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Chapter 7: Rots Your Brain

Beast Boy was unable to conquer his addiction. He neither had the strength, nor will to do so.

None of the tower occupants seemed to notice his wearing away. Maybe they were too busy with their own things, or maybe he was decomposing internally.

Beside crime fighting stints, the boy hadn't moved from his lair on the couch. The remote control was stuck to his hand; there were imprints deep in his green skin from gripping the device.

His game station was within easy reach incase the TV became boring reruns. There were old and new games piled on each side of him on the couch.

His eyes drooped, red rimmed and tired as he clicked across the channels. Static, infomercial, rerun, soap…

Television required no thinking. It allowed the mind to take a general backseat and shut down for a while. Beast Boy found thinking painful.

Whenever he got to thinking, his mind would backtrack itself. It always seemed to jump to times before the Titans. His childhood, parents, the Doom Patrol…

The boy had never settled any of the horrid things of his past. He continued to run from them, as cowardly as it sounded. It was beyond mental capacity to take in his treacherous life up until now.

He wasn't logical like Robin, or calm like Raven or even tough like Cyborg.

Beast Boy was a clown. He hid his problems under jokes, smiles, games.

He clicked on some movie he had only seen six times, less than everything else on. Green lips moved along with the words as the actors moved across the screen talking to one another.

There was an indenture in the couch where Beast Boy was sitting. How long had it been since he had gotten up? How long since he had actually turned off the tube?

It had been a long time, possibly too long.

Generally he watched somewhere between 14-24 hours of TV a day, depending on villain activity, training and sleep.

Beast Boy found himself requiring less and less sleep as of recently. Usually he would watch late night talk shows until his eyes fell closed and he slumped to sleep against his pile of games.

Now, it was nearly morning until he even became weary. Even then he lay with his eyes closed for hours until his conscious shut off.

His mind would shock him back awake at an unholy hour of the morning. It didn't make much sense. Beast Boy might have pondered its strangeness if the intros for a new cartoon hadn't just slid across the TV.

Raven was usually kind enough to levitate food over to the boy. He would lounge on his throne and gobble his food, putting it on the coffee table that Starfire would later hover over and clean off.

Bathroom was a mad dash up and a quick rush back.

Showers seemed non-existent; it was rare for Beast Boy to even make it up as far as his room.

He licked his dry lips and mumbled something along with the words on the television. The boy wasn't even sure what was on anymore, but apparently his ears and vocal cords did.

Maybe he should try and play some more game station, at least that was a little more interactive. Now how did he do that again?

Looking down, there was a controller by his right arm. He stared at it a long while wondering how to get it started.

After a while had passed without action he turned back to the glowing screen and proceeded to click through the channels once again.

"Hey, BB!" Someone was calling him, there were thundering footsteps.

"We never stop working for you." Beast Boy could hear himself mutter it.

"Um, what?" Cyborg stepped in front of the TV grinning at the green boy.

"You can get everything you see here for the low, low, price of 19.95." Beast Boy still stared straight ahead.

Cyborg raised an eyebrow. "Beast Boy?" He waved an arm in front of the younger boys face. He seemed unfazed.

"Maury!" Beast Boy yelped, his eyes stayed dulled.

Cyborg stepped back and craned around to look at the TV. It was fuzzy without signal. He tried shaking Beast Boy's shoulder.

He moved almost lifelessly. "We're all alright, we're all alright…" The green boy was singing something.

Cyborg swallowed and hurried off to go find another titan. Before he left the room Beast Boy exclaimed something about no sugar.

The first one he found was Raven. Without a word he grabbed the mystics arm and dragged her (much to her complaint) to the living room. "There's something not right with him." Cyborg motioned to the boy on the couch, he hadn't moved an inch.

"Don't go away, because when we get back…" Beast Boy sounded almost monotone.

Raven watching his silently for a few minutes, it sounded like he was reciting snippets of television.

"An available all wheel drive, car of the year…" The boy swayed slightly.

"Go get Robin." Raven ordered.

Cyborg nodded and dashed off. Raven moved around the cluttered living room table and sat herself beside the boy. "Beast Boy, can you hear me?"

"Roger that, take 'er down nice and easy now."

"Beast Boy." She leaned closer trying to pull him back from wherever he had gone.

He started reciting what sounded like a historical account of the Civil War.

"Garfield…" She whispered, calling the darkness to her fingertips. "I don't want to do this, you need to come back."

Robin appeared at her side suddenly. His posture was strong and strict. Cyborg was a little way off. Raven motioned to Cyborg to occupy Starfire.

"I might be able to bring him back." She looked up with a slight crease of worry. Mingling with the mind was something dangerous.

Robin stood solemn for a long time listening to Beast Boy babble on and on. He was now almost leaning on Raven, the remote clutched tightly in his paw. His eyes were drooping and his voice was now raspy and foreign.

Finally Robin nodded his head.

Raven placed the tips of her fingers on the sides of Beast Boy's forehead. His gaze was vacant.

She took a breath and muttered her spell under it. Energy rippled down her arms, pulling her soul self out with it.

With an edge like a knife she plunged into his mind. Upon entering there was a blossoming pain and Beast Boy screamed.

Robin knelt beside the boy who had fallen off the sofa in a crying fit of shrieks. There was a sudden jerking of Raven's body as she was thrown back. She opened her eyes once more.

A frown pulled at her lips and she shook her head. There were two outcomes to exploiting the mind. The victim either reclaimed themselves… or lost their mind altogether.

Beast Boy's screeching stretched into the cold of the night.

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