Dreamer Awakened: Author's Notes

Author's Notes

Dreamer Awakened was born out of my desire to "see" more of the characters that I loved in Blue Seed. If you are interested to know a little bit about this fan fiction before trying to read it, then you're in the right place.
But first, let me apologize to anyone who reads this and is struck by my woefully inadequate understanding of Japanese culture and way of life. I am but a lemming and my desire to follow the path that this story takes has led me to the precipice of my ignorance, where, like the lemming that I am, I ignored all good sense and promptly took the plunge, too eager to move onward to realize the danger I was in. If you feel the need to lash out; go right ahead, but please bash softly = ]
With that in mind, I hope that you can put my inadequacies aside and enjoy this piece of fan fiction centering around Momiji's troubled relationship with Kusanagi and the inevitability of their love for one another. Kusanagi has run away, and his disappearance from Tokyo has driven Momiji to return to Izumo where she finds her fate being manipulated, and her life threatened; dire circumstances that are, in part, responsible for drawing Kusanagi back into her life.
Momiji soon learns that their destinies are intertwined and she is charged with the task of helping Kusanagi discover his humanity as a new enemy rises from the Earth, threatening not only mankind, but the Aragami kingdom as well.
If you like Blue Seed, I hope that you will give this piece of fiction a chance. I tried to write it in the spirit of how I understood the original series to be, and I hope you enjoy reading it!