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Chapter 2


Serenity sat on the couch of the apartment she shared with Joey. It was a comfortable couch, but not as pleasing on the eyes as the leather chair, she had sat in at Kaiba's office. She sighed. It would be nice to have a couch like that, but for now, the orange and purple striped one would do.

The list Kaiba had given her was incredibly long, and a little over halfway through, Serenity was getting worried she would not finish reading it in time to get to the Kaiba house tomorrow on time. The only thing worse than that was if Joey walked in right at this moment and found out, she was babysitting Mokuba.

Of course, if you think of the devil, the devil will come. Serenity panicked and quickly shoved the leaflet under the couch cushions. The front door slammed, and she hurriedly grabbed a paperback from the small stack on the coffee table next to her. With lighting speed, she had the light on and the book open to a spot about halfway through.

"Good book, Sis?" Joey asked, walking into the living room. Serenity looked up trying to control her nervous breathing. For a split second, she wondered if Joey could hear her heart pounding.

"Its o.k.," she replied, not knowing, because she had not in fact read the previous chapters. Joey looked at her strangely.

"You look… different," he started. "Is something wrong?" Serenity shook her head.

"No, not really. Just waiting for my TV show to start." She glanced at the clock. "It starts in a half hour. So I decided to read while waiting for it to start." Joey looked down at her strangely again.

"You don't really watch that much TV, sis," he said, running his hands through his hair. Serenity froze. She had not realized how much attention her brother paid to her schedule until times like these. Slowly she shook her head, her auburn hair swinging behind her.

"It's a new thing. Mai said I should watch it. She said it would be something I would really like."

"Speaking of Mai, Yugi, Tristan, Tea, Mai and I are going out tonight. There is a new movie we all want to see. D'ya want ta come. Tristan would like that…" Joey glared down the end of his nose at the mention of Tristan and Serenity together. "Of course, Tristan will keep his distance…" Serenity shook her head again.

"Sorry, Joey. Maybe some other time. I am not interested in going to the movies tonight. I think I'll just heat up some Mac and cheese and watch TV." She glanced down at the paperback still in her hands. She frowned. "Actually, I might finish my book."

"Sounds like fun," Joey replied cheerfully, turning to leave. "I have to go now, but I'll be back around 10. Bye!"

"Bye!" Serenity called, as she heard the door slam shut. So he had come home just to find out whether she wanted to come to the movies with him or not. That was nice of him. She got up off the couch and pulled one of the cushions off. Removing the packet of papers Kaiba had given her, she replaced the striped cushion and continued her lesson.

It was ten minutes to nine the next morning as Serenity walked up the cobblestone path to the Kaiba's front door. The house was impressive, really. It was three stories, white with light blue shutters. The front door was fancy, and the lawn was perfectly done up. If she had not known she could not have said that Seto Kaiba lives here, it was not really his style. Then, she mused, it was probably all done up by an interior decorator anyway.

Serenity took a deep breath, pulled down her shirt and knocked on the door, which promptly opened to reveal a maid in the standard uniform.

"You're here for the babysitting job?" she asked, glaring at Serenity slightly. Serenity smiled politely.

"Yes, I am. I am supposed to meet Mr. Kaiba here at nine o-clock," she stepped over the threshold and into the hallway. The outside of the house may not have been particularly impressive, but this hallway certainly was. It had a high ceiling, and the walls looked to be painted white, until closer inspection revealed it a very light shade of blue. There was a giant staircase at the end of the hall with two Blue Eyes White Dragon statues as stair posts. The floor was marble tiling, and she could see that the stairs were also marble, though they had a soft blue carpet covering them.

The maid leaned close to Serenity's ear. She was about Serenity's age, maybe a little older. She had blond hair that was perfectly straightened, and put up.

"Listen up, missy." She started, "My name is Daisy, and Seto Kaiba is mine. So don't go making any moves on him." She held up her hand, "or there will be trouble." Serenity looked surprised. She had not been expecting this; she had not been exactly sure what she had been expecting.

"I wasn't planning on it," she said evenly.

"Mr. Kaiba-san?" Daisy called into the house, "Mr. Mokuba-san?" Two figures appeared in the doorway at the right. "The new babysitter, Serenity is here."

"That will do," Kaiba said, glaring at Daisy. Daisy turned to leave, but before she left, she shot a glare at Serenity.

"I trust you read the packet?" Kaiba said.

"Yes," Serenity answered.

"Then you know what to do. I will be in my office if you need to contact me."

"Thank you." Kaiba turned to leave. He could feel her eyes following him, and he felt his face grow hot. This was not acceptable behavior for a CEO of a company, he thought. Just because he had hired himself a girl who happened to be wearing tight pants and a short shirt did not mean he was allowed to go all gaga at her.

You did not mention the fact she has a beautiful body, and soft, sweet smelling hair, said a voice in his head.

Aw, shut up, he replied. However, he turned around to look back into the hallway.

"And, Ms. Wheeler, one more thing. I'll expect to see you every day before you leave."

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