You know, I really like Ramen

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She was looking at me, and I knew it. But I didn't mind. I never stopped to really notice her, and now that I did…I realized.

She was an angel. And there was no doubt about it.

Why didn't I notice earlier? She was the only one who never vied for my attention, never chased after me, never came to me telling me she loved me and wanted to have my babies etcetera etcetera… So naturally I didn't care.

Of course she was in love with Naruto. Was. But now it was different. Occasionally I would catch her watching me train, even when it wasn't with Naruto. It could have been Neji, or Lee, or Kakashi-Sensei, or some random ninja who was worth my time. She couldn't possibly like all of them, right?

She was always different. She was never in the pack of fangirls that came chasing after me. She was the only one I hadn't rejected (because she never told me she loved me, duh).

But she really is beautiful. Her soft dark blue hair falling over pure white eyes that reminded me of newly fallen snow, and her fair complexion and petite body reminded me of a porcelain doll and her voice… Her voice was so soothing, like a warm spring breeze, blowing over the lake, so gentle, but so poignant.

I never understood why she spoke so little. And whenever she did, she seemed to stutter half of the time. To hear her speak was rare, like a perfect white rose. I wanted to help her, to let her be heard. I wanted to hear people say, "Hinata-chan has such a beautiful voice." That was it.

I strolled over to her side. With every step I took, with every step closer I got, she looked more and more mesmerizing she seemed. Like a fallen angel…


She seemed to have the shock of her life, and I heard her gasp softly. She looked up at me, her white eyes studying every inch of me until she finally stopped at my eyes. Our eyes locked, and for a brief moment, all time seemed to stop, and all I saw was her. I didn't even notice her hand rise to caress my cheek. Her skin was really smooth…She looked dazed, so I called her again.


"Hmm?" She suddenly seemed to realize what she was doing and squeaked. Her face lit up. I never knew the human face could turn that shade of red…

"Ah, s-so sorry…"

I sighed. I never could understand women. I watched her lips, half-hoping that she would say something else. Ah…her lips were nice and full. I wondered what they tasted like…


I snapped out of my daze quickly. I can't believe I actually thought about that… "Hmm?"


I think she would taste like strawberries… Shit. What the hell am I thinking about? "Yes?" But now that you mention it…

"I really…really…"

Or maybe roses…That would be interesting…Yes, very interesting indeed. Delicious too…Oh great. Stupid hormones.


Why don't you scoop her up, kiss her and get over with it? I think she's trying to say she likes you anyway…She is? That's true…Then it would be killing two birds with one stone…get to taste her too…Ack! Bad thoughts! Don't think! "Like what?"


Ramen? Aw, there goes your chance. You sure were close. Yeah…but ramen is quite nice too. She has good taste. Heh. She is worth my time after all…

I couldn't stop my lips from forming a small smile.

"You know, Hinata, I really like ramen too."

She smiled back. She really looked beautiful when she smiled. Even more beautiful than an angel, fallen or not. "Really?"

"Well, yes." It was true anyway. "Caught the ramen-loving-disease from that stupid dobe." I should go thank him…



"Would you like to go to Ichiraku's for some ramen?"

She smiled again. Her smile was so addictive… "Yes, very much indeed." Her stutter was gone. She sounded wonderful. And I think I'm really falling in love with her…And as she took my hand in hers, I sank deeper into the river of love. And it felt nice.

Maybe I'll kiss her tomorrow. Yeah. I'll kiss her tomorrow.

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