Chapter 5 – The only thing I ever wanted.

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"Th… This thing must be malfunctioning", past Leo stuttered. He stared at the pool incredulously and didn't know what to do. That couldn't be true. It was impossible.

"It's working perfectly well", the Seer confirmed and looked at past Leo a little offended.

"But… but… this is impossible, it can't be the right answer", Leo stumbled. This was one of the persons he trusted most, and he was an elder, he would never turn someone evil, he was good.


Or was he?

The seer looked at him impatiently and declared, "I have no idea what the question you asked is, or who that guy is, but I can assure you, that the pool never lies. And that means that guy is whoever you were looking for"

"But… no, he's an elder right? He wouldn't…", Paige now jumped in. Actually she was not convinced of her words at all. She didn't really doubt the pool's accuracy, but the answer didn't make any sense to her.

"Maybe we asked the question wrong…", Phoebe suggested also without any persuasion behind her statement. The question was really simple and unmistakable, how would they do it wrong?

"I don't really think so…", Past Piper said. But Gideon? They guy who ran magic school? Why would he turn her little angel evil? What for? That had to be a mistake, how could that be true.

Future Piper instead didn't doubt the image the pool was showing for a minute. It had to be true. She didn't exactly understand how an elder could turn a child evil, but it didn't matter.

Suddenly she realized something and stared at her Leo in shock. "My god… We sent Wyatt to that place each week ever since he was four… what if that's what… Then it's our fault", she gasped.

"I… I don't think it was when Wyatt was at magic school, Piper. He barely ever saw Gideon there", Future Leo tried to calm her. He had no idea whether what he was telling her was true, but he didn't want his wife to loose it all again.

"We don't know that", she said and couldn't suppress the feeling of guilt building up inside her.

"You believe this is right?", Past Leo asked and stared at the two time travelers as if they were completely crazy.

"It is right!", the Seer snapped from behind. The way they were doubting the authenticity of her work instruments was insulting her deeply.

"Maybe we should leave", Paige suggested while looking at the Seer. She wasn't very eager to discuss these matters in front of a demon.

"I think you're right", Phoebe said and grabbed her sister's hand. The others nodded, too.

"So let's go", past Piper said and took past Leo's hand while future Piper took the hand of her future husband. They all orbed out.

The seer looked to the ceiling and seemed to be very unhappy. "You could've said thank you!"

She waited some seconds before she added, "I'm not letting just anyone use my work tools."

She hesitated again, in the hope the whitelighters had heard her argument, but nothing happened. So she sat back down on the couch and returned to polishing her toenails.


Once they arrived back in the attic none of them said a word. They had no idea what to do with this new piece of information. They weren't sure whether it was right and even if it was, it made the whole thing a lot more complicated. Had it been some demon they would've had no trouble vanquishing it without many people caring. But an elder? That was a whole different story. How could they vanquish an elder?

"Well, if it's really him maybe we could talk him out of it", past Leo proposed without really meaning him. If Gideon was really the one to turn Wyatt evil he would probably be evil himself. So there was no chance he would be reasonable.

Paige rolled her eyes at him. "Assuming he really is evil that will do no good", she reminded him, even though he knew that already.

"Do you really believe it's him?", Phoebe asked uncertainly.

"Who else could it be? Besides the pool doesn't lie", future Piper said determinedly. She didn't even understand why her past family had such a trouble believing it.

"We don't know that for sure. Maybe the pool is only truthful towards demons", Past Piper countered. The idea of arguing with herself sounded pretty weird, but if her future self was so blind she had no choice. Still it seemed somehow lunatic to her.

"The pool is neutral, it can't lie no matter who asks the question", Future Leo explained.

"How do you know so much about it?", Phoebe asked curiously. She had never really cared about seers except when one of them had tried to still her baby out of her womb but that was a whole different story.

"Because I've had some encounters with Seers in the future", future Leo said. The details did not really matter right now, so he just didn't explain them.

"Well, no matter whether it's wrong or right, we should tell Chris about what the pool said, maybe he knows whether it's right or wrong", Paige said. Although she was not certain whether it wouldn't only worsen the situation if they got Chris here. She wasn't really sure what her younger nephew would do. Over the course of that day she had began to see that he was not exactly psychically steady.

"Yeah I think you're right", Phoebe agreed, even though she felt her sister's insecurity. She was also beginning to wonder whether the duration of that blocking potion was somehow limited. She was beginning to get vibes off of everyone here and it was slowly but surely getting very annoying for her.

Past Piper was not too fond of the idea of calling her son, but she didn't protest. Still she remembered very well how he had yelled at her some hours ago.

Without waiting for an answer Phoebe she called out, "Chris!"

And just some seconds after she yelled he appeared in a swirl of blue lights. "What is it?", he asked and looked at them impatiently.

"Well, we visited a seer and looked in the pool to find out who did it, and well, we're not exactly sure, whether the answer we got was right or not", Paige explained in the hope he would not react somehow badly. She was beginning to wonder whether it was natural for an aunt to fear her nephew this way.

"So, what is the answer?", he asked while he was trying to do his best to hide the excitement that was growing deep down inside of him. He hadn't seriously expected them to find anything. Maybe whatever they had was right and there was a chance they would be able to stop the threat Wyatt was posing without that much effort. Because he felt more lost than ever in the matter of killing his brother. He was simply not powerful enough and he was running out of ideas.

"Well, we asked who turned Wyatt evil, and the pool said it was Gideon", future Leo said matter-of-factly.

"Gideon?", Chris asked confused. He had to think for a moment to mentally connect the name to a face. "The guy from magic school?"

All of the others in the attic nodded.

Chris looked at them and there was more than a hint of doubt in his gaze. "That sounds not very logical." He paused. "Are you sure?"

"Well, it's what the pool said, but we're not exactly sure what to think of it", Phoebe told him.

"Um… I'd say we need to check it", Chris suggested. His eagerness had somehow vanished. He had never heard of a Seers pool that showed the wrong thing, but an elder was not a very likely thing to turn a toddler evil.

"How do you suggest we do that?", past Leo asked confusedly. Even if it was Gideon, which he still didn't believe, it was not very probable that he would just go about and confess everything. That wasn't the bad guys style.

"Well, we could make a truth potion", Chris said. He knew it was not the best idea ever, but they didn't exactly have that much time.

"He would never drink it if he had something to hide", future Leo bumped in.

Chris rolled his eyes at him. He was just too stupid to be true. "We can do one to throw in front of his feet", he snapped at his father.

"Oh", future Leo just said and blushed a little.

"Well, do you know how to do one?", Phoebe asked curiously. She had never made a truth potion before and somehow the thought of discovering something new always exited her.

"There's one in the book", Chris said and pointed to the precious family heirloom.

"No there's just a truth spell in it", Past Piper argued. It was the first thing she had said to Chris since they had called him and she felt a little weird. The memory of him suggesting to kill baby Wyatt had really scared her.

"There's also a potion, believe me, I have read that book way more often than you did", he answered in an unfriendly and impatient tone. His family always had a way of making everything complicated. Instead of just finding out who did it, they could spend an eternity talking. And that really unnerved Chris.

Paige walked over to the book and began flipping through it. She was not in the mood for having another argument on her hands or just listening to Chris and Piper bitching at each other. They were mother and son for crying out loud, why couldn't they get along? After a moment of searching where she felt the eyes of everyone in the attic staring at her she found it.

"There it is!", she exclaimed happily. At least one thing that went smooth today.

"See?", Chris said to Piper, but he didn't expect any kind of answer.

"How long does it take to make?", Phoebe asked her younger sister.

"We've got everything here, It shouldn't be longer than ten minutes", Paige told her and then started looking for the right ingredients.


"Do you think it's a good idea for us all to go?", future Leo asked anxiously. They were now standing in the hall of magic school, and waiting for Gideon. Paige had been pretty fast in preparing the potion and so they hadn't lost any time but went to the Magic School immediately.

Before anyone could answer however a familiar figure entered the room.

Gideon looked a little confused as he saw the large group but tried not to make his confusion too evident on his face. "Piper, Leo, you two appear to be here twice. Does that serve a special purpose?", he asked carefully.

"Yes it does", future Piper said, her expression hard as stone. She took the vial out of Paige's hand and threw it in front of the Elder's feet.

"What was that?", he asked confused and also a little scared when the smoke that the shattering of the vial had produced dissipated. He never liked people throwing potions at him, but especially not the Halliwells. He tried not to freak out. Surely they had no idea what he was planning and no one would keep him from doing the necessary.

Future Piper completely ignored the man's question. She had the feeling she was the only one who didn't doubt the accuracy of the pool's answer. This man was evil, that was certain. "What do you think of Wyatt?", she asked impatiently.

"He is the biggest possible threat to humanity ever. He should be killed before he can do any permanent damage", Gideon told them without being able to control his mouth's actions. He looked at them terrified when he realized what kind of potion that had to have been.

"Interesting", Future Piper said coldly. "And do you plan to take care of that yourself?"

"Yes, I am going to kill the brat as soon as I can get my fingers on him", he answered truthfully. He knew that this was bad. Very bad.

Chris couldn't believe what he was hearing there for a moment. But then again it made sense. If Gideon tried to kill Wyatt in which he had obviously failed, it could've affected Wyatt in such a way. Of course, the Seer's pool never lied.

He felt his body tremble a little when he realized that he was just facing the person who was responsible for all the misery the people in the future had ever suffered. This guy had just by being a coward caused the death of more people than ever imaginable. He had been the one that caused the way his aunt Paige had died, he had been the one to force Chris to stay alive to fight. He would never have needed to be resurrected if not for that person's being a coward.

He could feel the anger in him growing ever more when he thought of all the bad actions Wyatt had done. And they were countless. That guy was responsible for every single one of them. Ok, maybe not for every one, but Chris was way too lost in his anger to care about that.

And he could feel his powers respond to his rage. Chris' eyes were fixed on Gideon who seemed to be very scared of whatever there was facing him now.

His family could feel the rage in their youngest as well. Instinctively they all took a step back, leaving Chris standing there alone. The look that was plastered across his features was enough to even make a demon's blood freeze.

Suddenly Gideon felt something he had never felt before. It was as if the air was closing in on him. It happened very slowly and he realized what was the cause of it. He looked at the half whitelighter who had raised his hands into the air and was moving them towards each other ever so slowly.

Chris had never felt his telekinesis to be very useful or even offensive, but now he felt as if some higher force was telling him exactly how to use it to cause the most pain, and to end it all. And he was enjoying the feeling that he would be the one to end it.

The elder could feel himself being squeezed ever further. He tried to raise his hands, to defend himself, but he couldn't move at all. The magical hold the young witch had on him was a lot too strong for him to counteract.

Everyone there, even Chris, was wondering what would happen when his hands met. But they didn't have to wait long.

With a silent clap the two hands made contact with each other and just in that moment a bright white light illuminated from the place where the elder had been standing. It dissipated soon and there was no trace of Gideon anymore.

It took the family some moments to understand.

Chris had made the elder implode.


Back in the attic everyone was still staring at Chris.

"You… you just killed an elder", past Leo stated the obvious and wasn't sure whether he should be impressed or scared of his son's actions.

"You want to be the next?" Chris snapped and Leo immediately shut up. His future son didn't seem to be in a very friendly mood.

"We need to get Wyatt here. If he's really good now, he's probably pretty lost by now. He wouldn't remember that he was evil", Paige said with her voice trembling a little. She couldn't believe how Chris had just vanquished an elder as if it was nothing, but still she didn't think that Wyatt would be really different now. Gideon had confessed he wanted to kill Wyatt but that didn't necessarily turn something evil.

Phoebe knew her sister was right, so she decided to take the direct approach. "Wyatt!", she called out in the hope he would hear her.

To all their surprise the older Halliwell son orbed in immediately. And he looked not changed at all.

"You called?", he asked in a relaxed voice.

"You… you don't look different", Chris stuttered. How was that possible? The seer's pool had told them that it was Gideon who turned Wyatt, how could he still be evil when the cause of his turning was gone?

Wyatt however misinterpreted the meaning behind Chris' words and answered, "Yeah, I haven't been that successful I have to admit, instead of getting the demons to worship me I vanquished three hundred of them. Not that that isn't fun, but it was unintended"

Chris just stared at him. He couldn't articulate any words right now. He had been completely convinced that it had been Gideon who had turned Wyatt. This was impossible. He couldn't find any sentences to express his disappointment. He had thought everything was over. But it wasn't.

"And what have you been up to?", Wyatt asked cheerily when he realized no one in the attic was willing to say something. They all looked at him in a very weird way which somehow gave him the creeps.

"We vanquished who was responsible for your turning", Paige whispered in disbelief. She hadn't really expected Wyatt to be different, but she also hadn't expected him to be completely unaffected.

"Oh, did you?", Wyatt asked friendly.

"Why are you not different?", Chris asked, finally finding the power to speak again. It was probably stupid to ask his brother that, but he couldn't think clearly at the moment.

"Oh that's easy to answer, Chris. Our time lines are not connected", Wyatt explained smiling.

Chris stared at him as if he had just swallowed a jelly fish. "What?", he asked incredulously.

"Oh I noticed it a while ago. I watched what you were doing in the past and I saw you vanquish demons who were my followers, so I checked on them only to find them healthy and unharmed. That's when I realized that whatever you do in the past it is not going to affect my life", Wyatt said, pleased with himself that he knew a detail about time travel that Chris didn't know. He had felt pretty intimidated when Chris had given his time travel speech a while ago.

"Then why did you come here to stop me?", Chris asked in utter confusion. There were many things to say about his brother, but he definitely always thought about things well before doing them.

"Because you were jeopardizing our time line differently. Not by changing it, but if you changed too much you could've caused our time line to stop existing. And I had to prevent that. I still do", Wyatt explained. A second later he regretted it. That way he had given his brother an essential hint. What if the guy tried to alter as much as possible now and made the time line stop existing?

"Fascinating", Chris commented happily. He felt more relieved than he ever had in his entire life. They hadn't failed at all. He had accomplished his mission. He just needed to do one thing now. And he knew exactly what that was.

He orbed out immediately.


"Hey!", the owner of the magical weapons shop shouted at him. He had just orbed directly behind the counter, which was a violation of her rules in more than one way. But he didn't care. In fact he didn't care about anything anymore. He just needed to get this done. He knew what he was looking for and found it immediately.

He took the round yellow thing and before the owner of the shop could do anything he orbed out again.


He reappeared in the attic, where Wyatt was staring at him and the thing he was holding confusedly and asked, "Where've you been?" Chris didn't answer.

He pushed the button at the side and held it the way it touched Wyatt's stomach. Wyatt tried to get whatever it was off him, but Chris's hold on it was telekinetically enforced. Wyatt looked in the younger male's eyes and for the first time in his life he felt real fear.

Chris was smiling at him. In a way that made his blood freeze. And before he could ask for an explanation he felt the greatest amount of pain he had ever experienced in his life.

For the second time that day the Halliwells saw a huge light flashing in front of them. And when it disappeared both male witches were gone.

Future Piper immediately rushed forward. No, this couldn't be happening. Chris couldn't be dead. Not again "Chris?", she asked panicky. "Chris?"

"Piper…", she heard a voice saying from behind. She turned around to face her husband. Both of them said the same thing at the same time. "You're transparent!"

Future Piper looked at her hand and saw that it was fading, just like her husband was. She looked at him again, wanting to say something, but before she could do so, both of them had vanished.

For a moment the entire attic was silent.

Then Piper turned around to look at her version of her husband who was still there. "What happened?", she asked, more confused than anything else.

His eyes were fixed on the spot where his two sons had just been standing before he whispered, "Their timeline stopped existing"

"What?", Phoebe asked in shock.

"What do we do now?", Paige wanted to know while her eyes were still wide and fixed on where the future Leo had vanished from.

"We make it better", the elder said quietly. Piper felt a hand on her stomach and looked down to were a new life was beginning its life, completely unaffected by the events taking place outside.

She understood what Leo was telling her and looked up. For the first time in two days she smiled. And then she nodded. They were going to make it better. For everyone.


Chris looked up and saw the attic completely empty while the colors seemed to be drained. Drained in a very familiar way. He looked around and then he saw someone standing there. Possibly the only person who had ever understood him.

"Angelina", he whispered confused.

"Hey you", the young angel of death said with a smile on her face.

"Am I…", he asked, even though he already knew the answer.

"Yeah", she answered and the smile faded a little.

"And… did I manage it? Is Wyatt gone?", he asked and could barely manage to suppress the excitement in his voice.

"Well, to put it this way, Your brother is in a pretty hot place right now", Angelina told him. "As for his baby version, he is as good and untainted as any kid of his age. And he will stay that way"

Chris smiled now, too. He couldn't believe the joy he felt. He had done it. He had managed to save everybody. And he was dead now.

"So I'm done? I can just stay dead?" he asked happily.

She smiled warmly. "Yes" She offered him her hand. "Come on. I would say you shouldn't be afraid, but if anyone knows what's coming now, it's you"

He took her hand and stood up. "And I guess no one else is looking forward to it", he smiled.

And they both walked through the portal to a happier place, unconsciously holding hands.


- Epilogue -


"Mom! When can I open my presents?"

Piper smiled at her little boy. She had to admit, he wasn't really little anymore, since today was his fourteenth birthday, but she had the feeling, mothers never stopped thinking of their children as small. "As soon as everyone is here, and not a second earlier", she said.

"But everyone is here… I'm here, you're here, Wyatt is there, Daddy is there, Aunt Paige is there…", Chris counted.

"Your aunt Phoebe is still out, picking up the McDonalds breakfast you wanted. Which you apparently appear to prefer to my homemade cooking", Piper added, pretending to be offended by that.

"Oh mom, come on, you know I love you, but McDonalds is just so great", Chris tried to make her feel better.

She smiled a little. "Well, until your aunt isn't here you're not opening the presents, you know how sad she would be, if she missed your reactions"

And besides, Piper had something else to do yet. Without another word she left her son standing in the living room and walked up the stairs to the attic.

As soon as she was there, she did something which was a habit for her since Chris' first birthday. She picked up two candles and lit them.

One of them was for the poor people who had lived and suffered in the different timeline.

The second one however was for the one person who had suffered the other timeline most. She would never forget the other timeline's Chris, she was certain of that.

"Aunt Phoebe is here, mom!", Chris yelled from below and Piper couldn't help but smile.

They had made it better.


The End


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