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Author's Note: This is a point of view drabble by one of Sasuke's sperm. Yeah, it's weird, but I just finished my last test for this school year so I'm seriously happy.

The Little Guy Speaks

I'm so bored. Seriously this guy gets no action. I've been here forever with all my siblings. It's getting seriously crowded. Man, oh man does Sasuke need to get laid. I know some person has to be willing out there. Maybe that pink haired girl she seems able and definitely desperate. I can just see it now a nice beautiful egg, a thousand times my size, and all round and roomy, with the other twenty-three chromosomes. Drool…

Huh? What the? Finally we're moving! Whoopee! I can just see that nice comfy egg. I swim with all my might, pushing my brothers out of the way. Suddenly one of them screams back, that it's a false alert. He screams back that it's just Sasuke thinking about that spiky blond hair and blue eyed boy. Oh no! I'm swimming too fast and I'm so close to the end. God, I have to turn back or it's suicide by paper towel. Kerplonk! It's too late, I'm already a goner! I lay there as the semen starts to dry. It's awful as I slowly suffocate. Maybe death by paper towel isn't so bad at least it's nice and quick. I look up for a moment as I hear a scream from my fellow swimmers. There it is! It's all white and quilted! I say my final words as the towel descends. Curse Sasuke and his love of that adorable blond uke.

Author's Note: Omg that was lame! But I'm hopeful so if I get lots of reviews I'll post up another chapter. Sasuke's first time with his Naruto from the little guy's POV yet again. Yup I'm bribing so get on with it.