous torsos. In fact the only sure way to kill one was to break it's neckor put a hole in it's head.

Raziel let out a low sigh. This didn't seem as hard as he'd expected it to be, but that worried him. He didn't stop to think about the possibility of what would be waiting for him inside that tower, but instead unsheathed his swords and begansilently hunting down each and every patrol on the island.

Asthe firstpatrol came around a particularly large rock Raziel dropped right into the middle of them and by the time they realized what was going on each and every one that wasn't bleeding from a fatal throat wound, were missing their heads. One after another the patrols began to disappear until finally Raziel was the only living thing left on the beach.

With all the patrols dead or dying all that was left was to decide how to take on the guards at the doors. Lure out a few at a time and kill them silently or take them head on? The choice was obvious. After all Raziel hated sneaking around.

"But why not put the fear of God into them first?" Raziel muttered to himself with a grim smile.


A single somewhat round object landed in the middle of the group. One Ifrit picked it up and in the light from the fires that ran along the backs of others of its kind could see exactly what it was. An Imps head. A rush of barking and snapping rushed through the group like wildfire. Suddenly more heads began to fall amidst the group. The doglike creatures howled in panic and all hell broke loose.

Raziel rushed into the group a sword in each hand and sliced into a group of the demonic creatures. He moved like a blur rushing deeper into the middle of the group, knowing what would be coming to attack soon. Suddenly the ground began to shake and Raziel quickly back flipped just in time to avoid the giant axe that had cleaved a dozen Ifrit in half. The Slayer roared in rage, not at the fact that he'd killed his own underlings but at the simple fact that he'd missed.

Raziel continued steadily witling away at the Ifrit who now realized that they were only fighting one enemy, and were now attacking ceaselessly only to be sliced into ribbons by Raziel, and turned into cold cuts by the colossal Slayer. The Ifrit were being massacred but they were not known for their intelligence and they kept charging forward.

Soon all that was left were five of the Ifrit and the huge Slayer. Raziel charged straight into his opponents and scored several hits against the Slayer whohad been up till nowsimply too slow to hit the nimble boy. He landed an unfortunate Ifrit standing directly behind the Slayer and in a blur the two swords ripped into it's flesh. All four of the remaining Ifrit jumped Raziel at once. Raziel hurled both of his swords attwo of his airborne enemies, and in one smooth motion pulled out both of his pistols and blasted the remaining creatures.

Suddenly Raziel felt himself lifted of the ground and hurled back down. He smashed onto the ground and left a crater in the rocks below him. In the dirt he rolled over and coughed bluish black blood onto the ground. Raziel felt no pain though, only rage boiling up from within

The Slayer laughed at his pitiful opponent and raised his foot to crush Raziel into the dirt. His foot started down but suddenly halted barely a foot from his opponent. The Slayer put all of his considerable weight on his foot but it wouldn't budge even an inch. Suddenly the Slayers leg flew upward causing him to loose his balance and fall painfully onto his back. He quickly tried to sit up but a fist smashed into his face sending him crashing back onto the ground.

"That hurt…" A raspy voice said from atop the creatures chest. The Slayer tried to move, to get away from this inhumanly strong creature, but found that none of it's body would move. The last blow had shattered the bones in creature's neck.


Raziel opened his eyes to find himself standing on top of the carcass of the huge Slayer. It was ripped apart from head to toe. It was afull minutebefore Raziel thought to wipe the blood from his swords… and hands.

"Damn you." He said quietly to no one in particularas he turned back to the tower. He walked silently through the empty halls of Titans Tower finding the way to stairs that lead farther and farther up into the Tower.

Somewhere inside there was a suit that held the power to travel through time. A man who called himself Warp had attacked the past twice, though how exactly this was possible never did make sense to Raziel, he really couldn't have cared less how the time machine had gotten there just so long as it worked.

The halls seemed to stretch on forever, but eventually Raziel arrived at the room labeled as Robins. The door wouldn't budge. Once it had been automated, now Raziel had to kick it in to pass. Inside was stacks upon stacks of papers, table long since overturned, a bed that had been slashed to ribbons. But in the corner was a suit that looked as though someone had been tinkering with, and was interrupted. Tools lay scattered about it covered in dust.

For the first time in his memory Raziel genuinely smiled. He reached out for the armor, his smile widening. Then without any warning Raziel felt a burning heat at the back of his neck and his smile died. He knew what stood behind him and he knew he could not win against it. He grabbed the armor and instead of trying for the door he simply jumped upwards andsmashed his way through the roof.

Raziel knelt on the roof and desperately tried to find out how to activate the suit. He found the controls on theright armand ignored the physical coordinates setting instead typing quickly on the keypad for date. He heard steps behind and looked to see the shape of a man behind him.

Slade. The tall man was ringed in fire and his footsteps left tracks burned into the roof. Half his face simply black, the other a red-orange with a single black eye glinting within.

"What are you doing here little boy?" He said in that taunting condescending voice. Raziel heard grunting sound and it took his mind a moment to realize that Slade's foot had smashed into his chest. Raziel was hurled across the tower and skidded along the roof but he managed to hold onto the black and golden suit. He coughed, and blue black blood splattered onto the screen that showed the date he wanted to go to. Raziel looked up to see Slade walking slowly towards him, chuckling to himself.

"You won't escape this time boy. You're going to die, and then there will be no one to stop us from slaughtering every last person left on this useless little planet."

"Wrong Slade." Raziel said as he hit the last button and a black portal opened up behind just a few feet away. Slade started to run towards Raziel who stood and stepped through the portal.

"See ya later, Shit head." He said and raised one hand with the middle finger up. The portal closed behind him and everything turned white. Clocks hung in the air around him as Raziel floated through time. Raziel felt the pain in his chest ease and he simply waited for the long trip to end.

Raziel tumbled unceremoniously landing on the ground of a warehouse. He got up and walked through the large doors to look around outside. Outside the streets bustled with life, thousands of people walking the streets cars driving up and down the streets. A few of the people stared at Raziel's choice of clothing, but none said anything. Raziel smelled food and looked across the street to see a triangle shaped building with huge umbrellas overlooking the city.

His stomach growled and Raziel walked into the building taking the stair up to the patio where there was man standing behind a counter. Raziel walked up to him and looked at the menu, wondering what the numbers next to the food meant. Even ifhe didn't know whatthe numbers were forhe did know what kind of food he wanted.

"I'll have a large pizza with extra cheese and cheese sticks." Raziel said thinking of the one and only time he'd had pizza in his life.

"That'll be eleven fifty." The acne ridden young man behind the counter said holding out his hand.

"What?" Raziel said slightly confused.

"Come on buddy, you gotta pay for food."

"Pay with what?" Raziel said a little confused. In his time food had been stored and given out daily. He'd heard his father talk of places like fast food but had never heard him speak of money.

"Money stupid, come on cough up the cash or…" The man stopped as a boy's voice cut him off.

"I'll pay for it." It said. Raziel's eyes widened and he turned to see a masked boy, wearing a red and green jumpsuit, with a cape that was black on the outside and bright yellow on the inside.

"Robin?" Raziel said incredulously. Raziel looked over the Boy Wonder's shoulder to see four people sitting at a table. People he knew. Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg and... Raven.