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Chapter 1


Serenity Wheeler hurried out of the apartment complex where she and her brother Joey lived. Dressed in a simple black skirt, and a blouse, she was headed to a job interview at the main Kaiba Corp. building down the street. Unfortunately, because of unsought of complications, she was running late. Seto Kaiba did not approve of his employees being anything less than punctual. Serenity pulled off her black heels and began running. She would have just asked Joey for a ride, but if he ever found out that she was applying for a job to work for Kaiba, his sworn enemy, well, she shuddered at the thought of what might happen.

Her long brown hair swinging behind her, she ran down the street, hoping fervently that her deodorant would hold through and she would not look to bad when she had to go speak to Kaiba. Skidding to a halt right before the sliding doors into the Kaiba Corp. office building she pulled her heels back on, smoothed her hair back and walked through the open doors with a swish.

"Good morning, and Welcome to Kaiba Corp," the woman at the front desk said. "How may I help you?"

"I'm here about the job interview," Serenity replied. The woman frowned.
"Do you have an appointment?" she scanned the computer. "I'm afraid that Kaiba-san is doing all of the interviews for this job himself, so you'll have to have an appointment." Serenity rummaged through her purse and pulled out a card.

"I do have an appointment," she said showing the woman the card. The woman took it and entered some numbers into the computer.

"Kaiba-san is waiting for you upstairs, top floor, it's the only office. Not that hard to miss. I would hurry if I were you. Kaiba doesn't like people to be late." Serenity turned and rushed to the elevator.

'Hurry, you stupid thing,' she thought banging on the button mercilessly. Finally, after what seemed like eternity the doors opened. She stepped into the elevator. This job was very important. She felt somewhat like a burden to her brother, having him work all the time just to pay for all her needs. If she could help provide some financial support, her brother would have a much easier time of things at home, and she would not feel like such a guest with him waiting on her hand a feet. Suddenly the elevator doors opened. Serenity smoothed her skirt.

"Welcome, Ms. Wheeler," Kaiba said coolly. "Why don't you have a seat?"

"Thank you," Serenity replied sitting at one of the leather chairs across the huge mahogany desk. She looked up at the man behind it, waiting for him to say something. Kaiba hit a few keys on his sleek silver laptop.
"You're here for a job interview?"

"That is correct," she answered smoothly. Be polite, she thought. That is the key. Make him think he is in charge.

"I have several positions available," Kaiba stated.

"More than one?" Serenity asked surprised.

"I have many incompetent former employees, who wish they had been more cooperative," he shrugged. "If you don't want to find yourself being one of them, I suggest you stop questioning me." Serenity stayed silent. This was the best, highest paying company in Domino. Well, if you did not count the strip club down in one of the shadier parts of town. That was a last resort though, if she was not able to pull off a job here.

"I'm assuming you've come on the position of Mokuba's babysitter, correct?" Kaiba glared at her. Serenity tried to hide her surprise. He was wrong, of course, a job like that would never be advertised in the newspaper. Mokuba was far too precious for Kaiba to just throw his safety into the hands of a stranger.

"Actually…" she started before he cut her off.

"That is the position I have available to you. Take it or leave it, but stop wasting my valuable time," he said curtly.

"I'll take the job, but I must ask… Why?" she was curious, maybe even desperate to know why he was entrusting her with such a big task. He looked at her over the top of his laptop, his icy blue eyes glaring at her. He lifted his hand and pushed a lock of chocolate brown hair out of his eyes.

"Because if anything happens to Mokuba, I'll know where to get you. With that mutt Wheeler brother of yours. Whatever happens to Mokuba will happen to Joey," Kaiba replied. Serenity looked shocked.

"W-what? Is that even legal?" Kaiba shrugged.

"Anything is legal when you have enough money. I'll expect you at my mansion tomorrow morning at 9:00 sharp," he glared at her once again. "I expect you'll wear something practical. You will receive excellent pay, and," he paused and handed a packet of papers across the table, "you will find there are directions to the house, and lists of what is allowed and not allowed. I expect you will know these by tomorrow, and will follow them completely," he stopped talking and went back to work on his laptop. He waved his hand dismissing her. Serenity stood up shakily.

"Thank you very much," she said leaving the office. Kaiba looked up and watched her leave.

As soon as she left the office, Serenity sighed in relief. She had gotten the job. Now, all she had to do was keep it. Sighing once again, she headed home to start reading the packet Kaiba had given her.

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