Title: Getting to Know You

Rating: PG for now, may change later

Summary: SG1 has just been formed. This is one of their first missions.

Spoilers: Takes place after The Enemy Within, so may have spoilers for this episode and Children of the Gods.

A/N: This story was inspired by a line in Children of the Gods, Carter says: "Colonel, I logged over 100 hours in enemy airspace during the Gulf War. Is that tough enough for you"
I also fixed some gramatical errors; that's what you get for running a grammar check.

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Chapter 1

P4X 2Y6 was a lovely planet, sunny day, warm temperature and a lot of trees. It would have been a nice place for a picnic, if it weren't for the fact that SG1 was laying flat on their stomachs trying to evade a jaffa patrol.

This was their first mission together as a team, with their newest alien addition. They had gated to the planet, scouted the area around the gate and found it to be clear. The colonel took lead, with Carter and Daniel in the middle, and Teal'c guarding their sixes. They found a path through the woods leading away from the gate. Daniel told them it was a good sign that there was civilization near by, and they should follow it. Jack being the ever so diligent soldier told them they would follow the path from the safety of the forest. The group had been travelling about two hours when a small village came into view. Daniel was about to bolt out from their covered area, when both O'Neill and Carter grabbed his arms, halting his movement.

"Easy Daniel lets try to check things out before we go charging in." Jack said as he released Daniel's arm.

Daniel looked slightly embarrassed by his enthusiasm. "Sorry Jack, I just think we should try and meet these people."

O'Neill was about to answer when he saw Carter lift her arm, to signal them to be quiet. They all knelt on one knee, as Sam pointed out her concern. A few yards ahead and to the right was a small group of people. Jack had to signal Daniel to stay put, Jack then signalled for Carter and Teal'c to move off to the right, while he and Daniel stayed put. He wanted to get some more Intel, and dividing the team up was the quickest way to do so.

Sam and Teal'c moved off to the right and quietly approached the group, without being seen. They wanted to get close enough to hear them, but didn't want to be noticed. They listened keenly to the conversation. Nothing of importance was being said. They seemed harmless enough, but one never knew. They made their way back to the other half of the team. Sam reported to O'Neill what they heard, and that she thought the threat assessment was low. O'Neill told Carter and Teal'c to back them up while he and Daniel went for a meet and greet.

Jack and Daniel got up and moved towards the path before walking towards the group. "Hello." Daniel said smiling and giving a slight wave. "We are peaceful travellers; we've come from far away. Through the Stargate." They saw the confused looks on the villager's faces.

Jack saw their confusion. "You know that huge metal circle; in the open field "The villagers looked at each other nodding, one of the younger men, turned and ran towards the centre of the village. A few moments later a large group appeared carrying knives and swords, pointing them at Jack and Daniel.