Cloud: Exactly how long are we gonna have to wait here?

Barret: Everyone shout with me! Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!

Everyone: Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!

Desertman: Will y'all just SHUT UP! I'm working on it… anyway, uh, I'm not allowed to write script-form stories anymore, I got suspended last time I did that… can somebody do something in past tense please?

Everyone: concentrates

Tick… tock… tick… tock…

Desertman: annoyed sigh Present tense will do just fine…

Red XIII: I can do conditional tense.

Red XIII would kick Cloud in the nuts.

Cloud: Oh yeah? Well how about future tense?

Cloud will elbow Red to his knees.

Tifa knocked both Cloud and Red in the face. "Will you two cut it out?" she shouted.

Cid has been, would be, will be, and is kicking all their butts.

Desertman: Hmm, not bad… how about we spice things up by throwing in the subjunctive!

Yuffie doubts that the end of this pointless scene will ever come.

Desertman: Not bad… now imperative!


Desertman: That… is imperative, yes.

I noticed that people, somewhere, somehow, are still reading this story, after it's been pushed to probably number 2 billion on the list. The hits counter keeps going up, and it's my only story with 2 alerts on it. So, by popular demand, I'm going to be working on the sequel to this story, and improving the first part as well. Hmm… well that's it for now. Come by and check later, then! Until then-

Reno: Have a Reno-rific day!

Desertman: glares No… anyway have a good one and look for updates soon :)