For the purpose of this story, General Hammond still runs the SGC and Doc Fraiser is alive. General Hammond is however taking a month's absense from the SGC leaving Jack in charge.

Lisa Maybourne glared at the computer screen "this is STUPID!" she yelled. She groaned and got up what would Dad have used as a password? she asked herself for the thousandth time.

She kicked the computer desk and sat back down. The sounds of computer keys clicking filled the house for the next half hour.

Giving up for the moment, she wandered over to the couch and turned on the TV. There was a news report about a burglary and a soap opera.

She sighed with disgust and tossed the remote back into its basket "come on, what would he have used? I mean-EUREKA!"

The last part was spoken aloud as she quickly ran up to the stairs. Once inside her room, she pulled out a lockbox the size of a small pencil box and opened it.

Inside were a variety of items: A necklace, a bracelet and a small notebook. She took the whole box and dashed down stairs again. Running into the computer room, she placed the box next took the computer and took out the notebook.

Dad, I hope this is the 'mergency I'm suppose to use this for was her last thought before opening the notebook and entering the characters which were on the first page into the computer. The computer immediately opened. She gasped

"I did it!" she cried gleefully. She scanned the desktop. To her surprise, there was a letter addressed to her. She opened it

"Dear Lisa," it began.

An hour later she got up and slowly went upstairs. Half-an-hour later she came back down.

Glancing around, she picked up the few pictures that were on the mantle and placed them inside the backpack which she held.

She placed 'the' necklace from the box around her neck and took one last look around.

She slowly opened the door and after taping a note to the door, she took one last look around and then shut the door.

She went next door and taped another note and a key to her door.

She began to jog down the street with only one thought on her mind get ahold on the Asgard, get ahold on the Asgard

Major Samantha Carter had been "playing" with her "doohikeys" for the last three hours when Colonel O'Neill stopped by for a chat.

"Carter" He began

"Sir" she said not even looking up.

"whatcha doing?"

"I'm trying to-"

"CARTER, It was a rhetorical question!" he protested

She looked at him and gave him a dazzling smile "need something sir?"

He looked at his watch "uhh yes I need to get to the commisary before lunch is over, care to join me?"

She shook her head "Thank's for the offer sir, but-"


She looked at him "sir?"

"come on, lets eat" he said giving her puppy dog eyes

She hesitated then nodded.

He stared at her "giving up so easily?" She nodded

"And the fact that there is blue jello has nothing to with it?" he inquired

She grinned "well can I help it if they make blue jello?"

He gave her a mock frown "and the fact that the cook is googly eyed over you doesn't help THAT" She laughed and together they entered the commisary.

Lisa fingered the necklace 'round her neck "Lord please let this work" she whispered touching something on the necklace.She suddenly disappeared from human sight. "only 5 more miles" she thought with a grimance.
Daniel had been translating the 'text' he had found on P36-295 all morning. He looked up and sniffed Tuna he thought to himself. His stomach growled. "Maybe I should go eat" he informed the tablet.
Teal'c had been training the new SGC recruits for the last two hours. Deciding it was time for lunch, he nodded his good-bye and left to find Daniel Jackson to ask him to join him for lunch.
Lisa frowned. According to what she had read, there was a hatch on the right-hand side of the mountain. Finally, 10 minutes later, she was rewarded. She opened it "this has to work"she whispered to herself before descending into the unknown...
Daniel frowned "but Jack, this is amazing! I mean-"

"Daniel, I'm trying to eat here" Jack interrupted.

Daniel rolled his eyes "yes Jack, I'm sorry, I forgot how hard it is to eat and listen at the same time" he said sarcastically.

Jack frowned at him "you've been around me too much" he mumbled.

Carter smiled and turned to Teal'c "how are the recruits doing?"

He gave her a pained look "they are very clumsy" he remarked.

She hid a smile.

A companionable silence fell as SG-1 finished their meals.

Jack opened his mouth "well kids-" he began to say when sirens began to go off. SG-1 looked at each other and together they ran to the control room.

Lisa grimaced. She has unwittingly set off some alarm and now there was no way she could reach the gate room. Cursing under her breath, she headed toward the General's office.
Teal'c had a feeling that someone was there. Watching them
Lisa HAD been heading to O'Neill's office when she nearly had bumped into the only alien in the SGC. The Jaffa continued to run. She shrugged and decided to see what the big deal was. Once entering the room (which she later learned was the control room) she found out that she hadn't set off the alarm. An SG team returned earlier then expected. She gave a sigh of relief then promptly froze as the Jaffa turned and looked straight at her.
Teal'c scanned the doorway. He thought he had heard a sigh

"Teal'c? you all right buddy?"

Teal'c shook his head "O'Neill I believe there is someone in this room"

Jack looked around "yeah there's Me, Carter, Daniel, you and... his voice trailed off "you're serious" he asked almost increduously.

"I am certain O'Neill".

Jack looked over Carter "Carter, take some T.E.R's and sweep the base. Take whoever you need".

Carter saluted "aye aye sir".

Lisa turned and darted into the first room she saw and closed the door. She had no idea what a T.E.R was but she had no intention of finding out.

Breathing heavily she glanced around, hoping against hope that this was the right office. It wasn't.

"Drat" she muttered disappointed. She turned to leave only to see the "Jaffa" standing there pointing some weird gun thing at her. She dropped her backpack and raised her hands.

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