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Summary: Li Syaoran always had women throwing themselves at him, but he has never been interested in dating, or marriage. But when he meets a geisha girl who tries to keep him at a distance, he can't help himself but go after her, and inevitably falls for her.

Geisha Girl

Chapter One

It was twenty minutes to midnight, the stars twinkling with mirth as the moon rose high in the sky. Very few lights were on in Tokyo, Japan, only a couple of people out on the streets. But it was loud and bright in a little bar on the corner of a street.

"My, my! I suggest you tell your wife to trust you more!"

"I've tried. But she is sure that these little outings of mine are not meetings, but dates. I can understand, with how late I stay out."

Four men; two past their forties, one in his thirties, and the other in his twenties; sat around a table, drinking wine. It was a weekly ritual: every Friday night, they stay out, go to the bar, and play poker.

The oldest one, and the chubbiest, grinned. Forty-five years old, Zen Akio was twice divorced, with two grown kids. His hair was slowly disappearing, and wrinkles were making themselves known on his face. His eyes, light blue, twinkled as he looked at the cards in his hands. He placed them down. "Four of a kind."

Forty-one year old Tokumatsu Keiji sighed. He was married to his second wife, and was raising one spoiled kid. His red hair was still resting on his scalp, although he obsesses over whether he was balding. He stared at Zen with his deep green eyes, a frown on his lips.

"I knew you were bluffing" he grumbled. "I fold."

"I suck at this" thirty-three year old Totsuda Goro complained. "Fold" he growled, dumping the cards on the table. His black eyes were narrowed as he ran a hand through his black hair. He was still single, although it wasn't by choice. Women seemed to run away once they saw the fiery temper he had, and although he has tried to control it, he soon found it impossible to do so.

Zen looked at the last of the four men. The quietest one, and the most serious. "Well, Li? What do you got?"

He placed the cards on the table. Royal Flush.

"Aw. It's that blasted poker face you have on. I can't ever beat you!"

Li Syaoran hid his smirk as he dragged the money on the table in front of him. At twenty-six, he was the youngest, and the one with the most energy. It would seem odd for him to be hanging out with the older men, but they were his business associates, partners at work as well as in poker. Chestnut hair rested on the top of his head, messy and unruly, as amber eyes gave nothing away to what he was feeling. Muscular, young, and single, he was one of the most wanted bachelors in Tokyo. His serious face seemed to draw women to him like honey, and with him being President of his company, that gave him more popularity among the women. But, much to the shock of the nation, he gave no interest to the female population. Everyone knew he would give in to lust and sleep with a woman, but dating and marriage was out of the question for this one.

Syaoran looked around at the other people in the bar. All were laughing, drinking. The bar was one of the fancy ones; always kept clean, and with pricey liquor. He hated liquor, for the most part, but occasionally he would drink a glass of wine. That's the only alcohol he would touch.

"Oh, before I forget. I wanted to show you something" Akio announced, snapping his fingers. A woman came forward, face painted white, a red kimono on her body.

The three other men looked at her curiously, wondering why they hadn't noticed her before.

"Bring her to me" Zen ordered. The woman bowed before scurrying off to do as told.

"Who was that?" Tokumatsu asked.

"Amaya. She's a geisha girl." He grinned. "She's one of my favorites, but she is getting a tad too old."

Amaya came back as another woman followed her. Her face was also painted white, with bright red lipstick, and a pink kimono. Her head was bowed, auburn bangs covering her eyes and the rest of her hair was held up in a bun. Once they reached the men, she raised her head, revealing emerald eyes.

Immediately, those eyes entrapped Syaoran. He watched her with a blank face, not even noticing when Amaya left.

"This is Kinomoto Sakura" Zen announced proudly. "Twenty-three; am I right, dear?"

She nodded, only looking at him.

Syaoran eyed her up and down, wondering what she would look like without all that white paint on her face.

"What, exactly, is a geisha girl?" he asked out loud.

She looked at him, which was what he wanted, and his eyes met hers. Attraction whizzed through his body, stronger than ever before, and yet, he still didn't know how she looked like.

She didn't speak a word, not answering his question.

He raised an eyebrow. "Can you not speak, girl?"

She bowed her head. "We are professional hostesses" came her soft reply. "We are also professional entertainers. We are hired to perform at banquets, or parties. But mostly, we are hired to entertain men. We give them company."

"Is sex part of the package?" Totsuda asked, making Tokumatsu and Zen laugh. Syaoran merely smirked.

Her head snapped up, eyes wide. Before she could answer, Zen said "Why not get one and find out?" He cleared his throat. "Anyways, I wanted to show her off to you. I have her for the night, trying her out, see if she meets my standards."

The geisha looked at Zen. "Sir, I'm awfully tired. May I rest until you request me?"

"Fine, go on up to the room."

She scurried away, Zen frowning at her. "She's moving awfully fast for someone who's tired." He looked at Totsuda. "I believe your question embarrassed her."

Totsuda shrugged. "And? It was a mere question of curiosity."

Zen looked at Syaoran. "Go up and check on her. She's in room 236."

"Why not send that other woman?" He questioned.

"Because that other woman will merely say that she is, indeed, tired; lying for her. I don't want any problems with this new one." He began dealing the cards, and with a sigh Syaoran stood up and made his way across the room, moving through the dozens of people who were wide awake and loud, even though it was almost midnight.

The bar was also a motel, the rooms mostly for those who were too drunk to go home, but it was open to everyone who wished for a room. Syaoran smirked. He has requested a room in this bar so many times when he wanted to bed a woman that the owner no longer charged him for a room.

Walking up the stairs, he looked for the room, and once reaching the door he knocked on it.

Few seconds ticked by before it was opened.

He blinked at the person who opened it. Her face was bare of make-up; her hair, long and thick, was loose and hung near her hips. If it weren't for her emerald eyes, he wouldn't have known who this person was at all. His attraction towards her intensified, and he knew that if she threw herself at him at this very moment, he would bed her without hesitating.

He has never felt this attracted towards any woman in his life, and although he wondered why that was, he didn't mind.

"Ms. Kinomoto Sakura, right?"

"Does Mr. Zen request me to keep him company?" She asked.

He noted how she kept herself erect and stiff, expression smooth. She was still wearing her kimono, apparently ready whenever her customer wished for her to be with him.

"No. He wants to know why you lied and left."

She blinked at him. "I did not lie. I was, and still am, rather tired. If Mr. Zen doesn't need me then-"

She gasped when he bullied his way in, making her step back a few steps before he closed the door.

He looked at her. "Were you embarrassed over what Totsuda said?"

"T-Totsuda?" She looked rather baffled for a second.

"The one that asked about sex being part of the package."

He watched as a tint of pink touched her high cheekbones. "No. I wasn't embarrassed."

"Then why are you blushing?"

She stepped back some more. "What do you want?"

"Just to tell you that Totsuda, Tokumatsu, and Zen all, openly and freely, talk about sex and make sexual comments. I think Zen wants to know if you'll be comfortable with that. He doesn't want any problems with you."

"He only wanted company for tonight, so no problems can possibly arise."

"I don't think he only wants you for tonight." He raised an eyebrow. "If your performance in bed is good enough, he might ask for you again."

Her eyes widened. "How dare you!" She exclaimed. "We are not prostitutes. I'm not a prostitute!"

"Oh, so you geisha girls don't sleep with men?"

He saw her clench her hands. "If a geisha sleeps with her customer, then that is her business, but we are not prostitutes."

She backed up some more, as if he was heading towards her, but he hasn't moved from his spot from the doorway. Frustrated and annoyed on how she was acting like he was going to attack her, he snapped "What, are you scared of me?"

"Yes" came her blunt response.

He blinked, surprised at her answer. No woman has ever been scared of him before. They have always approached him with courage and with a seductive smile on their faces. No one has ever backed away from him the way she was doing.

"Why?" He couldn't help but ask, bewildered.

Sakura stared at him, wanting to put as much space between them as possible. She bit her lip, wishing that he would just leave. Why did she confess that she feared him? That clearly wasn't the smartest thing to do, because she has just given him a powerful weapon to use against her: him.

"I don't know" she admitted, and it was the truth. She has never feared men, because her profession didn't allow her to. Men requested geisha girls all the time, meaning she would be around men all the time. Until now, she has never been scared of a man.

Why was she scared of him?

She watched as his face grew more bewildered, destroying the blank face he had on.

"How can you fear me, and not know why?"

"I just do!" She snapped. "Now please, go away." She turned to go to the bathroom that was connected to the room when she felt him grab her arm and turn her to face him. Her eyes widened, wondering how he moved so fast from his previous spot to where she was standing.

She was also wondering on what he will do to her. After all, they were in a room, alone, and there was no doubt that he was stronger than her. She stared up at him, waiting, and wondering how she will protect herself. "Please don't hurt me" she whispered softly.

Syaoran saw the fear in her eyes, dancing in the emerald. Did she expect him to rape her?

"I'm not going to hurt you" he growled, angered at what she was thinking. "I don't rape women. I am just telling you that I am a man you don't have to fear."

Did he really think that that will reassure her? Sakura couldn't believe it. He was there, holding her arm in a tight grip, glaring at her, growling at her, and he was telling her that he wasn't a man to fear? She could practically see the power within him, surrounding him.

"But I do fear you" she murmured. "No words you say will convince me otherwise. Especially with how you are acting right now."

"How am I acting?" He snapped.

She snapped her eyebrows together, getting angry. "Like a barbarian. You are snapping at me, growling at me, and hurting me."

Syaoran glanced at where his hand rested on her forearm, fingers surrounding it, and loosened his grip, but he didn't let her go. He sighed, breathing hard through his nostrils. She was right. He was acting like a barbarian, but he was getting more and more frustrated, and that was what was making him act that way. How can she fear him? He hadn't done anything to her!

"I'm sorry" he said gruffly. "I- No woman has ever backed away from me before, or feared me."

She looked into his eyes for a second. "You are used to women coming to you, aren't you?"

His silence answered her question.

"I'm sorry that I'm not part of that crowd" she stated. "But I can't help what I feel. I fear you, and want to keep you at a distance. So please, respect my wishes."

He stared at her as she tried to act brave, but he could still see the fear. He let her go and walked backwards, his eyes glued to her face.

Sakura watched him walk away, somewhat shocked that he was doing what she asked.

"I'll respect your wishes, Sakura. And no" he added "you aren't part of that crowd. I'm glad."

She watched him turn and leave the room, closing the door behind him.

She looked at the door, confused. He was glad that she wasn't chasing after him? Why?

And did he call her by her first name without permission?

Syaoran walked down the stairs and headed back towards the table where the other three men were.

"Where's Tokumatsu?" He asked, seeing that there were only two people at the table.

"His wife called, complaining and whining. He decided to go home before she leaves him" Zen answered. "How's my girl?"

Syaoran sat down on the chair as Zen passed the cards around. "Sleeping" he lied. "I think she was walking rapidly only because she didn't want to fall on her face from exhaustion."

Zen sighed. "Good. I would hate for her to not be comfortable around me and all my associates." He grinned. "She's the best looking one out of all of them in the okiya."

"What is an okiya?" Totsuda asked, gathering his five cards.

"That's where the geisha girls live in, and are trained, and sometimes where they work. It's like a banquet house, with rooms to rent for dinner parties. There's one not too far from here, where I found Kinomoto."

"How long will you have her?"

"Just for the night. If she meets my standards, I'll be asking for her often." Zen looked up from his cards. "I'm not going to sleep with her, if that's what you are wondering."

"Then why-"

"Enough questions, Totsuda. Just play."

Syaoran looked at his cards, but he wasn't concentrating. Instead, he was thinking of the attractive woman who admitted that she feared him. That grated on his nerves, but at the same time he was glad that she wasn't chasing him. For once, he was allowed to do the chasing, to go after her. As much as he loved women throwing themselves at him, there was always some part of him that wished that he could do what other men do and go after a woman, to seek instead of being sought. For once, he wanted a challenge.

He finally found his chance, and there was no way he was going to let it pass him by.

The next day, Syaoran strolled to the okiya, repeating the directions in his mind that Zen had told him during their poker game. Syaoran ignored all the women that glanced at him, or those who even smiled at him. For once, he was going after a woman, and there was no way he would allow anyone to interfere with the challenge. He didn't know what he would do once he gets her, besides bed her- he was confident he would- so he has to know what type of woman she was.

Syaoran didn't date, didn't like complicated relationships; pretty much all he wanted was sex. But it was getting harder and harder to find women who would sleep with him with no strings attached, a sexual relationship without the complications of feelings. He didn't like one-night stands, because he thought that was too sleazy. He didn't like whores, because who knew how many men they slept with and how many diseases they contracted; not to mention that it was illegal. And most women who weren't whores and who didn't want a one-night stand were usually the ones who were looking for a husband, who wanted more than sex. Of course, there were a lot of married women who were looking for men to give them sex and pleasure that their husbands couldn't give, but Syaoran wasn't about to start an affair with a married woman. He just wasn't that type of guy, who could freely and easily be with a married woman.

Syaoran sighed. If Sakura turned out to be a woman looking for a husband, then he would have to let her go- after he sleeps with her a few times.

He finally approached the okiya. Curiously, he looked at it. It looked like a normal house, except it was huge, possibly because of all the rooms they have for dinner parties.

He walked up the few steps and went to the door, ringing the bell. A couple of seconds passed by before a woman opened the door. She was a plump, old woman with salt-and-pepper hair tied in a bun.

She looked him up and down. "May I help you?

"Yes, I'm Li Syaoran, an associate of Zen Akiyo. I believe he is one of your customers and called to tell you I'm coming?"

She nodded, and then smiled. "Well, aren't you handsome? Are you here to hire a geisha?"

"Who are you?" He asked, ignoring her question.

"I'm an okami, head woman of this okiya." She raised an eyebrow. "Is this the first time you come to an okiya?"

He nodded.

"Well, then come in! I'll tell you how it works around here." She moved aside and he walked in, followed by the okami. "My name is Akimoto Hoshiko" she stated as she followed him to what looked like the living room. He halted and she walked around him in order to face him.

"All right, there is two things I need to know: One, are you going to take the geisha girl out, or you going to rent a room here?"

"Out" he answered immediately.

"All right. What performance would you like her to do?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, will you want her to do traditional Japanese dance, or do you want one who sings and plays an instrument?"

He had no idea what Sakura did, so he decided to just request her by name in order to move things along. "Do you have Kinomoto Sakura?"

The woman grinned. "Yes, I do. She is requested often because she is young, and beautiful. I shall get her."

She walked away, leaving him to stand there in the living room, alone. He looked around, getting hot in the business suit he was wearing. He wondered what Sakura would say, and he found himself smirking at the many reactions she will most likely have.

It was a good five minutes when the woman returned, followed by Sakura. He held in a grin when she saw him, and when she halted, giving him a flabbergasted look.

"Here she is" the okami announced, grinning at him. "Is there a certain place you would want to take her?"

"A restaurant, right now" he answered, studying her as she stood erect in her kimono. She was, once again, wearing that white paint, with her hair tied up in a traditional Japanese style. He frowned. He didn't like her face to be covered up, nor for her hair to be up; he preferred for her face to be bare, and for her hair to be down and loose, the way it was last night. He made a mental note to tell her. "And for a dinner party tonight in a hotel."

So you want to keep her all day?'

"If I may."

Sakura refrained from biting her lip as they began to talk about the costs. She knew it had been a mistake for letting him know that's he was scared of him, but she hadn't thought that he would actually come and request her. She really didn't feel like going anywhere with him; in fact, she didn't really feel like going anywhere at all. She was dead-tired from last night, having gotten only two hours of sleep. She had hoped to stay here all day, and only do her training, which today would have been an easy lesson of arranging flowers.

She tensed when Hoshiko left, leaving her alone with him. She looked at him, and although she was supposed to keep her manners, she demanded: "What are you doing?"

He looked at her with a blank face. "Requesting your company, of course. I'm a very lonely man."

"Yeah right. You have many women who would be willing to give you company."

"Yes, but I want yours, not theirs."

"You promised to leave me alone!"

"That's not how I recall it" he drawled, putting his hands in his pockets. "First, I never promised anything. And second, you asked for me to keep my distance, and I did- last night. We never agreed for it to be forever."

"Well then promise me right now to-"

"Too late. I am your customer for the day, and I wish for it to go well." He raised out his hand, palm up. "Now, shall we go to the restaurant?"

She looked at his hand, then at him. She held in a curse, gathered up some courage, and walked forward before placing her hand in his. To her surprise, he grasped it gently, the warm flesh making contact with hers. She had thought he would clench her hand roughly, but he was handling her gently.

He ushered her to his car, which had been parked a couple of blocks away, and she sat rigidly in the passenger seat through out the whole ride, staying quiet. She wondered why he requested her, why he wanted her with him knowing that she had no feelings for him other than fear.

The restaurant he took her to was a very expensive one, popular among Tokyo. He led her in, talked to the waitress, and then they were seated in the VIP section in the back, empty except for them two.

She looked at him. "Am I to eat with you?" She asked, confused.

Syaoran looked at her. "Of course. I have you for the whole day, remember? Did you think I would let you starve?"

She ducked her head, hiding her face. He realized that she, indeed, had thought he would starve her.

"Has someone let you starve before?" he asked, curious.

She glanced up. "Yes. Not on purpose, though. You aren't the first to request me for a whole day, and those customers who had requested me for a day seemed to have forgotten that I need to eat, too. I did ask a couple of times for a meal, but they paid no heed, and instead demanded that I play my instrument."

"Instrument?" He tilted his head. "What instrument do you play?"

"A shamisen." She looked at him. "Will I be playing my instrument at this dinner party, tonight?"

He shrugged. "If you wish. Do you sing and do traditional Japanese dancing?"

"Yes, but if you don't mind, I'd rather not do that today. I'm somewhat tired."

"Did you not get sleep last night?"

Sakura looked at him, saw what was in his eyes, and her eyebrows snapped together. "How many times do I have to tell you that I am not a prostitute!"

"Well, then what did you do last night that you didn't get enough sleep?"

"Why can't you just believe that I didn't sleep with Mr. Zen?"

"Because I find it hard to believe for Zen to not sleep with a young woman such as yourself, especially in a room where it's only you two."

She sighed in frustration. "Fine. Don't believe me. I don't have to explain anything to you, nor do I have to indulge as to what Mr. Zen and I did. But believe me when I say that we did not sleep together. We hardly even touched each other!"

"All night?"


His face clearly showed that he didn't believe her. She remained stubbornly silent, angered at what he was thinking.

She saw him frown. "I don't like all that paint on your face" he stated. "Or your hair up."

"This is how I'm-"

"Aren't you supposed to be doing what the customer asks?"

She wanted to hit him. Never has a man complained about her hair being up, or for her face to be covered. "Yes" she answered tightly.

"Then please, remove it. And let your hair down."

She closed her eyes briefly, controlling her anger. "Fine." He gave her a look. "Now?"

"Yes, now."

She clenched her hands and stood up, and left the VIP room. She asked a waitress where the restroom was and then when told where it was, she went to it.

She placed her hands on the sink, staring at herself in the mirror. Why did this man want her hair down? And for her face to be bare? He was the strangest customer she has ever had, asking for strange requests. And he showed so little emotion on his rugged face, keeping it blank. That worried her, because she could never tell what he was thinking, or feeling. She noticed how he kept his body rigid, the way she does, as if he was prepared for anything that could happen and was ready to protect himself and fight. She could tell he was very muscular under his suit, showing just how strong he was, so she had no doubt that he would be able to destroy whoever dares cross him.

With a sigh, she grabbed a towel, and began to wipe off the paint.

Syaoran waited in the VIP section, food being brought to the table. He couldn't help but smirk at the geisha. She has a stubborn attitude, he can tell, and that warned him that she would be a complicated chase- and an interesting one. She wouldn't easily fall for his charms, so that only meant that he has to work twice as hard to get her to warm up to him.

When she came back, he was pleased at her bare face. She looked so much better without all that paint on her face, and with her hair down. Now he wished that she could get rid of the kimono, because he couldn't tell how her body was with that on her.

He smiled when she sat down and glared at him. "Happy?" She asked sarcastically.

"Very" he said, but to Sakura it sounded almost like a purr. A dangerous purr.

She ducked her head, and instead began to eat the food that was before her. She needed a distraction, something to avoid talking to him.

She glanced up, only to find him watching her with an unreadable expression. She swallowed the food that was in her mouth, a little self-conscious when she saw that he hadn't touched his food at all, indicating that he has been watching her instead.

He cocked his head to the side. "You nibble your food."

She blinked. She hadn't wanted to talk to him, but his statement made her ask "What do you mean?"

"You take tiny bites out of everything, even the tiny rice balls that are supposed to go into your mouth fully."

She leaned back in her chair. "So what if I nibble my food?"

"Nothing. It was just a curious observation."

She sighed. "Mr. Li-"


"Mr. Li-"


She sighed again, in exasperation this time. "Syaoran" she nearly growled, and his satisfied smirk made her want to slap him. But instead she said "I must ask: why did you request me? Why did you bring me here? What do you want from me?"

He leaned forward, placing his chin on top of his clasped hands. His action made her want to lean back even more, but she stayed put. "Because, Sakura. The moment I met you I was instantly attracted to you." He hadn't intended on telling her about his attraction, but he thought that maybe blunt honesty would get her into his bed faster than wooing her ever would. Maybe being blunt would help him worm his way pass her invisible wall.

He saw surprise roam her features before she tried to hide it. But she wasn't able to accomplish it.

Sakura's heart pounded against her chest. He was attracted to her? Why? "S-so what does that have to do with anything?"

He looked surprised. "I want you."

She clenched her hands, her nails burrowing into her white skin. "Oh?" She squeaked. Didn't he realize that he was frightening her more by saying such things?

She watched as his eyes became darker, piercing. "Oh yes." Now she was positive he purred. "The moment I saw you I wanted you, even with your face all covered up. But I like your face bare. Much more better, much more beautiful."

"I want to go now." Without even waiting for his permission, she got up, shoving the chair back, and rapidly made her way towards the curtain that isolated the VIP room from the rest of the restaurant.

She must have forgotten how fast he moved because before she reached the curtain, she gasped as she was grabbed by a hand and spun around, before being surrounded by two muscular arms. She sucked in a breathe and held it as her hands rested on his chest, which was very, very hard under her palms. She has never been held before like this, and something in her stomach fluttered. Or her heart fluttered. Something fluttered. Goosebumps rose on her body as he pulled her closer to him.

"Don't you think I'm handsome? Or attractive?" He murmured softly, nuzzling her temple.

Oh God. She shuddered. Yes. Now that he asked, yes, he was handsome and attractive. Something was happening to her, a feeling spreading through her body, a feeling she didn't recognize.

A feeling that scared her more than what she already was.

"Please" she whispered. "P-please let me go."

Syaoran immediately heard the fear in her voice. He nearly cringed. Damn it, why was she so damn scared? He hated that.

But he did as asked, not wanting to scare her too much. He, however, did not regret telling her that he wanted her. By telling her why he had requested her must have eased a little bit of fear out of her. Knowing that he wanted her must be better than being left in the dark.

But he was coming on too strongly. He could tell. But he felt so damn inexperienced in convincing a woman to be with him. Hell, he was inexperienced. He never had to go after a woman before.

Everything he was doing was pretty much by trial and error. He wasn't sure of any of the outcomes, except one: he would have her. But his body was taut with arousal; he wanted her now, and he felt like he would explode any minute.

And holding her hadn't helped. He had nearly groaned at how she fitted perfectly with his body, her breasts against his chest. His manhood had throbbed, straining against the zipper of his pants. But he had wanted to know how she felt in his arms.

He watched as she backed up a step. "I apologize for grabbing you. I know you are scared of me, and I shouldn't have grabbed you and held you against your will."

"C-can we just go? Please?"

He nodded. "Of course. But not back to the okiya." To her fearful expression, he added "I have you for the whole day, remember? Would eating out there, with other people, be more comfortable for you?"

She blinked, and then nodded. He lightly grasped her elbow, ignored her flinch, and led her pass the curtain.

Eventually, he will get rid of the fear within her. Eventually, she will want him as much as he wanted her. Eventually, she will beg for him to be inside her, riding her.

Eventually, she will be his.

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