Baby Blues

A/N; I know that all you readers out there were hoping that this would be an update of 'A Series of Bad Decisions' but as you can see it is not. Sadly I have hit a brick wall on that story and no more inspiration has reached me. I hope that this story keeps my fans happy – I particularly enjoyed writing it.

It must be said that as this story has never happened in the show it is all my own interpretation, my opinion on what I think life would be like.

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The newly wed Kirsten Cohen sat on the cracked toilet seat, nervously twiddling with her wedding rings as she waited with bated breath for the continual pounding in her rounded stomach to cease.

Her two babies had begun their game a few hours earlier and had refused to stop since. Each taking turns to torment their mother, waiting for the other to stop kicking before taking over the relentless motion.

When Kirsten had first found out she was pregnant she had panicked, they hadn't even reached their one month anniversary yet and already she had to tell Sandy she was pregnant. She hoped he would be happy but there was so much else to consider; they were both still in college, they lived in the back of a mail truck, had no experience of children and there was still the problem of her father. Ever since the day she had introduced Sandy to her dad they had been at loggerheads, her father had done everything in his power to break the two up but he hadn't succeeded.

Which was exactly why she was now sitting in a leaking old bathroom with hundred year old paint pealing from its walls as her unborn children played football with her bladder.

Sandy had, as was expected, taken the news well – in fact well was somewhat of an understatement. He had spun Kirsten around in his arms and then proceeded to tell anybody and everybody he met that he was going to become a father.

Kirsten had been ecstatic at his response but soon the conversation turned to the more serious aspects of the pregnancy; the money, their education, their living conditions the list went on and on. Reluctantly they sold the converted mail truck on to a young freshman couple who had recently started at Berkley, they thought it fitting that the tradition was continued. They sold off anything of any value and looked for a small place near to the campus, some of the places they had seen in their price range where not only small but microscopic. There was little room for Sandy and Kirsten never mind a new baby so grudgingly they had called in Caleb, Sandy had been none to pleased at 'crawling' to Kirsten's father for a hand out but it couldn't be helped.

A short time later they moved into a modest house on the outskirts of the campus, it was rundown and needed a lot of work but Kirsten had fallen in love with it the minute she saw it. She had stood on the patchy front lawn and imagined her baby running through the grass as Sandy chased him or her, she would be watching from the little bench below the lounge window sketching a portrait of her family.

However these plans had been shattered not long after, when a visit to the doctor had shown that not only was Kirsten definitely pregnant that she was in fact expecting twins. Sandy had repeated his performance from weeks earlier when he enveloped Kirsten in a crushing hug and sat twitching from the excitement. They had been briefed on all the differences a double pregnancy carried with it but their delight couldn't be concealed as they prepared to welcome two babies into the world instead of one.

The excitement had, however, been short lived on Kirsten's part as the double morning sickness hit her body full force. She spent her mornings in the bathroom, perched close to the toilet in case of another attack while Sandy bustled around her preparing to leave for his lectures. He had remained upbeat in the mornings until a particularly rough day when Kirsten had nearly choked him when he wished her good luck on his way out the door. From then on in he had merely gone about his business silently leaving her to glower at him from the corner.

They had begun gathering everything for the babies together after that, buying what they could when they could. Of course there had been the amazing wave of gifts from family and friends in the initial few months so the tiny little box room was packed with baby clothes and miscellaneous baby necessities. Kirsten had spent the early months splitting her time between her degree and painting the little room so it was just the way she wanted it.

She was broken out of her thoughts by a particularly vicious thump to her upper left abdomen groaning she reached down and rubbed the spot trying to settle the acrobatic babies within her.

"Hey baby, rough night?" Sandy's arms encircled her shoulders hands gently lacing into hers as his chin came to rest on her tousled hair.

"Hmmm." Was all the reply she offered as she closed her eyes basking in his comfort.

Removing a stray lock of hair from her face Sandy whispered in her ear, "Come back to bed honey, I'm awake now."

Leading her back down the narrow dimly light corridor he guided her to the bed, wrapping his arms and the blankets securely around her. She sighed deeply burying her head into Sandy's chest letting him know that the kicking was still continuing, he placed his hands upon her expanded belly and began to rub gently soothing his unborn children.

"You know we should really start thinking about names." They had tried to approach this subject several times before but it had always descended into arguments.

Kirsten smiled into her husbands shoulder knowing exactly how this discussion would end, she thought she would have some fun with him first.

"I told you Sandy; Pippa and Grace."

"Umm okay but as the father I have to ask, when was this decided?" He chuckled slightly and turned his cheek onto Kirsten's head allowing him to speak without her blonde locks getting in the way.

"I decided a few days ago, you know that night when you were out with Steve and Graeme." She grunted slightly toward the end to show her annoyance.

"Oh so that's my punishment is it? Just because I can go out and drink I'm not allowed to name my own children."

"Who said they were yours?" Kirsten giggled as she felt Sandy gasp beneath her then flick at her fingers in mock annoyance.

"So you really think they're both going to be girls?" Sandy continued on but then added quietly, "That was me ignoring you by the way."

Kirsten grinned at her husband, his soothing motions having settled the babies down, "Yeah I do, most of the stuff in their room is for girls anyway."

"Only because you bought it all." He chuckled remembering a weighed down Kirsten returning home with every white and green item of clothing the baby shops had, stating they were 'neutral' colours. "Oh so that's why there's a little stash of pink and yellow sleepers hidden under the stack of nappies?" He questioned innocently noting his wife's look of horror that her secret had been discovered.

"You just want boys so they can follow in you self-righteous footsteps." She snuggled closer to him to make it clear she was only teasing. "So what did you have in mind then?"


Kirsten choked and began to giggle furiously.

"What? What's wrong with that? It's a good strong Jewish name." Sandy bit back wounded by the laughter.

"Exactly Sandy. I'm not calling my son 'Ezekiel' just to please your mother."

"What about me? I like it." Kirsten merely raised her brow at him and he crumbled, "Okay well yeah maybe it's a little out there and maybe Ma did suggest it…" He tailed off knowing he had lost that battle.

"Come on what else do you like." She questioned on looking for a serious answer.

"Zain, Aaron or Jacob…something like that." Sandy's voice dropped with each name as he saw Kirsten's face pull into a bewildered expression. "You know I haven't really though about it that much."

Kirsten felt guilty for dismissing his names so quickly, "No honey there great it's just…"

"…you don't like any of them?" Sandy finished for her.

"Maybe we could compromise? They could be their middle names or something?"

"So what do you like then, I mean apart from Pippa and Grace?"

"I don't know I've only really thought about girl's names, those two are definitely my favourites." Kirsten paused for moment thinking for the first time about boy's names for her babies. "I like Matthew."

Sandy snorted from below her and she looked up quizzically at him, "Fourth grade new boy - use to pick his nose."

Kirsten grinned as Sandy pulled a face; that was Matthew out the window. They lay in silence for a while each mentally running through all the names they liked checking them off against people from their past to ensure they didn't raise a nose picking or pigtail pulling child.

Sandy took a deep breath and Kirsten knew he had come up with a new name for her to bat down, "I like Seth…I use to have this teacher, for my bar mitzvah training, he was so pernickety and he made us learn as many details as we could. He tried to catch me out with a question about Adams' sons but I knew the answer, his face was a picture."

Kirsten jutted her jaw and chewed her lip, "Seth…Seth…Seth Cohen…you know what honey that's not so bad."

"Seth Ezekiel Cohen honey." Sandy prodded, "Okay one down one to go…"

"Uh one down three to go..." Kirsten interjected, she laughed when Sandy put his hands up in front of his face and pretended to count.

"How many babies were you planning on having again sweetie?"

"God Sandy you really are slow sometimes…" She paused hoping he would click on but she would be waiting a while. "We need four names because we could have two boys or two girls."

Sandy seemed to ponder this for a moment and then added, "So what do we do if we have a boy and a girl?"

Kirsten reached for the nearest pillow and proceeded to beat Sandy all over as he laughed and tickled her.

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