Yay for Fire

Roy was sitting in his office staring down at the ever growing stack of papers that he sooo dreaded doing. He picked up a newspaper instead of the pen he should have. He wasn't in the mood of signing four hundred documents...Then again, when was he?

He flipped open the newspaper. Thumbed through a few pages of uninteresting articles and stopped to read his horoscope. ..."You will have a miserable life"...

Be blinked as he read the words. Then without much thought he snapped his fingers and watched the newspaper ignite into flames.

Now he was back to staring down at the pile of papers...Luckily the door opened and he looked up greatful for the distraction.

"Yes, lieutenant Hawkeye?" He asked sounding bored.

"There's a gas leak in the main building sir. I came to warn you." She spoke in a serious tone characteristic to her.

"Get someone to fix it. Is that all?" He sighed.

"Yes sir."

"Then you are dismissed."

She saluted and left, leaving him to suffer through the endless forms. He tried to think of something to do to get out of doing it. Then an idea came to him.

"I got it!" He snapped his fingers walking out into the main building...


Leo: If you don't get it...remember...gas is flamable...