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Summary: I miss one big thing about him… he is dancing with her… he is in love with her. Raven, finds it very difficult to handle her feelings for her long-time friend Richard. Who would help her? Raven x Flash, some RobStar and eventually RobRaeFlash .

Strange and Beautiful

By Aqualung

I've been watching your world from afar
I've been trying to be where you are
And I've been secretly falling apart
I see,
To me you're strange and you're beautiful
You'd be so perfect with me, but you just can't see
you turn every head, but you don't see me

I'll put a spell on you
you fall asleep
I'll put a spell on you
and when I wake you, I'll be the first thing you see
and you'll realize that you love me

sometimes the last thing you want comes in first
sometimes the first thing you want never comes
I know the waiting is all you can do

Prologue: The Dance (in Raven's P.O.V.)

I enter the ballroom anxiously. I dressed up for this, wore a dress just below my knees, accentuated it with elegant heels. I curled my hair and pinned it up, I put light make-up on and got ready for my trademark smile… well, it's not really a smile… I don't really smile. Maybe that's why I don't feel pretty enough… and I feel anxious about that fact. Everyone knows why I, such a dull plain-Jane, got so obsessed with dressing up this particular day. Eventhough I try to deny it, it is true.

I did it for him.

And I search for him, walking past the dancing couples I spot a handsome raven-haired man. I stare at him, he looks stunning as always. Dressed in a simple black tux that brings the blue of his sapphire eyes, I feel my heart flutter out to him. And oh, that heart-melting grin, I do not miss a thing.


I am so hopeless…as I try to miss the biggest thing about him. So big… so obvious.

… So heartbreaking.

He is dancing with her.

… He is in love with her.

Now, I don't blame him for falling in love with her… she's gorgeous… even more so now. She looks so beautiful in her fitting halter dress. It shows all of her curves and accentuates her shapely long legs. She doesn't even need to fix her silken red locks to look beautiful… and she bears no make-up. She is glamorous. She is confident. She is perfect.

The ideal girl that he'll fall in love with. And I cannot match her. Her sweetness. Her glamour. Her sexuality.

Not wanting to appear foolish alone in the dance floor, with a look of pain etched on my face; I walk away mumbling 'excuse me's, 'sorry's, and 'pardon me's to the dancing pairs. Then I sit alone, my gaze still on him.

I see him smile sweetly, his lips forming sweet nothings. I smile back, but it quickly turns into a frown as I remember that it's not for me. Who am I kidding? He hasn't even laid an eye on anyone since that dance. He is so in love with her… and it hurts… my heart is crushed and mutilated in pain… it hurts… it hurts so bad.

Wonderful… Life is so wonderful for such a loser like me…

"Wow, don't you look beautiful tonight!" I hear a light-hearted comment and I tear my eyes from the boy.

"Hi," I smile sadly at my classmate, trying to look cheerful… a look I frequently fail to fake.

"Hey! So why are you just sitting there? Who are you with?" he asks me with a cocky grin and I shake my head.

"No one," I don't even bother to smile, "no one asked me…"

"Really? Wow wow wow… what a shame. Hey, it's their loss!"

I don't answer.

"So why the long face?" he asks after quite some time.

I don't answer and keep my gaze… at the heartbreaking sight. They are kissing now… they try to hide it, but I still see it… clearly. And yes, it hurts.

I sense him following my gaze and he suddenly snorts, I feel slightly insulted. Turning my head to him, I ask, "What's so funny?"

"Naaah…" he grins as he leans back on a chair, he sighs before answering, "you can do so much better!"

Now I stare at him, at his red locks, his cocky grin and his pretty eyes. I slightly smile… disbelievingly.

"I'm telling the truth!" he drawls and smiles at me, "He's not that good looking! And have you seen him play soccer? He's a loser! And look at you, you're so pretty!"

Although I feel slightly offended for the boy I have deep feelings for, I can't help but smile, genuinely now as I felt better because of his compliment. I don't speak as I don't know what to say… I am also afraid that I'll say something stupid, sarcastic or rude. I don't want to be unkind to the person who gave the time to keep me company.

"Hey, come with me!" he says as he offers his hand.

I stare at him again, "what?"

"Let's grab a bite… It's better than staring at Mr. Sap there!" he snorts and rolls his eyes.

I can't help but chuckle slightly, thinking about it. Now… he is some person, really. He is arrogant, cocky, egoistic, impulsive and sometimes known as "the jerk". He is also very popular for being the most hyper-active person in highschool. But he can be nice, being my classmate and neighbor for years, I know this.

… And he knows how to treat a lady…

And I thing about taking his hand. I think about how people would react and how unusual it will be for me if I do. I think about how uncomfortable I am talking to people other than my friends and family, how afraid I am to make a fool of myself. And also, other people say that he just befriends other people if he wants something from them. That he uses people to get to the top.

I, then, look at the boy I love… and I take his hand.

What can we take from me? I have nothing.

"Great… now let's go to some restaurant away from Mr. Sap… who, may I add, is very undeserving of your affections."

I roll my eyes… men.

"Thank you…"

I have no regrets.

Author's note: Hello ! This is my first Teen Titans fanfiction so please be easy on me. I'm actually a RaeRob supporter, but I noticed that there aren't any fanfictions here with Raven paired up with Wally West… which is totally acceptable since he's not even in the show. But I really just want to see how it goes… This will also contain RaeRob of course, it might even end in one, but I'm not sure . By the way, I'm really not confident enough with my writings, and I really want or need a beta reader… Pleasetell me where I can find one, thank you very much .