That first Monday it was cold. Icy cold.

The TARDIS was broken and the entire ship became a block of ice within 12 hours.

Rose didn't get out of bed, wrapped up in two duvets, with three hot water bottles, she cuddled up with the Doctor and Jack as they came and went, trying to fix the machine in the cold.

She felt warm though, in her little cocoon.

Especially when the Doctor held onto her so tightly when he got into the bed with her and when Jack insisted on being at least topless, to share their body heat.


Tuesday Jack managed to get the TARDIS to leave the little bit of space they were stuck in and travel somewhere else.

Anywhere else.

Though that was still up to the TARDIS and they could only hope she choose somewhere warm.

The Doctor defrosted the door with his sonic screwdriver and led Rose and Jack outside.

It wasn't a tropical paradise, the sky was dull and there were fields upon fields but it was considerably warmer.

Rose threw her duvet off and settled on the grass.

"You can fix it right?"

The Doctor and Jack just looked at each other and shrugged.


Wednesday saw Rose camped out in the fields of the unknown planet dressed in shorts and a bikini top.

The dull grey day had passed and the sun had come out, she'd woken up sweating under her duvet, the Doctor holding her tightly.

Jack had already been inside working on thawing out the TARDIS.

Now, on the horizon, she could see a second sun rising, squashing any hope they were on earth.

Shame, she thought, looks like Wales. She knew two suns meant trouble, once could be hot enough and it was just going to get worse.

"Is there any factor 15 inside?"


The heat hadn't affected the TARDIS at all.

It was scorching outside and freezing inside. Rose was covered from head to toe in sun lotion and wrapped in a duvet, sitting in the doorway of the TARDIS.

She started to feel weird around 10am.

The Doctor was coping nicely with both extremes. Jack preferred the cold but knew his limits.

She lost consciousness around six pm, slumping back into the control room and onto the ice floor.

The Doctor was at her side in an instant, lifting her into his arms and running into the depths of the TARDIS.


Rose woke up at noon, unable to move. She was wrapped up tightly in blankets and duvets. The Doctor was asleep by her side, one arm slung over her.

Her room still looked like the inside of a freezer.

"At last! You're awake." Jack said coming into the room. "Maybe the Doctor will be able to leave you and try and fix his ship."

"What happened?" She said hoarsely.

"Combination of sun stroke and hypothermia. Nearly killed you."


"You need water. I'll be back."

"I'll get it." The Doctor said getting up. "Then I'm going to fix this bloody machine."


"There's nothing wrong with her." The Doctor said. "She's doing this on purpose."

"But Rose could've died and I'm freezing my balls off."

"I know, but it's the only thing I can think of."

"Well…talk some sense into it."

"I tried last night. Ranted and swore and all sorts. I'm surprised you didn't hear me."

"I was with Rose, keeping her warm."

"Really?" The jealous tone made Jack laugh.

"I'm going outside. Get a little sun."

"A little sun. You're in as much danger as Rose. It doesn't get this hot on earth until it's about to be destroyed."


Rose woke up sweating again. The doctor holding her tightly, Jack spooned up behind him. The blankets and duvets were wrapped around them, covering them completely.

She wriggled out of the Doctors grasp and looked from under their warm cocoon. The room was still covered in ice, her breath misting before her.

She frowned, she was nice and warm but she needed the toilet badly. Slowly she got out her bed, taking a duvet with her and wrapping around her. She smiled at the large lump in her bed and stepped out of her room and in the warmth of the corridor.

"Er, Doctor?"


The combination of hypothermia and sun stroke had left her weak and all she wanted to do was sleep.


The TARDIS wouldn't let her.

Her bedroom was the only room left as ice. When she woke Jack and the Doctor, she left tem to work on the problem and went to find another bed to sleep in.

That room turned to ice too.

She was on her fourth attempt now, burying herself under a blanket in Jack's but already she could see her breath misting,

All of sudden the TARDIS had decided it didn't like her and she had no idea why.


The second Tuesday brought around the Doctor talking to the TARDIS again.

"Why don't you like her? You liked her before, what's changed? I got the impression that you really liked her. She hasn't got lost once. You let me get lost all the time."

As expected, he got no answer.


Rose walked into the silence, coughing. Sunburnt and tired.

"I'm sorry Rose."

"Where are we?"


"The TARDIS wants me to leave."

"I think so."

"Maybe I should."


"She won't let me sleep. I can't stay in a room alone for more than an hour."

"Then you'll have to sleep with me."


They couldn't leave London. The TARDIS wouldn't let them.

Wouldn't let Rose.

She slept with the Doctor curled up around her again and she was beginning to love the feeling of his body pressed up against hers. The feeling of his arms holding her tightly.

She didn't want to go home. She didn't want to leave him.

The temperature in the room dropped suddenly, her breath misting again.

"Fucking hell." She said. "I'm not leaving." she yelled. The Doctor jerked awake.

"What's going on?" He asked, then saw ice creep up his bedroom wall.

"Bloody hell."


"She's jealous."

"Jealous? Of Rose?" Jack didn't quite believe it.

"Rose can't stay in a room alone."

"So she wants you to herself?"


"What can we do? Talk sense into her!"

"I tried."

There was a loud thud as Rose dropped her rucksack onto the floor of the control room.

"I'm going."

"No!" Both men cried.

"You can't let this machine beat you so easily." Jack said.

"It's not easy. It's hard. But I'll be back, if she lets me."

She hefted up her rucksack and kissed the doctor on the cheek before leaving the TARDIS.