"Terre. Terre. Terre if you don't get up now we will be late for breakfast, again!"

"Aaa!" the young blonde scientist fell off her bed at her vigorous wake up call. Her room mate a good friend had beaten her with a pillow to wake her up as screaming at her, didn't seem to work. Slowly and rubbing her head, Terre stumbled to her feet and scowled at her room mate, Kim. "And what was that for may I ask?"

"It was to get your lazy ass out of bed before we miss breakfast, for the third time this week!"

"Fine, fine. I am up now back off and get what ever is up your ass, out from up your ass!"

"God I can't stand it when you are in this mood."

"MOOD! I am not the one that smacked her friend over the head with a pillow!"

"Because a pillow is mortally wounding." Kim's voice dripped with sarcasm and she placed her hands on her hips. "You know for a 21 year old. You act like a sweet-sixteen and such a baby!"

Terre, deciding for her own reasons to drop it, mumbled murder under her breath while getting dressed and washed. She emerged from the bathroom in her usual regulation clothes. That consisted of black shoes, long black, casual trousers, a white work shirt and her big white lab coat with her name and ID badge in the front pocket. Her bright blue eyes were now wide open with awareness thanks to the fresh cold water in the bathroom and her long, wavy blond hair was tied ontop of her head in a bun. Only a few rebellious strands fell to shape her face sweetly. She quickly forced her jam jar glasses on and took her clip board from her desk, holding it close to her in her usual fashion. Around here if you didn't hold onto your clip board tight, the soldiers liked to bat it out of your hands and hit you with it. The soldiers were so cruel that the entire woman staff tried their best to stay far away from them unless it couldn't be helped. They were all rough barbaric ogres with no respect for the female species. It was hard to think that these same people were the Earths defences. They were the bug trackers. But don't let the word 'trackers' fool you. They did a lot more than simply 'track' down the Alien drones and their nests. They also killed them. Normally only killed them unless told other wise. So yes, these were the very same soldiers that kept her and the rest of the planet safe from the Alien menace. But it still doesn't give them the right to be so damn cruel...

"Are you coming or not?" Kim, in the same attire but with brown trousers and her own ID badge, tapped her foot impatiently. She had brilliant, emerald green eyes and her black hair was braided in hundreds of little plats. All through them were little rings and baubles with designs on them like stars, moons and some pentagrams. All of her braids were plated backwards and hung behind her in a mass of silky black and various colours that her accessories gave off. She was English and her nick-name was Blair. Not because of the prime minister that was in power decades ago. But because her hair was wildly black and her eyes unnaturally bright, that they thought of her as a modern Blair witch, and made wise cracks about finding bits of their friends and saying that she had done it. Sometimes they would insist that she had cursed them and she never liked it. She had been forced to 'take time off work' and remain in her room until further notice because one of the soldiers had mocked her. So she turned around and punched him square in the nose and broke half his face after it erupted into gushes of blood. She was a cold woman and Terre had many a time wondered if she was capable if feeling anything other than hatred and cruelty. So she made it her duty to make her feel everything possible. Yeah sure she annoyed her, but she also made her laugh a lot too.

"Yes your ladyship. Now let's go slow poke." Terre got to the door before Kim and closed it in her face. All the way to the mess hall Kim gave her room mate the silent treatment. And to be honest, Terre really didn't mind the quiet for a change. The smirk on her face was proof enough that she wasn't sorry and that just made Kim even angrier. Once they had received their breakfast and seated themselves at the table Kim finally spoke.


"That reminds me I forgot to get my collar fixed up. Can I borrow yours?" Kim tried her absolute best to stay angry with her friend. But she failed miserably and broke out into smiling and chuckling.

"Why can't I stay angry at you when you deserve it?"

"Because how can you stay angry when I do this?" Terre shook her eyeballs from side to side, inside her sockets and smirked when she finished. Kim had brought her hands up in front of her face and looked completely disgusted.

"You freak! How many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that?"

"Until you realise that I never listen." Terre stuck her tongue out at her friend and received a shaken head.

"You know when we were back at school. And everyone else tried this weird and wonderful idea of growing up and maturing. Were you ill?"

"Very funny. But I only give it a 3 out of 10 on the funny scale. Not one of your best."

"And what was my best?"


"That hardly seems fair?"

"You don't have a sense of humour, remember?"

"What ever." Kim took a mouthful of her muesli and paused when she saw what Terre was eating. "What is that?"

"Fruity loops."

"That says it all." Kim thought for a moment. You are bright, colourful and zesty like fruit loops. And I am bland, plain but good for you like muesli. We are so different and yet we are friends. Well. That's what you call us anyway...

"So, you done?"

Kim looked down to see her 'friend' had finished her breakfast. She quickly finished hers and got to her feet. In silence they put their trays away and left the mess hall. "So where are you today?" The two scientists took their day cards out of their personal slots and checked where they had been assigned to today.

"In the red wing. Oh great...I get to put up with Jack and his wonderful world of Pokemon. That man has saved every card from her youth, collected over his adult years and now thinks that the best chat up line is 'hay baby, do you want to see my shiny Charizard? It's in mint condition from the peace times?' That man needs a life and needs to stay away from me."

"He only wants to date you Kim."

"More like molest me." Terre raised her eyebrow at her and Kim felt the need to defend herself. "He drools over me all the time and I swear that he is stalking me!"

"I hope he isn't. We live together."

"Thanks for the concern Terr." Kim folded her arms and pouted slightly. "So where are you posted anyway?"

"I don't know. I'll just...oh no!"

"What! Where are ya?" Kim towered over her room mate's shoulder and peered down at her card. She then knew why she had gasped. "You're in the labs, in the basement. I don't know how you pulled this one off but well done!"

"Well done? Well done! How can you say well done?"

"Why what's wrong? Only the top scientists get to go down there."

"But then they stay down there. Once you get posted down there you don't come back up!"

"And who told you that garbage?" She leaned against the wall, no where near as worried as Terre was who was currently shaking slightly.

"Don't you remember Lisa? She was posted down there and that was 6 months ago. No one has seen her since! And don't tell me for one minuet that you can't hear all those creepy noises from down there."

"What noises? I've never heard any noises."

"You have to be kidding me! At night all I can hear are dogs whining and crying. I don't know what they are doing down there but it doesn't sound good..." Terre held herself and shivered at all the things that could be going on down there. It was only Kim who brought her out of it.

"HEY! Don't you freak out on me you crazy yank! Get a grip and go to work. It won't be as bad as that I promise."

"Don't do that."

"Do what?" Kim in her plea to calm Terre had placed her hands on her shoulders and still had them placed there.

"Don't make a promise that you might not be able to keep..."

"Calm down. I have never heard those noises you just described and I sure as hell can keep one lousy promise. Ok?"


"Good. Now if mister Pokemon hasn't driven me insane, I will see you later."

"Good bye." Kim turned around, confident that she had been the voice of reason and strode off to her station. Her long braided hair waved behind her and her beads glistened in the light. Terre could only watch as her friend vanished around the corner. In her mind that would be the last time she would see her room mate and didn't even think she would be returning to her room tonight. She knew what had gotten her promoted. Not every scientist on this base had a Doctors degree in Biological Chemistry AND psychology. She had put her review forward to be promoted to a higher pay and her CV and qualifications report had 'mysteriously' gone missing. And in a military base like this, nothing ever just went missing.

Terre walked down the cold, metal hallway to the forever guarded elevators. The guard was about to tell her to turn the hell around when she produced her assignment card. He chuckled and muttered something like welcome to the team miss and let her through. She pressed the basement button and trembled as the elevator decent to the very bottom of the complex. She heard a "ping" sound and the doors started to open. She knew that what ever was behind those doors would change her life forever...