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Chapter 3: Truth and Reconciliation

Hermione woke up at 9:30. 'Shit' She thought to herself 'I'm late for meeting Harry at the bloody Dursleys' She quickly got dressed and rushed downstairs. "Dad, I'm going out for a while."

"Whatever be back before two and check in."

"Okay" She ran outside and saw Harry outside mowing grass his shirt off. She looked to her left and saw a young child about 11 and Riku and some other girl who had red hair and blue eyes instead of Sapphire's black hair with blonde and red alternating highlights and brown eyes. "Riku," She ran over to them. "Where is Sapphire."

The red haired female looked at Hermione.

"She's still asleep, Hermione, this is my sister Rayne who honours more of." The 4 of them walked to Harry who leaned in and kissed Hermione. They walked to the park talking for a few hours before Hermione's hands reached for her sides and she gasped in pain.

"Whats wrong hun." Harry asked worriedly.

"Nothing cramps." Hermione lied.

"Accio guitar" A voice whispered beside them. The guitar zoomed directly behind Hermiones head. "Watch out." Riku grunted as he caught it and rolled off the wooden plank that they had been sitting on.

"Hermione I think your lying. And you don't lie much." Harry replied seriously.

"HARRY JUST BELIEVE IT ALRIGHT." Hermione stormed off Harry chasing after her.

Riku laughed and looked at Sapphire who was watching Sapphire.

"ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I BELIEVE YOU." Harry yelled after her. She turned around with a smile of satisfaction on her face. She walked up to him and they shared a long kiss. When the 11 year old walked up and began to sing. "Harry and Hermione sitting in a tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g first comes-" The rest was muffled as Riku came up and covering the kids mouth. "Harry, Hermione" He acknowledged, "excuse Steven. He's a LITTLE IMMATURE BRAT."

Two-o-clock drew nearer when they bid their goodbyes and headed off in different directions. Harry walked to his room ignoring the Dursleys on the way. To his surprise 4 owls and a pheonix were in his room. Pig, two Ministry owls, Fawkes, and Hedwig. He grabbed Hedwigs letter first which was from Ginny.


Burrow has been attacked be there soon. I'm staying with you and Ron with Hermione. Dad died.


There were noticeable teardrops on the parchment. Harry moved to Fawkes next which was of course from Dumbledore.


We must speak immediately I will be dropping off Ginny and Ron and will be speaking with the muggles provided that they are present at the time being.


Harry moved to the Ministry owls. Both said nothing but things he had gathered.

Harry moved to Pig. 'Ron still doesn't know that me and Hermione are an item.' He thought.


DAD DIED. But i finally get to spend the summer with the girl of my dreams.


Harry rushed out. He had to talk to Hermione. Running to her door he saw three figures standing outside. "DAMNIT" He yelled aloud.

"Hello Harry." Dumbledore was there with Ginny as well as Ron. "May we come inside."

Harry stared for a moment then smiled, "Yes, of course Professor. Hullo Ginny, Ron. "

"Hi Harry." They replied in unison while Ginny gave him a hug. Harry stared at Ginny's outfit she was wearing a black halter top and a black mini skirt. He shook his head getting the fact that he was going out with Hermione into his head and bringing him back to his senses.

"Professor you wanted to talk to me about something." Harry asked. Luckily the Dursley's weren't there currently but had given Harry the okay (after he had threatened them with Sirius.) A/n Sirius is not dead in this. for Ginny to stay. "What was it."

"Ah yes Harry, I was wondering if you were going to accept my offer. You would become my successor if I were to die."

"Sir, what would be the advantages to being your Assisstant? Other than working with you that is."

"Blimey, Harry you could become Professor Dumbledore's Assistant you'd be stupid to pass this up." Ron said.

"Well Harry some advantages would be you could take or give house points and detentions, IF and only if you clarify it with me you have authority to ban or suspend a student from a sport or other activity. You are now allowed to stay out in the halls until midnight. You will be allowed to skip subjects provided you are passing. And your own private quarters directly next to mine for you, Ron, Hermione, Sapphire, Riku, and Ginny. Both of which will be in Gryffindor. So will you accept or not? Oh and you are allowed to be in the Order."

Harry thought this over grinned and finally held out his hand, "I accept."