He was a little unsure about taking Lyra back to the TARDIS.

A little unsure about how it would react to the presence of another potential companion but he wasn't willing to leave the girl to the hands of the rioters during one of the bloodiest revolutions in the Universe's history.

She passed out the moment she saw the inside was bigger than the outside. He'd forgotten that Lactalisans were never the most technologically minded of planets.

He didn't think she'd last long. Which was a shame. Because she was nice enough.

He didn't think the TARDIS would mind if she left though.


They did nothing.

Jack didn't know what to think, what to do so he discovered day time tv and immersed himself with the bad soap operas during the day.

At night he filled his head with Rose. Her skin, her lips, everything.

Rose avoided everyone. Or at least tried to but it was hard to avoid her mum in such a small flat and reality was beating down on them. Jackie's jobseekers allowance would only go so far.

At night she let Jack overwhelm her and forgot about reality.

Forgot about the ache in her heart.

But she always cried herself to sleep.


It didn't feel right.

Lyra wandered around the TARDIS trying to take it all in but she was still having trouble accepting it all.

And they hadn't even left Lactalis yet, he didn't know what she'd make of that.

He was reluctant to leave, to take her with him. She was nice, asked plenty of questions, good questions but she wasn't Rose.

He knew he had to leave eventually but he hadn't resolved anything. He's come here to get drunk but had picked up another companion instead.

He didn't know what to make of that but had come to the conclusion the TARDIS was more sentient than she was letting on.


The TARDIS was treating Lyra like a princess. Like she had treated Rose in the very beginning, not letting her get lost, making her favourite areas bigger, making sure she always had hot water and towels.

Towels, there were towels everywhere for her. He wasn't sure how the TARDIS did that one, and he was sure the kitchen wasn't that big before.

He had to leave soon but he was holding back. Outside of the TARDIS the Lactalis riots were getting nastier and the cupboards were going to be empty soon. He didn't think he could pop down the Lactalis version of Morrisons for some shopping.


Early 21st Centuary Earth was not one of his favourite places. It wasn't somewhere he'd spent a lot of time. So he wasn't sure how he was going to get him and Rose out of this time.

The level of technological and scientific ability was as ambiguous as a lot of the populations sexuality and he didn't like it.

He liked to know exactly what he was dealing with but everyone was so careful. So secretive.

Rose was falling apart in that flat, something he hadn't expected, hadn't been prepared for.

He needed to get her out of here. Even he could just jump ahead 50 years.


"You need to move on sweetheart." Jackie said sitting down nest to her. "Start going out with Shireen again, get a job."


"You and Jack could get a flat. waiting list isn't that long. You could tell 'um your pregnant, get one even quicker then."


"Rose you have to face facts."

"I can't just give up on him like that. He'll come back for us."

"It's been ages, he just dumped you here and left."

"He didn't dump me here. He didn't leave me! He didn't have a choice." She cried. "He'll be back!"

She ran out of the flat and didn't hear her mum call after her.


Lyra made him leave.

She found him in the control room crying and she panicked, thinking he was hurt.

He was. Just not physically.

She made him tell her everything with a soft voice and a gentle hand, pulling him to his feet and wiping away his tears.

"If it hurts so much then you cannot just…you cannot be anywhere else."

He grinned at her then and she'd took a step back.

"You'll like Earth." he said. "Lots of water."

She smiled.

"Let us leave the Doctor. Fire up this…contraption."

"TARDIS." He reminded her and she nodded, the word going straight over her head.


To try and normalise Rose's life again, Jackie invited most of the family around for Sunday dinner.

So she and Jack escaped to the street where they had left the TARDIS.

They sat on the bench together, Jack sat with some notes he had made on building a time ship, where to get materials and so on.

How was something he wasn't willing to touch on just yet.

Rose stared at the spot she'd last seen the TARDIS. On the pavement, surrounded by graffiti.

She felt sick.

Until she felt a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Miss me?" The Doctor said grinning.