You know, I really like ramen.

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There he was, standing in the soft, gentle rays of the evening sun, his raven locks falling over his eyes. I always thought he looked beautiful, always tried to say so, always tried to tell him. But I never could. It was so hard. I liked him, loved him even, but I could never bring myself to say so. I hated this weak side of me. I wanted to be like the other girls, to be able to confess their love so openly to their loved ones. But I couldn't. I hated being different, but I couldn't help it, could I?

I sighed. I wondered when I had gotten over Naruto-kun. It seemed so long ago. I just looked at him that day and poof. The feeling was gone. I didn't feel dizzy any longer. My heart didn't skip a beat, and I could talk without stuttering. He never truly liked me after all. He was always chasing after Sakura-san, so I gave up in the end. I was getting tired anyway. Then I realized that when you forget a crush, another one can slam into just as quickly.

That day, I finally saw him, finally realized how handsome he was, finally understood why all the other girls were falling all over him. But it was so hard. The competition was so much stiffer, and he rejected all the girls who confessed their love to him. That was how Sakura-san left him for Naruto-kun. Then, eventually, the competition faded away. He was left all alone. And the only girl who had not said, "Sasuke-kun, I really like you." was me.


I snapped back to reality, and noticed how close he was to me. I gasped softly. He was…beautiful. His flawless porcelain skin rivaled any girl in the village; his well-toned body was slightly visible beneath his shirt adorned with the Uchiha symbol, his soft, ebony hair falling over his onyx eyes…ah yes, his eyes. They were the reason why I fell in love with him. They were so gentle, yet tough, so sweet, yet with bitterness behind them, but most of all, they looked so sad. I longed to erase this sadness, to make it go away, so that all you could see was happiness.

I could not stop my hand in time as I saw it rise to stroke Sasuke's cheek. His skin was so smooth…


"Hmm?" I snapped out of my daze and felt the blush spread like wildfire across my cheeks. Did he only say one word at a time? "Ah, s-so sorry…"

His eyes had a hint of puzzlement within them, but it disappeared almost immediately. I swallowed hard. There was a little voice urging me to tell him how I felt. I had a feeling that he would reject me, just like he had rejected all those dozens of other girls. It's worth a shot, isn't it? Stupid inner voice.

"Um, Sasuke-san?"


Come on! Tell him!



Yeah! You can do it! Give me a break.

"I really…really…"



"Like what?"



Aw crap. Yeah, I know. Oh shit. Did I just say ramen? Damn. Heck, it was true anyway.

There was a rather awkward silence between us for about a minute and twenty-seven seconds. Yes, I was counting. Then his lips curved up into a small smile, and I swear I saw a glimmer of happiness in his eyes.

"You know, Hinata, I really like ramen too."

I smiled back in relief. "Really?"

"Well, yes. Caught the 'ramen-loving-disease' from that stupid dobe."




"Would you like to go to Ichiraku's for some ramen?"

I grinned back happily. "Yes, very much indeed." Hmm? My stutter was gone. But it was for a good cause this time. I don't know where I got the courage from, but I got it anyway, and took his hand in mine. I saw the spark of happiness dance around in his eyes, and for the first time, understood how it felt to truly love. And it felt nice.

Maybe I'll tell him how much I like him tomorrow. Yeah. I'll tell him tomorrow.

"What you can do tomorrow, don't do today!" –Tsuzuki from Yami no Matsue.

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